IDF Female Soldier Sent to Jail for Burning PLO Flag

The two female soldiers serve in the Lavi Battalion in Jordan Valley.

Israeli Navy’s C-Dome Successfully Intercepted Test Targets

The C-Dome, installed on Saar 6 corvettes, successfully intercepted advanced targets representing threats to the natural gas digs.

Head of Institute for Policy and Strategy: Iranian Threat Intensifying, Nasrallah Ready for Aggression

The Arabs perceive President Biden’s refusal to meet with PM Netanyahu as an Israeli weakness.

Israeli General: Nasrallah Close to Triggering Regional War

Hamas's activities in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan also entail grave risk, IDF intelligence chief says.

MK Gafni: My Haredi Brother Fought in Lebanon and Was Still Called ‘Parasite’

His children will receive half the salary and half the funding Yair Lapid will receive.

Zhytomyr Orphans Escape from Rocket Shelled Ashkelon

100 Ukrainian orphans living in Israel escaped the terror of war for the second time.

Terrorist Gets 10.5 Years for Trying to Stone Jewish Girl to Death

Ata was also ordered to pay the family NIS 35,000 ($10,000) in compensation.

Gen. Yadlin: Hamas Deterred by Israel’s Latest Strategy, Hesitating to Join Jihad

Israel’s reactive strategy has led to a huge drop in the fear it was inflicting on the enemy.

Who Are the Islamic Jihad Commanders Who Were Eliminated?

Three leaders of the Islamic Jihad were killed simultaneously in their homes in separate areas of the Gaza Strip.

New IDF Chief, Senior Staff Debate Attack on Iran, Multi-Front War

A year of intensive training is required to reach excellence in preparedness for an attack on Iran.

Ben Gvir Eliminates Personal Interviews of Many Candidates for Gun Licenses

I’m saying this is a dangerous decision that should be reconsidered.

Anarchists Plan to Drown Out Minister Ben Gvir with Hatikvah on Memorial Day

It’s tempting for the right to borrow from the same playbook, but this would be fighting tumah with tumah.

IDF Chief of Staff Attacks Idea of Professional Army, Endorses Archaic ‘People’s Army’ Model

Israelis from all walks of life would want to join the professional IDF, provided the pay and benefits match market value.

J’accuse: General Brik Names Those Responsible for the IDF’s Perilous Vulnerabilities

Ministers and MKs are ignorant of the real state of the military and are often fed fictitious presentations by the High Command.

Ron Dermer Reviews the Holiday’s Violence for SkyNews

Israeli Minister of Strategic Affairs Ron Dermer tweeted his SkyNews interview.

IDF Approves Mass March to Evyatar on Chol Hamoed

The Evyatar settlement has been shown to be legal, let the settlers come back.

Defense Ministry and IAI Launched Advanced Observation Satellite Ofek 13 to Space

Once the satellite enters orbit, it will undergo a series of tests to ensure its propriety and performance levels.

Gallant in Action: Extends Administrative Detention of Young Jewish Man on Eve of his...

Four months ago, Yared was arrested on an administrative arrest warrant, despite a court ruling to release him.

Military Threatening Netanyahu with Coup to ‘Save Democracy’

The PM ordered his defense minister to stay away from the microphones and spoke to the nation himself instead.

Marva Program Changing Young Jewish Lives with a Pinch of IDF

The program inducts these young people as soldiers and takes them through a shortened enlistment process.

State Dept. Report: Israeli Prisons Won’t Let Transgender Convicts into Female Population

They also complain that Israeli security prisons don’t let murderous terrorists go on furloughs.

Netanyahu: I Expect IDF Chief of Staff to Deal with Mass Insubordination

"There needs to be a genuine, substantive, and fair discussion of the judicial reform."

Smotrich’s Lengthy Apology Can’t Undo What an Ounce of Shut Up Would Have Prevented

Smotrich has hoof and mouth disease that no amount of sincere explanations, certainly not apologies, can cure.

Report: Officer Who Molested Female Otzma Yehudit MK Is Lapid Activist

Asadi hosted an election party in his home with Yesh Atid MK Elazar Stern.

Report: Underworld Hired Bedouins to Dig Smuggling Tunnel Under Negev Prison

Eventually, police discovered a tunnel not far from the prison where Bedouins grew illegal cannabis.

Report: Israeli Drones Use 1-Ton Gravity Bombs

Israel’s armed drone Heron TP, which is the size of a passenger plane, can carry an effective payload of around a ton.

Watch: Bedouins Who Serve in the IDF Want to Belong

The Bedouins’ military service should not be taken for granted.

Shin Bet Supports Exiling Terrorists, Rebuffing AG

The Shin Bet countered the arguments of the AG representatives who claimed that the proposed law was “problematic.”

IDF Offers Discharged Combat Soldiers a Springboard to Hi-Tech Careers – At a Price

The condition for joining the program is that the soldiers sign up for an additional 18 months' service.


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