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New Israel Fund Leader Is A Communist Who Declared Zionism Is Over

Burg justifies Pal terror, called Holocaust “a national strategy,” is Anti-Zionist, is an NIF leader

Standing Up

Israel's prejudicial Temple Mount policy is a disgrace; The Mount should be open to all faiths.

Immigration and Judaism

Jews who reject Torah should not invoke "Jewish morality" regarding the immigration controversy.

It’s Hard To Feel Sorry For Jerry Nadler

Hikind slams Nadler’s grumbling about the criticism being heaped on him.

Come Out To Vote On Thursday, Sept. 10

We think both are admirable choices. But we also want to emphasize the special importance of a large turnout from our community.

The Congressional Debate Over Iran – Watch For It

Congress was not provided with these side deals as required by the Corker bill, so the 60-day review never legally commenced.

Our Kids Need Protection Too

Perhaps she doesn’t accept the fact that those children’s parents are taxpayers as well.

High Holiday Season Or Open Season On Jews?

OneFamily provides life-saving/life-changing physical & fiscal support to victims of terrorism & war

FBI Consultant, Batman Aficionado, Gung Fu Black Belt, Kiruv Rabbi: An Interview with Rabbi...

It’s kind of a sad thing that society dismisses the extraordinary work they do. I mean, they put their lives on the line every day to protect strangers.

The Narrowness of the C-Span

C-Span's daily 3-hour talk show, Washington Journal is a uniquely anti-Israel/anti-Semitic hate-fest

God’s Hand In History

When they fight against us, it is because they are waging war against the Jewish idea.

The Difference Of A Day

Suddenly on RH, more conscious of God’s presence, a greater sense of awe and majesty emerge in shul

Investigate Chris Gunness, UNRWA’s Spokesperson

Gunness has not only escaped investigation, he continues violating the neutrality of UNRWA's mandate

Art, Man, and God

Though the proximate target of the boycott effort is Israel, artistic freedom is the ultimate victim

Appeal to New Israel Fund: Stop Boycotting Israel and Stand with the IDF

This campaign isn't "personal" as NIF claims, it's protecting civil rights of IDF soldiers &Israelis

The Sound of A Hollow Trumpet

An overall comparison? Our moral & ethical standards are much higher than our Palestinian neighbors.

A Rip in America’s Moral Fabric

If loyalty to Israel & US became incompatible something's gone wrong with their moral compass

Mistreating Men/Trusting Man: Impediments To True Repentance

Problem: When man’s obsession with matters between man and G-d replaces normal relations with others

The Immorality of the Jews

No one knows who killed Ali Dawabsha--perhaps Jews--but why rush judgment without hard evidence?

Israel’s Top Archaeological Sites- Temple Mount Excavations

Jerusalem's Old City is amongst Israel’s most popular tourist sites and its beauty runs deep!

Oy Jerusalem

Recent governments sacrificed upgrading Jerusalem's infrastructure for phony peace process with PA

On The Bookshelf

Rabbi Mayer Schiller is a Skver-Rachmistrivka chassid with a passion for the ideology of Rav Samson Raphael Hirsch. Born to a non-observant family, Rabbi...

Marking Time: A Blink of an Eye and the Moments of Our Lives

We must account not only for the passing of time but for the way in which we move in time.

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