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Chief of Staff Reassures Cabinet IDF Ready for War, Even Though No One Was...

Clearly, the criticism voiced by several reports, including some comments from the DM have hit a raw nerve with Eizenkot.

Russian Trained Syrian Sappers ‘Ready’ to Remove Mines from Demilitarized Zone on Israeli Border

Russian military police has been maintaining security in a zone of roughly 30 miles along the Israeli border.

Arab Mob Destroys Erez Crossing, Preventing Goods from Entering Gaza

Hundreds of rioters arrived Tuesday afternoon Gazan side and of the Erez Crossing and began throwing stones and damaging the facility.

Hamas Arson Terror Continues in Southern Israel

Incendiary balloons and firebomb kites are continuing to be launched at southern Israel from across the border from Gaza by Hamas terrorists.

IDF Admits to Hitting Syria 200 Times, and 3 More Strikes Today

The Israel Defense Forces has acknowledged carried out 200 strikes in Syria this year, according to the annual report recently submitted by IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot to the government.

IDF Court Compels 3 Terrorists to Compensate their Victims

"We are working to ensure that in the course of the legal process, the victims of the offense will be the concern of the legal system, and not, heaven forbid, pity for the murderers."

Report: Iran’s Civilian Airline Used to Smuggle Weapons to Hezbollah

The US, Israel, and other Western intelligence sources have evidence showing that the Qeshm Fars Air flights hauled components for manufacturing precise weapons in Iranian factories inside Lebanon.

Dozens of New Hareidi Recruits Join IDF Paratroopers Brigade

“The soldiers of Hetz company are proving it is possible to serve in IDF combat brigades without compromising on a hareidi way of life.”

IDF Soldiers Attacked in Judea, Samaria

In both cases, attackers hurled bombs at the patrols. IDF soldiers were deployed to search for the perpetrators. The patrols returned safely to base.

Terror Attack ‘Fail’ at Kiryat Arba, Stabber is Dead

"An initial investigation reveals the terrorist produced a knife and walked towards a group of soldiers at the Givat Avot checkpoint in Hebron.

Rafael Unveils Fire-and-Forget Spike-ER2 Missile with 10-Mile Strike Range

This new, fifth-generation version of the Spike-ER multipurpose precision-guided missile system, will equip attack helicopters, combat vehicles, and small boats.

Brother of Soldier whose Body Is in Hamas Captivity Enlisted in IDF

"For four years I did not talk to the media because I could not deal with the pain emotionally, and today, too, I sit here in pain, and worse – I'm angry," Ofek said a month ago.

Netanyahu, US Envoys Meet on Syria, ‘Iranian Aggression’

The meeting focused on current events in Syria and the "joint effort to stop Iran's terror and aggression," according to a statement from the Prime Minister's Office.

Netanyahu: No Arrangement in Gaza Without Return of the Boys

However: "We left the meeting today with a strong feeling that behind the prime minister's statements ... there is a sad reality that nothing has been done."

Leftist Visitors: Abbas Agrees with Shabak Chief on 99% of the Issues

WAFA, the PA official news agency, had nothing to say about the meeting.

Report: Massive Explosions at Damascus Military Airport

Syria denied an attack had taken place, but Lebanon’s Hezbollah-linked al-Mayadeen news site blamed the attack on Israel.

If-Not-Now Fundraiser Shares War Story from Camp Ramah

In June, Ramah national director Rabbi Mitchell Cohen circulated an email vowing: “Ramah camps have not engaged—and will not engage—in any way with IfNotNow as an organization.”

Bombing Foiled at Samaria Military Court

Two Palestinian Authority teen terrorists were caught trying to smuggle three homemade bombs into the court house.

Liberman: Post Syrian War Deals Do Not Apply to Israel

"All the other understandings and agreements that are arrived at in all kinds of places, are simply irrelevant to us, and we will be strict about adhering to all the previous agreements."

Netanyahu: Whoever Tries to Hurt Us – We Hurt Them

"Whoever threatens us with destruction puts himself in similar danger and in any case will not achieve his goal," Netanyahu vowed.

Hamas Chief: We Will Hit Tel Aviv

"The number of tunnels and waylays prepared by the resistance forces is greater than that faced by the occupation (that's Israel) in the previous war, and the missiles' capabilities have improved."

New Bill Offers Tax Deduction to Minority Towns Whose Sons Serve in the IDF

"Israel is and will remain a Jewish state, but we cannot forget the minorities who have tied their fates to the state's."

Elor Azaria: If I Could Go Back in Time to Hebron, I’d Do It...

"What happened here is that they abandoned a soldier, so the Palestinians would not get up to have one of their days of rage."

Shabak Uncovers Extensive Hamas Network in Hebron

It was discovered that Hamas was using women to transfer messages and instructions, transfer funds to finance terrorist operations and coordinate operations with the Hamas command centers.

Security Forces Demolish Home of Adam Terrorist

On July 26 Youssef entered a house in the community of Adam and murdered Yotam Ovadia, a father of two.

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