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January 20, 2017 / 22 Tevet, 5777

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Israel Police Recommend Indicting Sheikh Ra’ed Salah on Incitement

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

Israel Police have recommended indictment of Sheikh Ra’ed Salah, the head of the banned Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel, in charges of incitement to violence against Israel and Israelis, in comments he made to media and on social media.

Salah is also accused of membership in, and support of an illegal movement.

Police turned over the findings over the investigation to the prosecutor’s office on Thursday with their recommendations.

Salah spent nine months in prison a year ago, also after being convicted on charges of incitement to violence and racism.

Hana Levi Julian

The Anti-Semitism And Racism Of Frederic Remington

Thursday, December 15th, 2016

Frederic Remington (1861-1909), the “father of cowboy sculpture,” was an American painter, illustrator, sculptor, and writer who specialized in depictions of the Old American West, specifically concentrating on late-19th century images of cowboys, American Indians, the United States Cavalry, and other frontier characters and scenes.

Employing a realistic style, his signature subject became the galloping horse, and he was among the first to portray its correct anatomical motion. In a career that spanned less than twenty-five years, the prolific artist produced more than 3,000 drawings and paintings, 25 bronze sculptures (his most famous work is “The Bronco Buster’), a novel, a Broadway play, and more than a hundred articles and stories.

Remington’s fundamental theme was the rugged individualist against a threatening world, an American West where survival is always at issue and the shadow of death always near. Even though he actually lived in the West for only a year, he inspired great love for this frontier and his work is credited with giving posterity its most enduring impression of the legendary American West.


Remington had a very dark side, however, which found expression in his open contempt for immigrant groups passing through Ellis Island, particularly Jews, whom he often depicted in the most unflattering light – for example in his paintings “Jew Smugglers and Refugees in the Hands of the Dragoons”and “Jewish Recruits in Russia.”

In an infamous letter to a fellow xenophobe (1893), he wrote proudly:

I’ve got some Winchesters, and when the massacring begins which you speak of, I can get my share of ‘em and what’s more, I will. Jews – injuns – Chinamen – Italians – Huns, the rubbish of the earth I hate.

Moreover, in the undated correspondence on his Ingleneuk letterhead pictured with this column, Remington writes to his friend, Howard Pyle, regarding his disdain for “Hebrew art dealers”:

Your letter about Dr. Lesinsky came here to my summer camp. I have met him – he has been to see me and he is probably just what he represents himself to be. I have had trouble with Hebrew art dealers of a small & cheap class. I don’t want them to handle my stuff at all. They are overreaching and get me into trouble. I have to know people pretty well, else I may foolishly suspect that they are going to use me in their business. If I am sure of my man I feel just as you do about giving them what are called “artist prices” – but I want to be sure they are going to treasure the work and put it on the market at a nice advance. This may not be the case of Dr. L. at all but since we both only know what he chooses to tell, why I reserve judgment. Should like to meet you once in a coon’s age.

Howard Pyle (1853-1911), the “dean of American illustrators” whose work regularly appeared in various magazines, including Harper’s Weekly, was particularly known for his illustrations of pirates. He is credited with creating what has become the modern stereotype for pirate dress employing a wholly fictional flamboyant style incorporating elements of Gypsy dress. He is also credited with creating an American school of illustration and art and for the revival of children’s illustrated books.

Jewish settlers, though small in number, made a strong impact on the economic growth of Arizona; prominent among them was Prussian-born Henry Lesinsky (1834-1924), one of the great Jewish machers in the American Southwest during the second half of the 19th century and a truly fascinating and dynamic character. Raised in a Jewish home and taught Hebrew as a child, he departed Poland to make his way in the world and, after relatively brief and unsuccessful stints in England and Australia, he arrived in California in 1858 to mine gold. Failing at that, he moved to New Mexico and ultimately built a mercantile empire, becoming a renowned wholesale merchant who, through H. Lesinsky & Co. and his stores in El Paso, Fort Bliss, and Ciudad Juarez, facilitated the purchase of American goods by Mexican merchants and supplied the Union during the Civil War.


Turning back to Remington, he was the illustrator for one of the vilest and most despicable anti-Semitic pieces of its time, “The Russian and His Jew” (Harper’s Weekly, April 1894), shown with this column, in which American journalist and author Poultney Bigelow examined the repressive regime of Russia’s Tsar Nicholas and concluded that the persecution of the Jews by the Russian authorities was the result of the Jews’ own behavior; they were, he argued, inherently greedy, manipulative, and deceitful.

Bigelow argued that nobody knew the Jews better than the Russians and that it was particularly telling that the broad Russian public overwhelmingly wanted to be rid of the Jews, who contributed nothing to Russia and lived “only for the sake of squeezing money out of everything.” He argued that opposition to the Czar’s anti-Jewish legislation was fueled by the newspapers and the banks, all of which, he believed, were owned and run by Jews.

Not surprisingly, Bigelow, who lived until 1954, was an admirer of Hitler and his article may have tainted Remington’s opinion of Jews, or perhaps flushed out his previously anti-Semitic inclinations. It is interesting to note that Remington also illustrated ‘The Evolution of the Cow Puncher” (Harper’s, September 1895), in which author Owen Wister writes, “It is not the dollars that played first fiddle with him, else our Hebrew friends would pioneer the whole of us.”

Remington, a loathsome racist who embraced the divine God-given right of whites to possess the land, relished the prospect of a race war, when he could finally act to massacre the non-white “undesirables” who had no place in America.

Throughout his life and in his art he fundamentally ignored the honorable struggles of Native Americans to preserve their land and their way of life and he characterized the white interlopers – soldiers, settlers, traders, and explorers, all new to the land – in grand, heroic terms. He thereby perverted actual historical events by portraying the evolving American West as a place where whites were savaged by Indians instead of the other way around – which, sadly and due in no small part to Remington’s work, became the generally prevailing view in American culture of the American conquest of the West.

Saul Jay Singer

Do you know a Jew? No?! Rent one!

Sunday, December 11th, 2016

The above headline is actually the greeting at a new German website called RentaJew.org, right below the big, capped WILLKOMMEN.

“Why ‘Rent a Jew?'” says the “About” section, explaining: “Cars can be rented, but Jews? This may initially sound offensive. After all, for hundreds of years, anti-Semites have claimed that Jews are less valuable than other people. We are tired of hearing such suggestions. And we believe that humor mixed with a bit of chutzpah is the best way to refute old stereotypes and prejudices and show how absurd they are.”

There are 250,000 Jews in Germany, but few Germans know a Jew personally, according to Rent-a Jew. They want to change that by creating encounters between Jews and non-Jews – “away from stereotypes and stereotypes.”

“With Rent a Jew it becomes possible to talk to each other instead of about one another,” argues the website, “to answer questions on both sides and to dismantle prejudices.”

An initiative launched by the Munich-based European Janusz Korczak Academy with help from the Jewish Agency for Israel, provides speakers to educational institutions or groups of any size, for school classes, adult education courses, church communities, student groups or cultural associations.

Rent a Jew provides Jews of different ages and backgrounds who are “as colorful as Judaism itself.” They are not professional speakers or experts, they are the Jews next door with their own personal stories and opinions, as well as much else, “from food to music, literature and religion” – anything goes (almost).

Rent-a Jew’s Mascha Schmerling told Deutsche Welle the new service is there ” to provoke, to promote conversation. We want to give people the chance to talk to the Jewish community. We want them to see that we’re completely normal people. We don’t want to be defined purely by history and we don’t want to always be seen through this Holocaust lens.”


Jewish Students: Cover-Up of Anti-Semitism at Cambridge

Sunday, November 27th, 2016

Three Jewish students who were the targets of anti-Semitic abuse by a Cambridge University drinking society are accusing the university of a cover-up, The Telegraph reported Sunday. The students were attacked by a mob in a Christ’s College campus building in late October.

Shlomo Roiter-Jesner, 25, one of the victims, told The Telegraph: “It was a closed party so we walked out but as we did so these individuals started getting more physical and more vocal and they noticed our kippot. All of a sudden they were shouting: ‘Jew, get [expletive] out of here.’ We tried to leave but they were yelling at us.”

Another Jewish student sent an email to Professor Jane Stapleton, master of Christ’s College, stating: “We heard shouting and were literally grabbed and pulled out of the building by about seven large, intimidating males. We, and other bystanders, heard a number of vicious anti-Semitic slurs including ‘[expletive] Jew, you don’t belong here’, ‘dirty Jew’ and to myself, ‘[expletive] off, darkie.’ They then proceeded to try and choke my friend with his scarf, leaving him gasping for oxygen, and to push me and the third friend around, despite our attempts to de-escalate the situation. They eventually went back in after threatening to ‘smash our faces in.’”

Even though Prof Stapleton assured the student in a response email that “Christ’s would regard any conduct of the type that you report as wholly unacceptable, deplorable and worthy of appropriate disciplinary action,” all she finally reported in the end, on November 18, was: “The internal disciplinary process of the tutors is now concluded and two students have been disciplined. Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention,”

Not very satisfactory at all. “The college has not confronted the issue at all,” Roiter-Jesner told The Telegraph, “They have brushed it under the carpet.”


Boulder Prep School Students Expelled for Calls to Execute Jews [video]

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016

Five Boulder Prep High School students in Colorado were expelled over their Facebook hate group, where they were calling for the executions of Jews and Blacks, The Daily Camera reported last week. Local media report that Boulder police discovered the Neo-Nazi cell after one of the member had committed suicide “to show allegiance to the Nazi party.” Police is investigating reports of threats and harassment of a student at the high school by the group members.

The chat group was reported by a parent of one of the students. The group’s “second-in-command” told police, “the whole thing was ‘funny,'” assuring them he had no intention to actually do any of those things.

“It was a shock to the community,” Scott Levin of the regional Anti-Defamation League told CS in response to the revelations. “It isn’t as if there is any identifiable group [in Boulder] that is advocating this. There’s a lot of hateful rhetoric going on in this country right now, and that has just empowered some teenagers.”

An estimated 15 students participated in the “4th Reich’s Official Group Chat” on Facebook, according to a Boulder police report, which said members discussed “killing all Jews and N***s,” posted images of guns, and discussed “the final solution” and “white power,” and ways to “recruit more members” to complete their mission. The chat group’s “4th Reich” title is a reference to a successor to Adolph Hitler’s Third Reich. In fact, the chat group’s leader identified himself as “The Fuhrer,” and members adopted Nazi military titles.

One entry went: “You can hang Jews on trees, shoot them right in the knees. Gas as many as you please,” according to the police report.

Lili Adeli, headmaster at Boulder Prep, told Daily Camera the school had addressed the suicide and the Facebook chat’s horrifying language. “We did a lot of work with the students to help ensure their safety and mental health and healing,” she said. “It can bring up their own thoughts of suicide and previous trauma.” This includes checking on students via the phone, including text messages outside of school hours. “We’ve continued to keep the lines of communication open,” she said.

Adeli also stressed that school staff have made it their top priority to educate students on inclusiveness and the importance of speaking out against “derogatory language.”


Accusing Israel Of Racism Will Backfire On Us All

Sunday, September 18th, 2016

Israel is a country accused of many things by many people. Personally, I find it most painful when the accusation is that of racism and when the accusers are fellow Jews. Sadly, this is what is happening in the course of a PR campaign that started with the best of intentions.

In 2015, the government of Israel passed a cabinet decision to facilitate the immigration of a number of Ethiopian citizens with family relations in Israel and with claims of Jewish lineage. Many of these Ethiopians had attended educational institutions run by the Jewish Agency or by American NGOs and, as a result, developed a strong attachment to Israel and to Judaism.

These Ethiopians were found not to be eligible for aliyah under the Law of Return, which requires that one be born to at least one Jewish grandparent, but in view of their family ties to Israelis and their humanitarian plight – stuck in limbo between the lives they had left behind in Ethiopia and the lives they aspired to live in Israel – it was decided to bring them to Israel and grant them full rights as olim.

When months went by and the decision remained unimplemented, a petition began to circulate calling on the prime minister to make good on his government’s pledge (something the Israeli government has since begun to do). The petition, circulated by Dr. David Elcott, was a model example of the compassion and concern for the suffering of others that embodies the best of Jewish tradition. The distress and frustration of these Ethiopians and their sincere desire to join their relatives in the Jewish state are very real and deserving of our urgent attention.

But then things took an ugly turn. Some of the campaign’s advocates began insinuating that the campaign for the Ethiopians in question was a campaign against racism and that the racists were Israeli officials. These advocates compared their campaign to the civil rights movement against Jim Crow laws in the U.S. and to the Black Lives Matter movement. In particular, they targeted young American Jews with these messages – meeting with Birthright groups before their first trip to Israel and leading them to believe that the only difference between the Ethiopians in question and Russian olim (even those who are not Jewish according to halacha) was the color of their skin.

In order to create the false impression of racism, these advocates concealed the fact that this last group of Ethiopians, unlike the Ethiopians who made aliyah in the heroic operations of the 1990s, did not meet the criteria of the Law of Return. They stated that their campaign was necessary to prevent Israel from discriminating against people on the basis of their skin color. Many leaders they spoke to came to believe the delay in the implementation of the decision from 2015 was indeed informed by racism.

As is so often the case, an initiative launched to promote a just and worthy end was before long compromised by wrongful means. In this case, the end of hastening the government decision from 2015 is just and worthy. The means of wielding the accusation of racism to intimidate the state of Israel and American Jewish leadership is unforgivable.

I must confess a personal reason for finding this tactic so objectionable. As I told The Jewish Press in an interview earlier this year (“At The End of the Day, We Only Have Each Other,” June 24), in the 1960s my father came from Africa to Israel, making it his one and only home. He converted to Judaism and served in the army.

My African heritage is an important part of who I am and I have always been very proud of it. I have not often encountered racism, but when I have, it has made me angry beyond words.

Because I care a great deal about genuine manifestations of racism, I am revolted by the use of the language of the struggle for racial justice as a casual rhetorical flourish or as a PR foil.

As a Jew, I would bristle if I were to see someone using false accusations of anti-Semitism as a means to promote their end. It discredits and undermines our struggle against true appearances of that age-old hatred. Equally, as an African I am furious to see false insinuations of racism exploited in what could otherwise be a noble campaign for a deserving cause.

But there are two more important reasons why this move is so deplorable.

First, painting Israel as tarnished by racism alienates young American Jews who care strongly about racial justice. There are enough groups out there trying to drive a wedge between Jews in America and Jews in Israel without Jewish leaders acting to the same effect.

Second, this tactic plays right into the hands of those haters who regularly accuse Israel, and by extension all Jews who identify with Israel, of being racists.

The infamous UN resolution equating Zionism with racism has long been repealed, but that perverse calumny is still alive and well.

When a Jewish leader gives an interview to an international news agency and implicitly attributes systemic racial bias to the Jewish state, it can only be a matter of time before his words will be hurled back at Jewish students on campus, exhorting them to renounce any attachment to the Jewish state.

Playing this game may yield some results in the short term for the campaign, but its harm is tenfold and will come back to haunt us all.

Shimon Mercer-Wood

The Jay Shapiro Show – Antisemitism in New Form [audio]

Thursday, September 15th, 2016

Antisemitism is protean in that it takes many forms and grows like a bad weed in all kinds of soil. The latest manifestation is called “ethnic cleansing” which means that peace cannot come to the Middle East until Jews are prohibited from living in their ancestral homeland.

The Jay Shapiro Show 13Sept2016 – PODCAST

Israel News Talk Radio

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