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January 17, 2017 / 19 Tevet, 5777

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Despite Growing Cynicism, 81% Are Proud to Be Israeli

Monday, December 19th, 2016

The 2016 Israeli Democracy Index was presented to President Reuven Rivlin Monday, with its top findings that suggest a lack of trust in the government and its institutions. It shows that in 2016 trust in the President of Israel stands at 61.5% (versus 70% last year).

At the bottom of the list are political institutions. Public trust in the Knesset stands at 26.5% (versus 35% last year), trust in the government stands at 27% (versus 36% last year) and trust in political parties is down to less than 14% (versus 19% last year).

In addition, trust in several other institutions has started to drop: Trust in the police stands at 40% (versus 42.5% last year), trust in the Supreme Court stands at 56% (versus 62% last year), and trust in the media dropped significantly to only 24% (versus 35.5% last year).

The only institution that more closely maintained it standing was the Israel Defense Forces; public trust in the IDF by Jewish Israelis is at 90% (versus 93% last year) and at 82% by all Israelis. Only 32% of Israeli Arabs, however, trust the IDF.

But despite the lack of trust most Israelis feel for their politicians and institutions, most Israelis are proud citizens (86% of Jews and 55% of Arabs, respectively). As in the past, Israelis evaluate the general situation in Israel as positive. Some 36% of respondents assess Israel’s overall situation as “good” or “very good,” 40% say it is “so-so” and less than one-quarter (23%) view the overall situation as “bad” or “very bad.” In addition, the majority of Jews (78%) and Arabs (60.5%) categorize their personal situation as “good” or “very good.” Some two-thirds of Israelis are optimistic about Israel’s future. Most Jews (71%) agree that Israelis can always rely on each other in a time of need. The Arab public is divided on this question (42% agree and 44.5% disagree).

The IDI survey is based on 1,531 interviews that were conducted as follows: 891 constituting a representative sample of the Jewish and “other” public; 278 of the Haredi public; 362 interviews the Arab public (Muslims, Christians, and Druze). All interviewees in the survey were aged 18 and over.


Amona Residents Approve Government Deal

Sunday, December 18th, 2016

The residents of Amona have approved a deal worked out after an all-night session with a government negotiator, with 45 voting to approve the arrangement, 25 opposed and two abstentions.

According to the terms of the deal, 24 caravans will immediately be placed at the new location within the selected spot with the municipal boundaries of the existing hilltop community of Amona, instead of the 12 caravans originally suggested in the previous proposal.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was an active participant in the process, meeting throughout the night with representatives in order to reach the agreement.

Of the 42 Amona families involved in the process, 24 are to be relocated.

The absentee land being allocated for use by the residents is to be converted to state land using the Absentee Landlord Property Law, under the proposed arrangement.

Attorneys for the state are preparing a request to the Supreme Court for a 30-day extension as the government begins the process of re-zoning the land.

The government is to immediately begin the process of rezoning the land, while work commences on Lot 38.

The absentee land being allocated for use by the residents is to be converted to state land using the Absentee Landlord Property Law, under the proposed arrangement.

Numerous politicians and supporters of the settlement movement were quick to welcome the vote.

Ofir Sofer, secretary-general of the National Union faction of the Jewish Home party said, “We congratulate and support the residents of Amona, who will remain on this hilltop and will continue their pioneering spirit that is ensuring the future of the entire settlement movement. In their merit, the entire settlement enterprise, including thousands of homes around Judea and Samaria, will continue to flourish. Their strong stance in recent months to ensure that no Jewish community in Judea and Samaria will be demolished deserves our strongest praise.

“We congratulate you that even at this difficult moment, you made a courageous, difficult decision from healthy considerations for the people of Israel and the Land of Israel.”

MK Bezalel Smotrich added, “The people of Amona are people of hope. Over the past few Amona residents insisted on hanging on to hope that the entire settlement enterprise would be legalized and that they would be able to remain on this hill. Their just demand infected the entire government and led to the passing of the [first stages of] the Legalization Law… created a new reality on the ground.”

The leftist Hebrew-language Haaretz website reported Sunday (Dec. 18) that the government is also preparing to approve a NIS 130 million ($33.8 million) budget for evacuation of Amona, including the demolition of nine homes that are built on the portion of the community that has been defined as “privately-owned land.”

Hundreds of activists and supporters are beginning to leave Amona.

Tazpit Press Service (TPS) contributed content to this report.

Hana Levi Julian

Netanyahu Reminds Amona in Letter: Israel is a Nation That Lives by the Rule of Law

Saturday, December 17th, 2016

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged the residents of Amona and protesters who are gathering to stand with them in solidarity against eviction from their homes, to avoid violence, in an open letter posted Friday.

The prime minister also reminded the residents in the letter that he had ordered the government this past week to speed up demolition of illegal construction in the Arab sector. In addition, he urged parents not to allow their children and teens to be present at what promises at the very least to be a painful and chaotic protest.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu / screen capture

“Dear Residents of Amona,

“My heart is with you.

“We are living in a difficult time – for you, your families and for the entire people of Israel.

“The government is committed to the settlements of Judea and Samaria. We are more committed to this than any other government in the history of the State. As such, the minister’s of the government are making every possible effort – every effort – to find a solution that would allow the settlers to remain in place.

“We have dedicated days and nights to this – dozens of discussions – we have come up creative solutions, but sadly, these suggestions have not been accepted.

“One thing must be made clear. The State of Israel is a state that abides by the rule of law. The Court’s ruling binds us all, including those of us in the Israeli government.

“However, the law must also be equal. The same law that necessitates the evacuation of Amona also necessitates the evacuation of illegal building in other areas of our country.

“For this reason I ordered the demolition of illegal building in the Negev, Wadi Ara, the Galilee, the Central region – all over the country, which we will do in the coming days.

“I will not tolerate discrimination in the enforcement of building regulations between Israeli Jewish citizens and Israeli Arab citizens, between one person and the next.

“I will fight so that Israel will have one law for everyone, and one path to enforce it for everyone; something that has not been the case for several decades.

“I also turn to the beloved parents in Amona: Your protest is understandable, but it is no place for the presence of young boys and girls, nor for teenagers.

“I call on all leaders to show national responsibility during this time. The unity of Israel is one of our highest principles and it is the source of our strength. We are one people. We are brothers.”

Hana Levi Julian

Amona Residents Receive Full Relocation Outline, Will Vote

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

The residents of Amona, which is slated for demolition by court order Dec. 25, last night received the final outline regarding their future location, care of Habayit Hayehudi. The full text, twitted by Channel 2 News’ Ofer Hadad, is a “dream package” in his opinion. However, Hadad notes in a separate tweet, the outline reveals the state’s sense of uncertainty about its ability to carry out the promised relocation on the same mountain, facing potential hurdles from the Supreme Court. On the other hand, Hadad points out, the choice is between an eviction in a few days without any promises, and this statement of intent to help from the coalition government.

The outline, which the Amona residents are expected to sign in short order, possibly on Wednesday, acknowledges that the court order will be carried out either on Dc. 25, or a month later, if the court will agree to a one-month extension.

The state will immediately provide 11 mobile homes on the 1.5 acre absentee landlord’s area 38, to be assigned to Mateh Binyamin regional council for construction.

In addition, the state will provide some 40 mobile homes in lots near Amona, in the same manner as area 38. The lots in question are abandoned lots 28, 29, 30, and 54. These will be appropriated by the state.

Over the next two years, the government will examine the possibility of a long-term settlement in the appropriated areas. The state will meanwhile appeal to Jerusalem magistrate court to excise claimed land plots from the abandoned ones, to form a legally contiguous area for settlement that will nor be vulnerable to future claims.

Should court delays not allow for the above plans to swing into motion, the state will prepare temporary housing solutions for the evacuees in nearby Ofra, at the foot of the Amona mountain.


Netanyahu, Bennett, Mandelblit, Agree on Alternative, Bigger Land for Amona Evacuees

Monday, December 12th, 2016

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Habayit Hayehudi Chairman Naftali Bennett on Monday reached a deal on a new outline for dismantling the Amona community in keeping with the Supreme Court ruling, and concurrently offering the residents an alternative location on the same mountain, using impounded absentee landlord plots. According to Israeli media reports, the plan, approved by AG Avichai Mandelblit, will be presented to the residents Monday night and, should they accept it, the government would petition the court for an extension past the Dec. 25 eviction date, to facilitate a trouble-free evacuation.

“Following many efforts with the Prime Minister and the AG, we managed to forge a good absentee landlord outline and achieved our goal of keeping Amona on the same mountain,” Bennett told a meeting of the Habayit Hayehudi Knesset faction. According to Bennett, the new outline provides a much longer time horizon and on a larger territory that can include all the families with room to spare for future expansion.

“I believe we’ll received the consent of the Amona residents for the move to the new area on Amona Hill using peaceful means, and with that we’ll be able to approach the Supreme Court with a request for an extension.”

Bennett added that “uprooting any community is wrong and we feel the pain of the residents; but in the current conditions we succeeded in keeping the residents of Amona on the mountain as well as achieved the strategic Regulation Act last week.”

The new bill, which passed the Knesset vote in its preliminary reading, will compel Arab claimants against Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria to accept monetary or land compensation but not the already inhabited land.

Meanwhile, the security apparatus has been preparing for the evacuation of Amona on the due date. According to Honenu, the senior IDF Commander of the Central Command, Gen. Nitzan Alon, is planning to issue dozens of administrative detention orders against Jewish activists, to prevent them from reaching Amona to protest and prevent the evacuation, should the new deal fall through.

David Israel

Parole Board Defers Decision on Katzav’s Third Request for Early Release

Sunday, December 11th, 2016

The Israel Parole Board decided on Sunday that it would postpone its decision on whether to grant a request for early release by former President Moshe Katzav.

This is the third time Katzav has made such a request. He is serving a seven-year sentence for two counts of rape and several other charges of sexual assault after a unanimous decision by the Israel Supreme Court in 2011 to uphold a lower court conviction.

Despite the convictions, however, the former president has never acknowledged his guilt, nor has he ever expressed remorse for his actions.

The parole board has said it will make its decision on Katzav’s request by December 18th.

Hana Levi Julian

Manya Hillel – Resident of Amona

Sunday, December 11th, 2016

Ari Abramowitz interviews Manya Hillel – resident of Amona.

Video of the Day

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