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For The Miracles That Occur Daily

When a miracle occurs that transcends nature, Hashem has broken the laws of nature to create the miracle.

When David Killed An Amalekite Boy

Rather than submit to this fate and suffer torture and humiliation, Shaul decided to fall on his sword.

The Reason And The Cause

How can the Da’as Zekeinim say this was Hashem’s plan to allow them to become the Torah Nation? We know it was actually a punishment.

Aleph Beta: Beshalach: Fruit Trees In the Sea?

A strange midrash of fruit trees surrounding the Nation of Israel as they walked to freedom

Redeeming Relevance in the Weekly Parsha: Beshalach

Leading by example must be visible, regarding where, when and how-like Nachshon entering the Red Sea

The Essence of Tradition

Rabbi Yaakov Nagen, a Ram at Yeshivat Otniel, notes that the verse is suggesting that retelling the story of the Exodus is so important that Hashem is performing ever-greater miracles specifically so that parents can tell their stories to future generations.

AlephBeta: Bo: God’s Justice in Action

Before performing the 10th plague God makes a fundamental argument about the ultimate nature of justice.

A Slave To Fashion

How is it possible that the clothing was more valuable to them than gold or silver?

Reclaiming Our National Dignity

Property ownership is an extremely important and fundamental right and principle according to the Torah.

The Role Of Probability In Halacha

And if a person can take steps to perform the mitzvah, he should do so (even if he won’t be held accountable for not performing it due to circumstances beyond his control).

Redeeming Relevance in the Weekly Parsha: Bo

Pesach is called "zikaron," a Biblical term used describing an object eliciting a certain memory

The True Nature Of Reparations

Recouping $ and assets from Germans and Swiss for their Holocaust actions is rooted in the Exodus

Parshat Va’eira

Three years of war and the loss of one-tenth of Britain's men is not too great a price to pay.

The Ten Plagues, The Four Prayers

"I put to death and I bring to life, I strike down and I will heal."

Being Like Hashem

It is exactly like that of an animal, with all of the passions and desires necessary to drive man though his daily existence.

Whom Did The Barad Kill?

The Brisker Rav suggests that the barad, in fact, only fell on people, animals, and vegetation.

Past, Present, Future

The American Jew has forgotten his history. Not the simple stories of life in Europe. Rather, he lost the ability to relive time as part of his own I-awareness, that the past is a relevant part of me.

The Divine Plan Of The Ten Plagues

The plagues don't reveal a God of vengeance but of compassion; after each triplet Egypt can repent

Aleph Beta: Va’era: Seeing God In Science‏

Rabbi Fohrman asks about an interesting name of God and leads a whirlwind tour of modern cosmology

Redeeming Relevance: Parshat Vaera

Moshe viewed his speech impediment as part of his core identity and his intrinsic human imperfection

The Irrelevance of the People

But a rally has no effect on the terrorists themselves. In truth, it validates what they have done.

The Hidden Inner Compass

The midwifes rejecting Pharoah's command is the first recorded incident of civil disobedience

Our Guiding Light

You know that you are strangers in a foreign land. You recognize that you stem from a different culture.

Parshas Shemos: Focusing On The Forest Of Judaism

In reality, there is no such thing as an unimportant detail, an unimportant mitzvah.

Just For Raising A Hand

Why is it necessary to perform an aveirah punishable by lashes in order to be deemed a legal rashah and be pasul l’eidus m’d’Oraisa?

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