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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu heads to security cabinet meeting with National Security Adviser Yaakov Amidror. (archive)

Israel’s Security Cabinet unanimously rejected the nuclear deal signed Tuesday (July 14) with Iran, and declared “Israel is not bound by it.”

In a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel went on to say “The Joint Comprehensive Agreement reached between the P5+1 and Iran… impairs Israel’s national security.


“The agreement enables Iran to continue its significant enrichment of uranium far beyond any practical civilian needs…

“In placing partial constraints for a limited number of years and areas, the agreement in effect only postpones Iran’s achievement of military nuclear capability,” the statement continued. “When these limitations end, Iran will be able to increase its overall enrichment capacity significantly.

“The agreement does not adequately limit Iran’s research and development capabilities, particularly with regard to advanced centrifuges. In the case of “breakout” to a nuclear device, Iran could rely on its ability to enrich rapidly and covertly, shortening the time needed to produce a bomb.

“Iran already has the enrichment capability to produce a bomb. It also has the suitable means of delivery (ballistic missiles and advanced guided missiles.) Without limitations on its weaponization, the way is paved for Iran to assemble a bomb.

“The agreement curtails UN Security Council resolutions that imposed an arms embargo on Iran and restrictions on its ballistic missile capabilities. The outcome of such concessions could enable Iran to further develop its missile program and to enhance its conventional military capabilities.

“The agreement does not ensure a tight enough monitoring and verification mechanism. Iran has achieved its advanced nuclear capability covertly despite the IAEA’s safeguards mechanism, and will be able to continue deceiving, evading and concealing.

“As part of the economic benefits of the agreement, Iran will gain access to frozen funds (up to $150 billion). These funds will be used to increase Iran’s subversive activities in the region and its support of terror (including Hezbollah) against Israel and its neighbors, as well as to strengthen the rule of the Ayatollahs. Iran’s subversive activities in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen will only increase, as it will enjoy international legitimacy deriving from this agreement and an empowered status as a threshold nuclear state. “Nuclear capabilities in the hands of Iran are a game changer and will almost certainly spark a nuclear arms race that will undermine regional security in the Middle East.

“A nuclear Iran is a threat not only to Israel but also to the moderate countries in the Middle East and well beyond.”

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier came to the defense of the new agreement, saying Israel should take a “closer look” and “not criticize the agreement in a very coarse way.” Steinmeier told German broadcaster ARD in an interview, “In the agreement, Iran has to commit to these monitoring possibilities. And we will make sure that the monitoring possibilities are also observed after this deal.”

U.S. President Barack Obama also spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday in a phone conversation in which he reiterated America’s commitment to Israel’s security. He also told Netanyahu that Defense Secretary Ash Carter will travel to Israel next week, the White House told media in a statement following the call.

But the deep concern over the prospect of a nuclear arms race in the region is no fantasy to Israel’s neighbors, either — including those who live elsewhere in the Middle East.

In its first statement attributed to an “official source,” Riyadh said Saudi Arabia supported an agreement to stop Tehran gaining nuclear weapons but emphasized the importance of a strict inspections regime and the ability to reimpose sanctions. An earlier statement likewise underlined the issue of preventing a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.


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Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.


  1. We must have a veto proof vote in the senate please call your senator and tell him you are against this deal. Even if he is a democrat that is more reason to call. They want to get reelected. The numbers are posted in the internet.

  2. That’s nice. They are not signatories to the agreement anyway. Time to stop bitching and whining over phony issues (if Israel thought Iran was a danger, their capacity to produce the bomb (either under or above ground) would have been destroyed years ago like the reactors in Syria and Iraq) and see if there is a way to get a rapproachment with Iran either openly or behind the scenes.

  3. Everyone listen. ISRAEL MUST ATTACK IRAN NOW. END OF STORY. ONLY FOOLS CAN TRUST IRAN THEY WANT ISRAEL AND JEWS DEAD. I see another holocaust around the corner. Extremist muslims want us dead. I may be the only Rabbi with the guts to says this. Rabbi DR. Bernhard Rosenberg

  4. Iran says the destruction of Israel is non-negotiable. That means they won't spare any effort to wipe Israel off the map. Will Israel do nothing? Rejecting the deal is a given. Taking pro-active steps to eliminate the Iranian threat is justified considering the advance state of Iran's nuclear capabilities. Israel must act now before it's too late.

  5. Arabs-Muslims declare ‘Death to the Jews’ in their Facebook profiles.
    This is not anti-Zionism. This is extreme racist anti-Semitism. If you replace “Death to the Jews” with “Death to the Buddhists”, or “Death to the Catholics”, or “Death to the Pagan worshipers” or “Death to the Kenyans or the Japanese”, what would these words mean other than menacing hate based in evil? This is a macabre, pure Nazi statement that these people gladly promote with the moronic mob mentality that they embrace. This brings only promises of chaos and fear and not respect, or a possible evolution toward a solution of coexistence.
    If the world destroys the Jews, which will never happen with the help of the almighty, the impact of losing the Jewish contributions to the world will be significant and catastrophic.
    The advances made in medicine, science, technology, law, philosophy and every corner of higher learning and progressive humanity as a direct result of Jewish contributions are etched in history and cannot be denied.
    Worldwide advances and progress will always be a reminder of what the Jews did and accomplished, unlike any other group in history. Non-Jews always have and continue to wonder how we did all that advancement.
    We the Jews being such a minute percentage of world population have been successful, and will continue so because we do not allow words, feelings or attitudes of hate in our children. Our children, and the generations to follow always come first. We raise our children with love of our traditions and cultures, and respect toward others who may differ. Our women mold the souls of our children and educate them in love and compassion, not hatred.
    Another factor of our success is we promote education as essential in the upbringing of our children. In addition, we lift ourselves up by hard work, dedication and innovation, not by taking others down.
    The Jewish people have survived and prospered even after thousands of years of unwarranted hate and persecutions throughout history. The world at large over the centuries has forced the Jewish people time and time again to liberate themselves from constant discrimination, hate and persecution in the Diaspora. We rose and responded by bringing about the rebirth of modern Israel in its ancestral land in order to survive, strive, thrive and control our own future and destiny.
    Remember, when the Jews and minorities were persecuted, killed and violated in the Arab and Islamic lands, (over a million Jewish families and their children expelled and all their assets confiscated), those countries never recovered from the loss.
    Differences in human composition and dedication are what make the Jewish people stronger. George Washington stated during his comments to the American people about appreciating how Haym Solomon, a Jew, helped in financing the American revolution, that the cultural differences are what make a nation stronger. Israel is the thriving America of Jews worldwide.
    After over 2500 years of persecution in the Diaspora, Israel through hard work, determination to succeed, and dedication to survive with control of its own destiny was reborn by the Jewish people against all odds. It took extreme faith, dedication, hardship and consistent toil to rebuild Israel one grain of sand at a time, inch by inch, foot by foot, and mile by mile. The Jews of Israel never quit until all the swamps were gone and the land flourished; until the infrastructure and housing was built. Most importantly, all of these accomplishments by the Jewish people were achieved with limited resources, a hostile environment and Arab and British impediment to our freedom and independence. Nevertheless, we have succeeded in making the desert bloom and flowing with green valleys; we have turned the desert into a land of milk and honey.
    Furthermore, Jewish innovations and advances in all fields keep coming on a consistent basis. We built educational institutions and research facilities that are the envy of the world. Furthermore, overcoming the harsh treatment by the nations of the world, and to ensure we, or any other people are never again led as sheep to the slaughter of the Nazi gas chamber, Israel has morphed into a world military might to rightfully defend its people. Contrary to the efforts of many nations of the world, the State of Israel is alive and thriving! (“the nation of Israel lives”).
    History has proven hate begets hate, and nations built upon a premise of hate have all failed. If all the Jews were gone (not likely), the anti-Semitic promoters and facilitators would need to feed their hate, and would turn on each other. History has proven as such to always be the end result of hate.
    I challenge you. Try love and understanding, compassion and kindness, embrace and respect the differences, it will make living a celebration of life, it’s all very beautiful and content, furthermore, you will find the real true success and accomplishment. It will be hard to change the narrative, but go ahead, accept the challenge to heal instead of hate, to tolerate instead of intolerance, to endure instead of abhor.
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    This will bring about a harmonious and thriving coexistence that will benefit society and humanity for generations to come.
    YJ Draiman

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