Watch: IDF Takes Down Dozens of Hamas Terrorist Targets in the Gaza Strip

The terrorist targets included a Hamas headquarters building, the Hamas Internal Security Ministry, and the office of Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh.

Look Out for Tanks

The IDF reminds the public to look out for slow moving tanks being transported on the roads down to Gaza.

In the Middle of the War the Civil Administration Found the Resources to Flatten...

They violently confiscated all the cell phones from the residents to prevent them from recording the event.

20 Stoning Attacks in 24 Hours

The attempts by Arab terrorists to kill Jews on the roads continues.

Israel Launches World’s First Cyber Hotline for Victims of Hacker Attacks

“A cyber attack may not be limited only to property or financial damage. It can also threaten lives.”

KKL-JNF Releases Images of Past IDF Independence Day Parades

The first IDF parade took place during the 1948 War of Independence, on July 27, 1948, on Allenby and Ben Yehuda Streets in Tel Aviv.

Nasrallah Threatening War Over Mediterranean Gas Drilling

Nasrallah said he had been suffering from serious coughing bouts and had difficulty speaking.

IDF Chief of Staff Eizenkot to Discuss Azaria Sentence Commutation

Legal sources estimate that Eizenkot will shorten Azaria's sentence of 18 months in prison by several months, but will not pardon the convicted soldier altogether.

Prosecution Lost ‘Hate Wedding’ Video, Chain of Evidence Compromised

The Honenu attorneys who represent the defendants suggested the loss of the recordings cast a heavy shadow on the trial's continuation and on the state's ability to convict their clients.

PM Netanyahu, President Rivlin, Mourn the IDF Fallen

The "Songs in their Memory" event, which included reading aloud poems and letters written by fallen soldiers, screening of memorial films and songs of remembrance.

Hamas Has Invested USD $45 Million in Gaza Border Riots

More than 4000 acres of Israeli land have been burned down.

Hamas Rockets Break Up Leftist Protests against IDF

Who’s on first? Leftists protest in Tel Aviv against the IDF’s war on terror and then have to flee because of Hamas rocket fire.

Jordanian Citizen Indicted in Israel for Planning to Murder IDF Soldier

Mohammed Maslah entered Israel illegally and was looking for a soldier to stab when stopped by police in a Hadera bus stop.

Senior Palestinian Official: Hamas Planning Suicide Bombings in Israel

Yahya Sanwar, founder of the Hamas military wing, who is gradually emerging as the most powerful man in the Gaza Strip organization.

Terrorist Control Centers in Jenin Destroyed

The cameras offered the terrorists in the camp the ability to observe Israeli security forces operating there.

IDF Cites Incitement, Arab Video Displays Pallywood ‘Bull’ in Full [video]

The IDF increased forces in Hebron but attacks took place elsewhere, while Arab videos perpetrate lies.

Smotrich: ‘The Army’s Role Is to Fight and Win, Not Promote Feminist Beliefs’

Smotrich argued that the inevitable sexual tension in mixed-sex IDF units harms the military performance of both men and women, at the expense of the army's professionalism.

A First: US Asking Jordan to Extradite Sbarro Pizza Murderer Ahlam Tamimi

Tamimi's victims included 13 Israelis, one pregnant American, and one Brazilian, all of them civilians. 130 were injured.

Bennett: US Elections an Opportunity for Imposing Israeli Sovereignty

"The rules in the Middle East are sometimes counterintuitive," Bennett said. "To maintain peace here, we must be very strong. As soon a you're too soft in this neighborhood, you catch a blow."

Report: Zionist Rabbi Opposing Women in the IDF Dismissed from Reserves

Last Thursday, the IDF apparently had had enough with this iconoclast and informed him that he was being dismissed from reserve duty.

IDF Arrests 13 Including Islamic Jihad Senior in Overnight Raid

Our fighters located and confiscated weapons, ammunition, and military equipment.

Lapid Chairs Meeting on Jewish Agency’s Woes in Russia Caused by His ‘Brave’ Stance

A fool can throw a stone in a pond that 100 wise men cannot get out.

Egyptian Security Delegation Returns to Gaza on Eve of Another Riotous Friday

The security delegation will discuss measures to stabilize the current cease-fire and prevent friction on the Gaza Strip border, but talks will not address halting tomorrow's return marches.

Military Intelligence Reports the Decline in Corona Morbidity Has Stopped

The Health Ministry's working assumption is that as soon as the coefficient rises above 0.8, the opening of the economy will slow down and Israel would return to a lockdown.

Hundreds of Israeli Local Community Security Chiefs on Strike

Ravshatz is more than a full-time position and it certainly is not a 9-to-5 kind of job.

IDF General Rassan Aliyan to Gaza Residents: ‘Hamas Is Selling You for Cheap’

The message was said in Arabic on his Facebook page. The General’s comments came in response to the latest case of terrorism that has been uncovered.

US Backs Israel’s Demand for Changes at UNIFIL Before Renewal of Mandate

“The status quo in Lebanon is unacceptable,” says U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Kelly Craft. “Now is the time to ... enable the [peacekeeping] mission to fully achieve what it was set out to accomplish.”

IDF Raids Samaria Arab Villages after Bus Firebombed

Israeli forces raided the Samaria Arab villages of Huwwara and Beita late Sunday after a fire bomb was thrown at an Israeli settler bus...

Smotrich: Israel Must Reinstall Check Posts in Judea and Samaria

"Maintaining the quality of life of the Arabs is not worth losing one Jew to murder."

US Leads Boycott Against UN Attempt to Create Binding Nuclear Ban

"We cannot... protect our people by allowing bad actors to have them and those of us who are good not to have them.”


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