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Is Zionism Colonialism or Indigenous Self-determination?

Israel has no actual constitution but there's a Basic Law about democracy but none about Jewishness.

It’s Time to Encourage Courage

We have to teach courage, practice courage and thereby defy their efforts to stop the Jewish people from living fully in this amazing time.

To Sit At Henny Machlis’s Table: The Epitome Of Hachnassat Orchim

Henny Machlis exemplified seeing only the good in other. She made everyone feel beloved & welcome.

Fake Outrage Against Netanyahu’s Holocaust Statement

CNN, BBC, Reuters have been all over the Bibi story in news reports that read more like Op-eds.

My Nazi Revenge

I’ve heard of people who’ve forgiven Nazis who killed their loved ones-I just don't understand this.

To Arm Or Not To Arm

Many argue, too many gun-toting people is dangerous; those who say it probably don’t live in Israel

Netanyahu, the Mufti, and the Slaughter of Jews

The Mufti during WW II, like Palestinians today, sought to slaughter Jews - their shared bond

Unprecedented Bias: The Media’s Intellectual Dishonesty in Israel Conflict Coverage

If Palestinian leaders refuse to condemn murderers, where will their next generation gain guidance?

“Rabbi” Michael Lerner Tramples Jewish Values

Lerner took Bibi's words out of context, as if Bibi is trying to justify murdering all Palestinians

Electoral Defeat of Israel’s Best Friend is a Loss for Canadians

Harper’s support for Israel and the Jewish people was good – and vitally important – for Canada.

Whose Lives Matter? The Media on Israel and Ferguson

The Media is complicit in racial divides by providing hate-mongers like Sharpton & Zogby a platform.

UNESCO To Declare Twin Towers Site Muslim; ’19 Were Martyred There

UNESCO wants to declare 9/11 site Muslim but Port Authority is constructing 94-story office there

Jews Beware- A Brave New World May Be Afoot

I fear the brave new world we are approaching deems ethnicity and race more important than ability

In Praise of the Palestinians

Not everyone is a confirmed anti-Semite. Many on the wrong side of morality are just plain clueless

Is it Ethical to Kill a Terrorist?

Whoever raises a knife over a Jew in the Land of Israel should be killed on the spot

Government Of Israel Proclaims New Israel Fund Reached Peak Of Israel Hatred Today

These foolish Jews strengthen the enemies of Israel. The NIF must be stopped & their donors shunned

Greg Brock, the Jews, and the New York Times

The Times was never a friend/ally to Jewish people, nor is it a friend/ally to Jewish people today

Blood in the Headlines

The media doesn't report Israeli kids are afraid to go to school or that their parents sleep with guns

Stop Doing And Start Living: The Shabbos Project

Started to strengthen Shabbos awareness in South Africa, 1 million Jews worldwide will participate

In A World Of Silence

For over 2 weeks my attention has been focused on the news not my midterms I should be studying for

Misplaced Empathy Amidst Anti-Jewish Terror

NY Times correspondent Rudoren's persistent white-washing of pogroms by Palestinians is just obscene

A Wake-Up Call for Jewry

It is neither Hamas or PA leaders behind these attacks, they come from the ranks of the common folk.

Israeli Government Calls NIF Grantees Anti-Israel, Yet American Jews Send Millions

3 NIF grantees-Bimkom, Breaking the Silence & Hamoked-are on Shaked's list of anti-Israel NGOs

Democratize the Temple Mount

Arab-Muslims do not so much venerate Al-Aqsa as religious site but as a violent political weapon

Message Of Growth

Self-centered desires drive us to be exclusionary at the expense of our nation, culture, & religion

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