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November 27, 2015 / 15 Kislev, 5776
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Lieberman: Let the Police Shoot like American Cops Shoot

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Former Foreign Minister Avigdor “Tough Guy” Lieberman came out Tuesday with a 4-step plan to combat the current wave of terror, including open-fire orders similar to those in the United States.

A large number of the Palestinian Authority and Jerusalem Arab terrorists who have attacked Jews the past two weeks have been shot dead by security forces, but several of them still are alive.

A recent Israeli television poll showed that Lieberman is most favored by the public to handle the security situation. People are unhappy with Netanyahu, which usually is the case no matter what.

They have even less of an appetite for Opposition leader Yitzchak Herzog, whose speeches recently have made him sound like a male version of Tzipi Livni. In other words, pathetic.

Lieberman, who heads the Yisrael Beiteinu party that was severally punished in the elections this past March, also suggested three other steps that the Security Cabinet should take:

— No terrorist should be left alive.

— Cancel citizenship of any Jerusalem Arab involved in terror; and

— Declare army rule in every place necessary to stop terror.

3 Killed in Twin Terror Attacks in Jerusalem

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

At least 17 people were wounded in twin terror attacks that took place within an hour in Jerusalem Tuesday morning.

Two Arab terrorists began shooting and stabbing passengers at about 10:30 am aboard Bus #78 as it traveled through the city’s Armon Hanatziv neighborhood in the first attack in the holy city on Tuesday.

Three people died in the two attacks, including two victims in the initial attack on the bus, according to MDA paramedics quoted by Galei Tzahal Army Radio.

All of the other victims are hospitalized in Shaare Zedek Medical Center, medics said. One is in critical condition; three are in very serious condition. The terrorists aboard the #78 bus were shot and killed by Border Guard Police officers.

Bus attacked by Arab terrorists in Armon Hanatziv.

Bus attacked by Arab terrorists in Armon Hanatziv.

Magen David Adom and United Hatzoloh emergency medical service response teams both raced to the scene.

In the second attack, an Arab terrorist used his vehicle to ram into a crowd on Rehov Malchei Israel, a location in a hareidi-religious neighborhood in the heart of the capital. After plowing into the crowd with his vehicle, the terrorist got out of the car and began stabbing those still standing.

One victim, 60-year-old Rabbi Yeshayahu Krishevsky, z’l, was killed immediately. He is to be laid to rest in Jerusalem on Tuesday afternoon after a funeral that is to begin at 2 pm the Pinsk Karlin Synagogue in the Beis Yisroel neighborhood, north of Meah Shearim.

Four other civilians were wounded, including two who are in critical condition, and two who are in serious condition.

The terrorist, a technician with the Bezeq telephone service company, was shot and killed by security forces.

According to district police commander “Chico” Edri, all of the terrorists who carried out the attacks in Jerusalem are residents of the eastern Jerusalem Arab neighborhood of Jabel Mukabar. “We will deal with this,” Edri told reporters at a briefing shortly after the attacks.

Arab Terrorists Attack Israeli Drivers in Upper Galilee

Monday, October 12th, 2015

Israeli motorists in northern Israel were targeted by Arab terrorists along Route 65 who threw stones at two private vehicles and a bus.

The vehicles were traveling in Lower Galilee near the community of Kfar Tabor.

Both cars were damaged in the attacks, but the passengers were not physically injured.

Arab terrorists also targeted motorists along Route 85 in the Upper Galilee, near the Druze town of Majdal Krum.

None of those traveling in the area were hurt by the stones thrown in that attack, according to local sources.

Update: Terrorist Killed After Stabbing Guard in Old City [video]

Monday, October 12th, 2015

A policeman killed an Arab terrorist who tried to murder a Border Police guard at the Lion’s gate in the Old City of Jerusalem shortly after 9 a.m. Monday.

The terrorist was approaching Border Police with his hand in his pocket. The guards told him to stop and show his hands, and the terrorist then stabbed one of the Border Policeman.

The guard’s protective vest saved him from injuries or death.

Police closed the Temple Mount following the attack.

The video below shows the same scenario that occurred on Saturday (not today). Around 00:25, officers are seen asking the terrorist for his identification card before he stabbed one of them and then was shot dead.

Terrorists Kill 86 in Biggest Attack in Turkey’s History [video]

Saturday, October 10th, 2015

A double bombing, apparently set off by suicide terrorists, killed at least 86 people and wounded nearly 200 others before a scheduled peace rally Saturday.

The death toll is expected to rise. The attack came less than three weeks before elections. No group has taken responsibility for the bombings.

A government spokesman said:

This terrorist activity is aimed at creating chaos, instigating certain street movements and the election environment.

The attack aims at creating trauma among the society. It is extremely planned and organized. It is virtually an attempt of massacre. It aims at shaping civil dynamics of Turkey. It aims at turning Turkey into an inward-oriented mood at a time when there are very important foreign policy developments taking place. This attack which took place in Ankara may take place at anywhere, there is need for a joint stance.

Turkey’s state-run Anadolu Agency reported that a suicide bomber may have set off the explosions.

Blasts occurred ahead of a planned protest peach march organized by labor unions and the pro-Kurdish HDP.

Similar but similar attacks occurred June 5, before general elections, and July 20, by Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists, but it is not known who was behind today’s bombings.

CNN national security analyst Peter Bergen reported:

When we’ve seen ISIS attacks, they have tended to be in the border region along the Turkish/Syrian border. This is of course in the capital, Ankara, in the middle of the country, so that’s something to think about.

And again, go back to the context of this rally. It was at a rally to protest the war by the Turkish state and Kurdish separatists.”

The ISIS has attracted thousands of Turks, who reportedly comprise up to one-third of the terrorist army.

IDF Foils Massive Terror Attack in Jewish Community near Hebron

Saturday, October 10th, 2015

Alert soldiers prevented a massive terrorist attack Friday night in the community of Neguhot, south of Hebron.

They spotted the terrorist after hearing a noise and sighting suspicious movement. After the soldiers identified the infiltrator, who was wearing a kefiyah, as a terrorist, they tried to arrest him.

The terrorists continued to approach the security force, and soldiers shot him in the lower parts of his body, causing light injuries.

They found a knife on him and later discovered a shotgun.

Neguhot is unusual in that it is located in the middle of “Area A,” which is under full control of the Palestinian Authority.

Southern Hebron Hills Regional Council chairman Yoachai Damri said that it was “miracle” that the theorists did not succeed in wounding and murdering residents.

Netanyahu Tries to Calm the Country but Plays Politics

Thursday, October 8th, 2015

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu calmed down the country two days ago, but more terror followed, so he tried again Thursday night with a speech and press conference that reminded everyone it’s politics as usual.

He issued a statement at a press conference, telling the nation what everyone knows:

This has been another difficult day for all of us, citizens of Israel. We are in the midst of a wave of terrorism. Terrorists that have been incited and who are driven with hate are trying to attack our people – babies, children, men and women, civilians and soldiers. Our hearts – the hearts of the entire nation – are with the families of the victims whose lives were cut short by reprehensible murderers.

He praised security forces and said what he said two days ago – that Israeli will overcome the latest escalation of terrorism that Prime Minister Netanyahu remanded everyone has been around since the re-birth of modern Zionism.

Prime Minister Netanyahu blamed Palestinian Authority and Hamas “mendacious incitement” and pointed out what we all know, that the Arab world spreads lies that it wants to restore the “status quo” on the Temple Mount while even Israeli Arab Knesset Members are insisting that Jews have nothing to-do with the holy site.

But at the press conference, Netanyahu said what he really has on his mind, and that is the totally irresponsible remarks yesterday by Opposition leader Yitzchak Herzog.

The leader of the old Labor party, now called the Zionist Camp following the merger with Tzipi Livni’s faction, yesterday went on another self-destructive rant and instead of making the Israeli center-left feel that “united we stand and divided we fall,” he babbled about a government led by him and his cohort Tzipi Livni would have tackled terror.

He called on Prime Minister Netanyahu to resign, a move that would drive the country into financial and political chaos and destroy morale.

Netanyahu grabbed the importunity tonight and said:

We need to join forces in the face of the wave [of violence]. But the decision on whether to enter the government is in the hands of the parties. I want a wider government and unity in the nation.”

Jerusalem is burning and Netanyahu and Herzog are fiddling.

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