Netanyahu, Security Cabinet Head to Golan Heights for Special IDF Briefing

"We want peace but we are prepared for any scenario and I suggest that no one test us."

IDF Lifts COVID-19 Lockdown for Most Units

About 50% of all IDF soldiers received the second Pfizer-developed dose at least a week ago.

IDF Military Drill for Commando Units Prepares Troops for 2-Front War

This is the sixth of a series of brigade drills held recently to improve the fitness and combat readiness of the units.

IDF Knows Identity of Ariel Junction Terrorist: His Name Is Omar

The forces have already mapped the house belonging to the terrorist's family in preparation for its possible demolition.

Report: Under DM Bennett Israel Continued to Sponsor PA Terrorists’ Salaries

DM Naftali Bennett, now a member of the opposition in the Knesset, who failed to submit a report on the PA salaries at the beginning of 2020.

Israel ‘Assumes Reconciliation to Continue’ With Turkey

"There must be a unified approach of condemnation and war on this terrorism," Netanyahu underlines.

Arson Terror Attack on Gush Etzion Town of Rosh Tzurim

Arson terror attacks by Palestinian Authority Arabs in both Judea and Samaria have been ongoing and increasing over the past several months.

‘Heading Toward Confrontation’: Hezbollah Head Again Threatens to Attack Israel in September

Israel has recently commenced actions to develop the Karish gas field in the area, and Hezbollah is now threatening war by September.

Humanitarian Aid for Syrians Undermining Assad Propangada, Opposition Leaders Say

Syrians know that Israel has been helping families who have been wounded and displaced by the war.

Amikam Norkin Appointed Israel Air Force Commander

The IDF Chief of Staff said Norkin was a natural choice for the position after “years of excellence.”

Israeli Military Forces Capture 7 Terror Fugitives

The IDF captured seven terrorist fugitives late Monday night in operations throughout Judea and Samaria.

Entrance to Compound of Jewish Homes in Jerusalem’s Old City Torched

"This is not the first time that Arabs have damaged the door leading from the street to the compound."

Neve Tzuf Shuts Down Road to PA Arabs in Security Protest

Just the other day, Arabs shot up a car on the highway...

IDF Decides Female Combat Soldiers Won’t Cross the Border

"A mixed-gender battalion won’t need to storm a machine gun nest with heavy weapons."

US Court Orders Iran, Syria to Pay $178M Compensation For Death of Baby in...

An American court awarded damages of $178 million, to be paid by Syria and Iran, to parents who lost a baby to a Hamas terrorist.

Juniper Cobra Joint US-Israel Military Exercise Gearing Up

The exercise is being carried out amidst tensions with Lebanon’s Hezbollah terrorist organization.

Israel’s Crisis With Mexico Over, But Not Done

Mexico's president was polite when speaking with President Rivlin by phone but clear that his country is not likely to 'forgive and forget' so fast.

Arab Bus Drivers Refuse to Carry Border Guard Companies to Quell Jerusalem Riots

The company that organized Joe Biden's visit in Israel was ordered not to hire Arabs.

Israelis Injured in Stoning Attacks on Highway 60

Stoning attacks were also aimed at an Israeli public bus on the same road.

Israel Air Force Pummeling Gaza Terror Targets At Rate of 1 Every 51 Seconds

The Israeli Air Force reportedly hit 70 targets between 9 and 10pm Thursday, including underground medium-range rocket launching pads, bringing the total number of IAF strikes in Operation Pillar of Defense to over 300.

Bus Blows Up in Jerusalem, 21 Injured in Terror Attack [video]

21 people are injured. Security forces are trying to determine if it was from a terror attack.

IDF Warns of Syria’s Chemical Weapons Falling in Wrong Hands

IDF Deputy Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Yair Naveh said Monday night that “Syria has the world’s largest arsenal of chemical weapons, along with rockets and missiles that can reach all of Israel." But Palestinian officials criticized the amplified Israeli criticism on Sunday as a tactic to deflect attention from Israel's treatment of the Palestinians and the "moribund peace process."

Israel’s ‘Light Blade’ Laser System said to have Near-Perfect Interception Rate

Currently it's being tested in one small section along the Gaza border.

IDF Announces ‘Closure’ on Judea, Samaria & Gaza — Except for Those Attending Friday...

For those who are eligible to enter pre-1967 Israel for Ramadan prayers, there will be no closure.

Case Closed Against Hikers Who Shot Dead Arab Assailant

“We felt a bit bad that our security guards who protected us, they got in trouble... It’s too bad they didn’t do that to the terrorists who hit us and who threatened our lives."


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