The Ari Fuld Project Donates Masks to Ari’s Reserve Paratrooper Unit

Ari fought hard to get into the IDF reserves, and served in a special forces paratrooper unit.

Syrian Observatory: 15 Iranians Killed in Israeli Attack Monday Night

The Observatory also noted that the Israeli bombardment Monday night destroyed warehouses, ammunition and weapons stored in the "Defense Factories" in the Al-Safira area.

Israel Air Force Flies Over Hospitals in Independence Day Salute to Medical Heroes

"We feel the need to salute and put in the center those who are really at the forefront," said Air Force Manpower Chief Brigadier General Itamar Reichel.

Special United Hatzalah Ceremony in Memory of 69 Israeli Sailors of Disappeared Submarine

“We, the volunteers of United Hatzalah, lit a candle for each and every member of the Dakar. One candle per soldier who lost their life.”

Senior IDF Officers Petition High Court to Compel Prosecution of Breaking the Silence

Rachel Mattar of the Prosecution allegedly admitted that "there is no doubt that the soldiers were questioned about operational activities that appear to have little relevance to the stated goals of Breaking the Silence.”

IfNotNow Demands Israel Let Gazans In to Relieve Coronavirus ‘Catastrophe’

There isn't even one singular word of sympathy for their fellow Jews in Israel who are engaged in a battle for their lives even as we speak – nothing.

High Court Only Allows Demolition of Top Floor of Rina Shnerb’s Murderer’s Home

The judges also ruled that the top floor could be demolished only after Passover eve.

US Army Rejects Iron Dome: ‘Exceptionally Difficult to Integrate’

"Everyone also knew going in that it was tailor-made for Israel, and so it is not going to be optimized for the United States."

WATCH: IDF Kills Terrorists Planting a Bomb Along Gaza Border

WARNING: The photos and videos in this article are graphic, and not suitable for all viewers.

Shameful: Notorious Tamimi Family Ignores Bewildered IDF Soldier, Gets Arab Cars Past Checkpost

By the time reinforcement had arrived, all the Arabs had driven off to get on with their busy daily schedule.

Cybersecurity Expert: Likud’s Leak of Israelis’ Personal Information Worst Violation of Privacy

“In some ways, this scandal more broadly exposes the weakness of modern-day information systems,” Prof. Weimann noted.

Watch: Old City of Jerusalem Terror Attack

The terrorist was shot and killed by other policemen at the scene.

World’s Reaction to Trump’s Peace Plan Iffy to Outright Hostile

The fact is, the world is not interested in innovative peace plans, they don't want to read them and they certainly don't wish to appear as if they support it.

The President Gambles with Israeli Lives in Pursuit of an Impossible Dream

While the plan is currently being offered by Israel's greatest friend in the White House, ever, we must wonder how things would look like under, say, President Bernie Sanders.

Like Mushrooms after the Rain: Shaggy Manes at Site of World’s Biggest Tank Battle

Israel and especially the Golan have had a whole lot of rain in January, but for the Coprinus mushroom (דיואית) this is actually the end of the season.

The Circus is Over: Bennett Orders IDF to Deal with the Violent Radical Leftwing...

Restraining orders will be issued, and the IDF has been ordered to use a firm hand against the violent riots by leftwing anarchists in Judea and Samaria.

Israel’s Bar Association Dis-Appoints Defender of Terrorists

Bereaved parents called the appointment "an unparalleled disgrace" and a "spit in the face of thousands of Israelis who have been murdered over the years."

F-16s Turn Submarine After Rains Flood Air Force Base (Updated)

The IDF censor attempted to squelch reports of the damage after two hangers and the air force base became flooded with 50 million liters of rain.

Somebody Tell Bibi: Soldiers Uproot Jewish-Owned Vineyard in Shiloh

A number of residents who protested the government-sanctioned vandalism were arrested.

2,370 Arab Terror Attacks Against Jews You Never Heard About in 2019

Some of these were fatal. And mainstream media do not report them.

Prosecutor Bensouda Asking Hague Court to Rule on Indicting Israel for ‘War Crimes’

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted: "We firmly oppose this unjustified inquiry that unfairly targets Israel."

Israeli Bulldozers Demolish Terrorist’s Home in Issawiya

The Shehab news agency on Tuesday tweeted a video of Israeli bulldozers demolishing the home of Hatem Abu Riala in the neighborhood of Issawiya in eastern Jerusalem.

Frog & Scorpion: Gaza Envelope Communities Plan Industrial Zones to Employ Thousands of Gaza...

While the talks between Israel and Hamas are currently being conducted at a rapid pace, at least the Israeli side is optimistic (see: Al...

50 Attorneys Call on AG Mandelblit to Prosecute Anarchists Who Harmed IDF Soldiers

“It is inconceivable that a defendant who declares openly that they will not attend hearings, will suddenly ‘benefit’ from a stay of proceedings by the AG."

Update: PA Source: Tuesday’s ‘Day of Rage’ Will Be Violent

PA officials say this Day of Rage will be both violent and a prelude to the next Intifada.

WATCH: IDF Confuses Syrian Missile System and Returns the Missiles to Sender

Watch Syrian missile after missile simple turn over and hit the ground.

Netanyahu Promises Families: Israel Will Not Return Terrorist Bodies Until IDF Soldiers Come Home

The Mengistu family, whose son is in Hamas captivity, released a statement to the media saying: "The Prime Minister abruptly canceled a meeting with us."

Mayor Pete Condemns Jihad Rockets Unconditionally But Dems Don’t Love It

This is one of those stories that involves very little input from the writer. It's all right there, in the exchange of tweets. It...


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