Major Victory Against BDS: Avi Zinger’s Legal Team Blocks Ben & Jerry’s Boycott of...

The settlement prevents Ben & Jerry’s from boycotting Israel and ensures that Zinger will continue selling Ben & Jerry’s ice cream throughout Israel and Judea and Samaria without interruption.

MK Chikli Defeats the Knesset Jebusites, Celebrates 3,055 Years of ‘Occupation’

It hasn't been "55 years" of Jewish "occupation," rather, it's been “3055 years.”

Gantz Refutes PA’s Report Suggesting Abu Akleh Was Directly Targeted in the Head by...

"To this day, we are prepared and willing to conduct an investigation in collaboration with international actors.”

17 Years Later, Politicians Who Supported or Fought Unilateral Disengagement Want It Repealed

Reporter Ben Caspit tweeted Wednesday morning: “Tip for Benny Gantz: if you cause the government to collapse over the public transport reform or evacuation...

Honenu Challenges Court President to Defend Judge Sahrai (Shema Ruling)

"...your silence in the face of the current defiance may be interpreted as a biased policy, not to mention hypocrisy."

Arabs Hang Huge Poster with Image of Hamas Fighter on Temple Mount

The Barlevs have long since enshrined themselves in Israel’s short history as humongous failures when it came to defending the country.

Sovereignty Lost: Minister Hendel OK with PLO Flag on Dome of the Rock for...

In the past, Jewish visitors who dared wave an Israeli flag on the Temple Mount were detained and removed from the holy site for long periods of time.

Jews Allowed on Temple Mount following Arab Rioters’ Clashes with Police

The holy compound was finally opened for Jews after about a half hour’s delay and would remain open, because it’s Ramadan, only until 10:30 AM.

Coalition Member Mansour Abbas: Non-Muslims Must Stay Out of Temple Mount

"If the security forces' activity in the blessed al-Aqsa Mosque is not stopped immediately, I see myself outside the coalition."

14 Years Late, Israel Overcomes Leftist Resistance to Sewage Treatment Plant for Samaria Settlement

Letting one Jewish community and five Arab be mired in their sewage was less important than fighting the “occupation.”

Finally, Ateret Cohanim Takes Possession of Old City Hotel It Won in Court

The publication of the deal in 2005 led to a crisis in the Greek Church in Jerusalem.

America First Exposing Biden’s State Dept. $1 Million Grant Soliciting Attacks on Israel

“These activities and plans are part of the Biden Administration’s larger strategy to cripple Israel’s ability to defend herself."

PA Building New Road in Area C Easing Traffic to Al-Bireh and Bet El

"The new project was intended to improve the lives of the Palestinians, but I won't deny that the residents of Bet El could use it, too."

Sovereignty Where It Counts: A Bris in Homesh

The name given to the newborn is Sinai Ahiad.

Gantz Bullish on Prosecuting ‘Violent Settlers,’ Ignoring Raging Arab Violence

It's a lot of Generals to clamp down on fewer than 50 guys up and down the liberated territories.

New Report Calls for Regulating KKL-JNF Land Acquisitions in Judea and Samaria

The judge insists a mechanism must be established for reporting Judea and Samaria transactions and their scope—despite the need for confidentiality.

Lapid Blocks Vote on Citizenship & Entry Law after Shaked Adopts Opposition MK’s Version

The Citizenship Law could serve as the bridge for future peace among the four right-wing Zionist parties in and out of the coalition.

Freed Hostage Rabbi Demanded Israel Drop Sovereignty Plans in the Settlements

Before I add a sour note to the discussion, I should probably stipulate that Charlie Cytron-Walker must be a nice guy and well-liked in his community.

Minister Kahana: Netanyahu Failed to Rebuild Homesh Under Trump – He Expects Us to...

Someone should mention that the bulk of the blame for the way things stand today at Homesh rests with former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Watch: The Latest on the Negev Tree Planting War

It's time to restore the Zionist vision to its proper place in public policy.

Myopic AP Report Equates Precarious Reform Deal with the Kotel’s Future

A decisive majority of American Jews support the adversaries of Israel.

Knesset Debated Future of Judea and Samaria Outposts on Eve of Homesh Demolition

MK Yuli-Yoel Edelstein (Likud) said, "In the meantime, the young settlement enterprise has aged a lot."

Solidarity in the Storm: Images from the Homesh Rally

At the head of the procession was Yehuda's widow Ettia Dimentman.

Jerusalem Churches Launch Christmas Blood Libel Claiming They Are Persecuted by Jews

Yes, Virginia, Church leaders in the Land of Israel often turn a blind eye when the people pushing their flock around are not Jewish.

US Forces Cancellation of Haredi Neighborhood in Atarot, Jerusalem

The Israeli government has informed the US that Israel won't be moving ahead with the construction of a much-needed neighborhood for Haredim (Ultra-Orthodox) in the Atarot section of northern Jerusalem.

Bennett: My Government Will Double the Golan Heights Communities

"It is impossible to discuss the Golan Heights without touching on what is happening over the border."

Arabs Invade Area C with 100 Illegal Schools Israel Can’t Take Down

Sadly, the smart settlers in today's version of the story are Palestinians, and the dumb government are the Israelis.


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