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The Urgent Need For Honest Jewish-Christian Dialogue

Despite efforts to revive Jewish cultural life in Poland, which has met with a measure of success and support from Polish officials, Poland still remains a virtual graveyard of its prewar glory days.

The Waqf and the Temple Mount

Israel promotes coexistence and peace, providing freedom for all religions on the Temple Mount.

Obama Part II

Obama is the latest incarnation of our ancient enemies who arise every generation with a new face

An Easy Boycott: Al Jazeera (Qatar)

Looking to fight supporters of terrorism? Just boycott Qatari owned Al Jazeera

The Gap between Fairness and Safety: WMDs in Iraq and Iran

Obama's desire to be "fair" enables Iran to get nuclear weapons which will threaten global security

The Miracles Keep Us Going, Even During Hard Times

"We returned to this Land not in order to be murdered, or uprooted. We came here to be replanted!"

We Have Forgotten How To Remember

Israel’s Memorial Day shouldn't be a day of mourning, it's a day to honor, not another Holocaust Day

Promised Land to Promised Home‏

God's 3 part promise for Israel: to the Avot; a plentiful land; the eventual return home by all Jews

The Termination Shock of Survivors

As Holocaust survivors decline rapidly attacks on the veracity of the Holocaust rapidly escalates

Iran On Israel’s Borders

Iran knows Obama, Putin, and the Europeans don't have a Red Line beyond which they will go to war

Lessons of the Holocaust: By Moshe Feiglin

There is no way to explain the Holocaust. I know survivors who are not on speaking terms with G-d. I know many who are the opposite. I have no right to go there...

Jews in the Midst

Even embedded in society, Jews are picked out for attack for the simple reason that they are Jewish

Obama and the Saudis

Obama permitted the collapse of Egypt while establishing warmer relations with Saudi enemy Iran

Israel, THE Liberal Country of the Middle East

Israel's probably the most liberal country from Western Europe to Australia and down to South Africa

The Curse Of Fragmentation

One look at the breakdown of competing parties in the Israeli elections lends credibility to the old joke of two Jews and three shuls.

The Jerusalem Law: More Relevant Than Ever

Negotiations with the PA raises fears that some of Jerusalem will be handed over to foreign control

Netanyahu’s View of Obama: Trust and Consequences

{Originally posted to author's website, FirstOne Through} TRUST Trust is the bedrock of a functional relationship. It enables one party to rely on the other. A...

How To Keep Jerusalem United And Jewish

All Zionist parties must demonstrate that a united Jewish Yerushalayim is an absolute imperative

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