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Obama’s Foreign Policy

Obama’s foreign policy is viewed by both liberals and conservatives as deeply flawed

Why the Media Ignores Jihadists in Israel

Why does the Times relay different motivations and narratives for jihadists in Europe and Israel?

Palestinians are “Desperate” for…

Desperate people take what they can, seizing opportunity to advance their main goal; the Arabs don't


Israel has some wild places left; places to reflect and think, to get lost, to try to find ourselves

New York Times Confusion on Free Speech

The NY Times suggestion that HaMavesar cropping women from a photo is Israeli censorship is absurd.

He Should Have Stayed Home

Netanyahu remains obsessed with gaining the unattainable love from the EU and all Jew-hating Europe

My Terrorism

In France and most of the world, Jews do not get starring roles in the rage on behalf of victims.


Not all Islamic countries call for killing apostates, many criminalize the act of leaving Islam

Housing Minister Calls For ‘Actualizing’ Sovereignty In Jerusalem

As Israel slowly loses its grip on parts of its capital, the Arabs are working to fill the vacuum.

Creating New Jewish Leadership

Young, secular Israelis connecting to their Jewish identity, searching for a future with meaning


In Israel, Islam's religiously mandated violence joins hands with the bloodthirsty amongst the Arabs

Blasphemy OR Terrorism

Western govts are advancing laws curbing free speech to comply with Muslim Sharia Laws on blasphemy

Mad World of Palestinian Quality of Life Statistics

Amazing how well the Arabs of the West Bank/Gaza are doing compared to Arabs in other countries

The Real Likud

Perhaps Feiglin never truly left the Likud. In truth, they threw him out on his face.

Israel Passes One PA Obstacle, But It Won’t Be The Last

The EU wants to replace the US with an increased role for the UN and its built-in anti-Israel stance

The Religious Component Of A Strong State

It is hard to believe that only one hundred years ago religion played such a central and accepted role in the personal and governmental lives of American citizens that its invocation was standard.

Failing Negotiation 102: Europe

EU countries prematurely recognizing "Palestine" will effectively halt direct peace negotiations.

Failing Negotiation 101: The United States

Peace talks were doomed because Kerry deliberately ignored the basic rule of peace negotiations

They Are Not Jews!‏

This cult was tolerated because weak Israeli politicians were afraid to expel these black-racists

The New York Times Picture of the Year for 2014

Dominant theme on NY Times front pages concerning Israel: "Jewish State Attacks Arab Youths"

Honor Killings in Gaza

Proportionately, Palestinians now kill twice as many women in honor killings as Afghanistan.

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