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January 23, 2017 / 25 Tevet, 5777

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‘Truth Is Not A Political Position’: An Interview with ZOA National President Morton Klein

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

Morton Klein, national president of the Zionist Organization of America, took the helm of a declining organization in 1993 and blew new life into it with his robust championing of Israel.

In an interview with The Jewish Press, Klein shared his views and visions concerning the ZOA and Israel.


The Jewish Press: How did you get involved with the ZOA?

Morton Klein: Years ago, my wife, an ardent Zionist, complained that I wasn’t utilizing my talents enough as a bio-statistician to help our people. With Israel in trouble, she bothered me to do something and I began to worry about losing her respect. So I started to educate myself on the issues.

When my daughter came home one day with numerous anti-Israel lies in her history textbook, I launched a campaign demanding that the publishers rewrite it. Within six months they rewrote the textbook based on the corrections I sent them. Then a friend of mine showed me a Baedeker guidebook on Israel and Jerusalem filled with over a hundred lies. After writing a series of articles in the Jerusalem Post about it, I was invited and paid by the German publishers to rewrite the travel guides.

My activism steadily increased and I was approached in 1993 to run for president of the ZOA. I didn’t want to run, but I campaigned as if I did because I don’t know any other way to do things except with my whole heart and soul. I won by a handful of votes. Probably a big chunk of the speech I gave at the convention was in Yiddish. Most of the elderly audience wept when they heard a younger man speaking Yiddish in defense of Israel.

Your parents are Holocaust survivors. How has that impacted on your view of Israel and Jewish survival?

My father was an Auschwitz survivor and lost his entire family. My mother was in Siberia and lost half her family. After the war they met in a DP camp, where I was born. My parents’ experience was a big factor in my having a strong sense of fighting to protect Jews and the Jewish state. My father, a Satmar chassid with semicha from Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum, was also a Zionist. He thought there was nothing in the Torah that says we can’t have a state now. That fervent support of Israel was transmitted to me.

You are outspoken in an era of political correctness, especially among Jewish organizations. How has this hurt or helped you?

We speak the truth as we understand the truth. When people say we’re right wing, I fervently disagree. Truth is not a political position. We tell the truth – that the Arabs are not interested in peace, that statehood will not solve the problem, that Jerusalem is not holy to them, and that Jews have every right to live in Judea and Samaria.

We are really in the rational center but every other Jewish organization is to the left. They support a Palestinian state, which we firmly oppose because it will be a Hamas-Iran-Fatah terrorist regime devoted to destroying Israel. No other organization supports the right of Jews to live in Judea and Samaria and denounces the propaganda myth that Jerusalem is holy to Muslims. The positions of these mainstream groups allowed President Obama to feel much more comfortable allowing the recent vicious and anti-Semitic UN resolution to pass.

Israelis initiated the push for a two-state solution, the Oslo Accords, and the Gaza Disengagement. Aren’t they also culpable?

Yes, I blame the Israelis also. They supported a Palestinian state and have not built homes in Judea and Samaria in any serious way out of fear. In part, the Israeli government’s policy position of not stating definitively that we have more of a religious, historical, legal, and political right to be in Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem than do the Arabs allowed for this sort of resolution to pass. If they had taken a proud, strong, principled position, I believe the world and now Obama wouldn’t have been able to get away with what they’ve done.

Is it difficult to lobby American policy makers to support the ZOA’s positions when those positions conflict with the Israeli government’s positions?

There were difficulties because organizations like AIPAC, ADL, and AJC were telling people on Capitol Hill that Oslo and the Disengagement were wonderful, that they were uncomfortable about Jews living in Judea and Samaria, and comfortable with a state and with aid to the Palestinians. This made it hard for us to explain why all these positions are wrong.

The PA, starting with Arafat and continuing with Abbas, has violated every aspect of its agreements in Oslo – it didn’t outlaw terrorist groups as required, it didn’t stop promoting hatred and violence against Jews, it didn’t stop naming schools, streets, and sports teams after terrorists, and it didn’t stop giving pensions and salaries to the families of suicide bombers. When we explained this to politicians they were in shock and wanted to know why the other Jewish organizations didn’t tell them about it. I said if they tell you this it would make it difficult for them to promote a state or money for the Palestinians.

How has your success in foreseeing the failure of these policies affected the ZOA?

We now have a lot of major donors we never had before. Even my colleagues in the other organizations grudgingly recognize we’ve been right. But even today these organizations still support the so-called two state solution, do not support the right of Jews to live in Judea and Samaria, and refuse to propagate the truth that Jerusalem is not holy to Muslims. They seem to believe that once there is a state, things will be fine.

Do you think religion plays a role in the attitude of Jews toward Israel, with the unaffiliated and non-Orthodox feeling increasingly alienated from Judaism and thus from Israel?

That’s a very powerful, valid point. The polls show this. Around 20 percent of Reform Jews care in a sincere way about Israel, 40-45 percent of Conservative Jews do – but 90 percent of Orthodox Jews do. The closer Jews are to traditional Torah Judaism, the more they care about Israel. Plus, among Conservative and Reform Jews you have intermarriage rates of 50-80 percent, so their spouses tend not to be Jewish. Unless they marry an evangelical Christian, Israel is going to become less important to them. For many Jews, their Judaism is actually liberalism. They have no real attachment to Judaism and no attachment to Israel.

Is there merit in trying to persuade these non-Orthodox Jews or do you write them off?

Absolutely not. I give more speeches in Reform and Conservative synagogues than in Orthodox shuls. And after laying out the facts, I get standing ovations. They don’t know the facts. Their rabbis either don’t know or don’t preach them because they’re afraid they’ll be condemned for being “against peace.” And the Jewish newspapers, with the exception of The Jewish Press, rarely talk about the facts.

When I speak in these synagogues, especially when I talk about the propaganda lie of Jerusalem, the rabbis there say we have no right to tell Muslims what’s holy to them. I say that if there’s no basis in proclaiming that Jerusalem is holy to them, they have no right to say it. We need to publicly proclaim that Jerusalem has been the capital only of the Jewish state and no other state. When Jordan controlled eastern Jerusalem between 1948 and 1967, the Jordanians let it become a slum that no Arab leader other than King Hussein visited. The name “Jerusalem” doesn’t even appear once in the Koran.

What is the ZOA’s position on moving the American embassy to Jerusalem?

Move it immediately. Legislation was passed by Congress in 1995 with 95 percent of House and Senate members voting to move it. Clinton, Bush, and Obama evoked a waiver because of security, but Arabs have been terrorizing Jews since Oslo began. By not moving it you show that you are afraid of their threats of terrorism and their threats that they won’t negotiate peace. Well, they won’t negotiate peace anyway.

Trump and the Jewish community should stand up like giants and tell the truth that Jerusalem is not holy to Muslims. Israel is the only country in the world where the American embassy is not in that country’s capital. Temporarily there might be an outbreak of violence [if the embassy is moved] and Israel should crush it. But I believe such a move will actually increase the likelihood of peace because the Arabs would realize the jig is up. They will know they’ll get nothing unless they finally recognize Israel as a Jewish state and end the Arab-Islamic war against Israel.

The ZOA has been in the forefront of fighting BDS and campus anti-Semitism. Can you describe what is being done?

We are very worried that the anti-Semitic and anti-Israel activities of BDS will increase dramatically. To this end we have a dozen full time campus professionals, in addition to the ZOA’s Center for Law and Justice, headed by Susan Tuchman. She got Title Six of the Civil Rights Act to apply to Jews on campus, which empowers them in the fight against campus discrimination and anti-Semitism.

We also bring 120 kids to Israel every year and we’re the only Jewish organization that brings college and high school kids past the ‘67 line to Chevron, Ariel, and Efrat. These kids frequently say that this is the most exciting part of the trip. They realize these are real cities with wonderful people, and not the crazy religious fanatics they imagined them to be.

Do you think BDS will get worse as a result of the UN resolution?

Yes. This legitimizes BDS. Now they can proclaim that Israel is violating international law under the UN. And Jewish organizations that support boycotting Judea, Samaria, and East Jerusalem are really boycotting Israel itself, because large numbers of companies in Israel proper sell to Jews in those areas and have offices there.

These frightened, appeasement-minded Jews care more about Islamophobia than they care about Jews. Many of them are ready to do anything in the belief that major concessions will stop the Arab-Islamic hatred of Jews because the holy land of Israel is not that important to them. I care about Israel because I believe in the Torah. I believe that God gave this holy land to the Jews. End of story.

Sara Lehmann

Soul Talk – Living & Loving Our Faith In The Midst Of Doubt [audio]

Monday, January 9th, 2017

Even as a religiously observant, G-d believing individual, there are times that I struggle with my faith. How can I maintain my commitment to G-d amidst these struggles? What should I do with questions that threaten to undermine my faith? What does it really mean to have faith in G-d?

Join Rabbi David Aaron and Leora Mandel as we delve into the nuances of faith and doubt and strengthen your own understanding of these fundamental principles.

We welcome your questions and comments: soultalk@israelnewstalkradio.com

Soul Talk 08Jan2017 – PODCAST

Israel News Talk Radio

A Soldier’s Mother: The Fundamental Truth About Israel’s Soldiers

Friday, January 6th, 2017

On the worst days, comes the need to remember the greatest blessings. That is my thought as this difficult day fades away and we look to tomorrow.

I’m angry, I’m sad. I can’t believe the idiocy of punishing a soldier for shooting a terrorist and I’m terrified of the time I know is coming – when a soldier will hesitate and, God forbid, pay the ultimate price. The “victim” in this incident was no victim. He was a confirmed terrorist who had just stabbed a soldier.

And as Israel stood braced and waiting for the verdict, the media and the police were made to look like fools. As the morning dragged on and elements of the verdict were announced, the nation of Israel, once again, stood in unity. As we do for all times we are hit, though usually the strikes come from our enemies, not from our own judges.

Reporters stood outside the building where the verdict predicting that violence would rage…not even close. Some of the commentators even said, “they’re just singing and dancing.”

The police tore down a sign that they said promoted incitement. The sign said, “We love you, Elor”. What incitement? What violence? More importantly, why? Why would you want to stop our sons from defending themselves? Why do you value a terrorist’s life over the danger of a soldier’s death?

Yesterday, the Chief of Staff said this young man was not a boy, but a soldier and he was not “everyone’s son.” By and large, Israel rejected that notion, which speaks more about how little Gadi Eisenkot knows about Israel, than about the feelings of our nation.

What Eisenkot and the reporters missed is that one of the reasons that the army is so strong is because of the motivation of our soldiers and the loyalty and dedication of the commanders. A soldier must have absolute faith in his commanding officer – and today, that faith was shaken. Our soldiers don’t have the luxuty of fighting in some war thousands of miles from where they live. In every sense of the word, they are defending their families, their homes.

On the day Elie was called to leave his wife and mobilize with his unit to fight in Operation Pillar of Defense, as he was quickly packing his things, our city was attacked. Sirens wailed as we rushed to the bomb shelter and a few days later, it happened again and we heard the explosion of the Iron Dome knocking a missile out of the sky.

It was my son, Elie, that day and on many other days who stood on Israel’s border. Then it was Shmulik. And now it is my son, David, every day and for the next year. And even after David returns to civilian life, to be called up occasionally, like his brothers, even then, it will be my sons (and daughers) on the borders of Israel. All of them. Every one of them, mine. That is the foundation upon which this country is built. The collective soul of our people, our land.

Anyone who does not feel this intense connection with our soldiers is, to my mind, missing the essence of what it is to be an Israeli. Elor Azarya is a soldier of Israel. Ten months ago, we sent him into battle. His friend was stabbed in that battle. And he raised his gun and shot a terrorist in that battle. It wasn’t murder. It wasn’t even manslaughter. Slaughter is what the Arabs did when they went into a synagogue in Har Nof and cut men down as they prayed. Slaughter is what the Arabs did when they opened fire on children in Maalot. Slaugther is what Arabs did in Itamar when they butchered five members of the Fogel family, in Jerusalem when they blew up the Sbarro pizzeria

I won’t rehash why I think the accusations against Elor Azarya were unfounded, the trial speedy and unfair. I won’t repeat the slanted publicity and the vicious ways he and his family were treated. I also won’t readily forget how quickly some judged him and how those same people condemn others for being judgmental.

Despite the accusation that Azarya is a murderer, that charge never made it through even the first round of accusations. Quickly, the lawyers were informed that the courts would not accept such an indictment and so it was never made. Azarya did not murder the Palestinian terrorist. At best, the judges warned, an accusation of manslaughter would be entertained by the courts. Even that was wrong.

There will be an appeal; hopefully one that will balance the evidence with the action. And hopefully those who are responsible for setting the stage for Azarya’s actions will be held accountable.

There will perhaps, come a time when the so-called journalists are held accountable. After all, I firmly believe that the media in the United States and around the world had a strong role in handing Donald Trump the presidency. I think America was fed up with listening to the media tell them what they think and I can only hope the same feeling is coming to Israel.

Today certainly, Israelis were, for the most part, wondering why the police sent 300 security forces and a helicopter to guard against 200 non-violent protesters; why a sign that said “We love you, Elor” was considered incitement and why that idiot blonde reporter kept shivering and speaking about how at any moment violence was going to break out.

Maybe it’s a day for blondes (no offense, really I know some very smart blondes…some of my best friends are blonde) but by far, the stupidest post I saw today was the one by a “noted” blogger/journalist, well know for her radical left-wing posts.


“He is not my son,” she posted. Sadly, that statement says more about her than it does about Azarya. It says that while she may call herself an Israeli, she really has no clue what it means to be Israeli. Sure, she has a son who is like…7 or 8 years old…and the army is a distant and far off thing, if she even remains in Israel…and IF he even enters the army…

If all those things happen, though I doubt that they will, she will learn that even on the worst days in Israel, our greatest strength is that our soldiers ARE our sons. IF her son ever becomes a soldier, he will become part of one of the most loved armies in the world. No, not by the world, but by the people who he will promise to defend…if.

If she will choose to deny her son the love of a nation, that makes her a fool. If she would deny that our sons are hers, that just makes her pathetic.

On the worst of day, our greatest blessing is our children and our greatest truth and that which separates us from our enemies, is the collective soul of the Jewish people.

They are all our sons and daughters – when they are little and they fall in the playground and a dozen mothers rush to pick up the child, when they stand at their first army ceremony and promise to serve in honor, and even when they are called to raise a gun against our enemies. They ARE our sons. Azarya is ours.

Paula Stern

The Truth is a Minority Opinion

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

{Originally posted to the author’s website, Abu Yehuda}

This morning I got an email from an American correspondent asking what are the arguments for the legitimacy of Israeli communities (not ‘settlements’) across the Green Line, including all of Jerusalem. When I responded, I realized that although I have written about this before, it needs to be repeated – and repeated, because in this case the truth is a minority opinion. So here is a slightly more complete version of my answer:

The Jewish people have a legal, historical and moral right to live anywhere in the land between the Jordan and the Mediterranean; and the only sovereign power in this region is Israel, the state of the Jewish people. Here is why:

From a legal point of view, the land was originally a part of the Ottoman Empire, which ceased to exist at the end of WWI. “Palestine” was set aside for the Jewish people by the Palestine Mandate, which was supposed to be administered for their benefit by Britain, which then tried to subvert it for its own interests. It’s clear that while the intent of the Mandate was that all residents would have civil rights, rights to a “national home” were reserved for the Jewish people, who were also explicitly granted the right of “close settlement on the land”. This was affirmed for all the land from the river to the sea by the representatives of the international community in 1923.

The partition resolution of November 1947 (UNGA 181) was non-binding – a recommendation for a permanent settlement after the end of the Mandate. But it was never implemented. In 1948, the Arabs rejected the UN’s partition resolution and invaded the territory of the former Mandate, blatantly violating  the UN Charter in an attempt to acquire the territory for themselves. The 1949 ceasefire agreement that ended hostilities was not a peace agreement, and both sides insisted that that the ceasefire lines were not political boundaries. Their only significance was to mark the locations of the armies when the shooting stopped.

The 19-year Jordanian annexation of the territory it controlled that followed was illegal, only recognized by Britain (and maybe Pakistan). This occupation did not change the status of the land in any way.

The state of Israel was declared in 1948 and recognized by numerous other states. But what were its borders? Certainly not the armistice lines and not the recommendations of the partition resolution. However, legal scholars Eugene Kontorovich and Avi Bell recently provided a clear answer:

Israel’s borders and territorial scope are a source of seemingly endless debate. Remarkably, despite the intensity of the debates, little attention has been paid to relevance of the doctrine of uti possidetis juris to resolving legal aspects of the border dispute. Uti possidetis juris is widely acknowledged as the doctrine of customary international law that is central to determining territorial sovereignty in the era of decolonization. The doctrine provides that emerging states presumptively inherit their pre-independence administrative boundaries.

Applied to the case of Israel, uti possidetis juris would dictate that Israel inherit the boundaries of the Mandate of Palestine as they existed in May, 1948. The doctrine would thus support Israeli claims to any or all of the currently hotly disputed areas of Jerusalem (including East Jerusalem), the West Bank, and even potentially the Gaza Strip (though not the Golan Heights)

Israel’s practical acquisition of sovereignty over all the land in 1967 is thus entirely legitimate. And since Israel did not occupy land belonging to any other sovereign power, it is incorrect to refer to Judea and Samaria as “occupied territory.” Naftali Bennett’s statement that “you can’t occupy your own land” is precisely correct.

Article 49 of the 4th Geneva convention, the usual justification for saying that settlements are illegal only applies to occupied territory, which Judea and Samaria are not. But even if they were occupied territory, the intent of article 49 was to prevent forcible transfer of a population the way the Nazis sent German Jews to occupied Poland, not people moving of their own free will.

From a historical point of view, the Palestinians claim that they lived here for generations and European Jews came and displaced them. But in fact all but a few ‘Palestinians’ are descended from Arabs who migrated to the area for economic reasons after the advent of Zionism, and even fewer arrived before the invasion by Muhammad Ali in the 1830s. The Jewish connection to the land doesn’t need further explication. Judea and Samaria, in fact, represent the biblical heartland of the Jewish people, where its history took place and where its holy places are located. If there is any part of the land of Israel that should belong to the Jewish people, it is Judea (including Jerusalem) and Samaria.

From a moral point of view, the Palestinians have had criminal leaders that have relied on war and  terrorism to achieve their goals. Haj Amin al-Husseini started several pogroms in pre-state Palestine, and then collaborated with Hitler in his attempt to bring the Holocaust to the Middle East. Yasser Arafat and the PLO popularized airline (and other) hijacking to blackmail nations into supporting his goals, and was responsible for at least one major regional war (Lebanon 1982) and countless massacres and terror attacks against Israel and other nations. Hamas explicitly calls for genocide against Jews and is guilty of numerous war crimes. Palestinians have refused territorial compromises when offered and have started several wars against Israel (1947, second intifada, Hamas wars). Why should they be allowed to benefit from these actions?

Jerusalem. One interesting additional issue is the insistence of the US State Department that no part of Jerusalem, eastern or western, belongs to Israel. The 1947 partition resolution called for Jerusalem to be under international control. But as I noted, the resolution was only advisory and was never implemented. The Mandate did not give any special status to Jerusalem. The State Department’s insistence on this point is inconsistent, given that it appears to agree that Acco and Nazareth, which were to be parts of the Arab state proposed in 1947, are currently parts of Israel. It is also indefensible. And the deliberate vehemence with which the Obama Administration has pressed this view is irrational, insulting and clearly anti-Zionist.

I hope the information in this post will be helpful to my correspondent, and to others as well. I’ll add that nothing would make me happier than to hear the Government of Israel make an unambiguous declaration of sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, as is our legal, historical and moral right.

Vic Rosenthal

Blurring The Truth

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016
On Shabbat, when I read Laura Ben-David’s article about the Arab-Jewish photography course she had taken recently, It Takes Two Villages, it reminded me of my experiences in the almost six years I had worked with Arabs in Yafiz-Rami Levy, Sha’ar Binyamin,  “Don’t Take My Picture! THEY’ll Kill Me.”

In the simplistic Leftist mindset, we are all the same, and we just need to get to know each other for peace to happen.

Some Leftist group thought up a plan to teach photography to the women of Gush Etzion, south of Jerusalem, Jews and Arabs. Ben-David decided to participate and describes her experience in an article that appeared in the Jerusalem Post.

I don’t know what skills she learned, but the political lesson was identical to what the Arab worker had told me a few years ago. If she, or anyone else, publicizes photos of the Arabs, there will be big trouble for the Arab women who had participated.

Ben-David learned what is pretty obvious to many of us:

I was starting to get really excited about my upcoming article. I figured I wouldn’t have to write much at all, as the photos would say all that was needed. I mentioned this to one of the Arab women who looked at me like I was insane.
What she said next devastated me: I had no permission to publish any of my photos of those women at all.
I was dumbfounded. Why take all of these photos if I was going to do nothing but bury them in a folder on my computer? What were we expected to do with these photos if not use them in the way I had planned? Then I thought beyond my personal disappointment: What in the world was the point of the class if we could not share the experience with our people? All of our people. My people would, at most, look at me with disdain. But many would see the possibilities.
And it might make people think… What about the Arab women? Couldn’t they see this? Why would they want to waste such an amazing opportunity? I pushed the issue and what I discovered was most tragic of all: they were genuinely afraid – some even for their very lives – should anyone in their communities find out.
It was ironic: the Jews were afraid to attend the course for fear of getting hurt there; the Arabs were afraid to attend the course for fear of getting hurt at home.

Arab society is patriarchal and violent. Good intentions and tolerance are seen as weaknesses. There will not be a grass-roots peace movement to change their society. Not only do the Arabs who work with Jews in business like Rami Levy always have to look over their backs to make sure their neighbors aren’t going to attack, but even Arab customers can suffer repercussions. And this only gets worse when Israeli government officials talk “peace” and “Palestinian State,” because if they are totally under Arab rule, the violence against the more peaceful and tolerant in Arab society, villages, cities and clans will only increase.

There can only be true peace under full Israeli rule and sovereignty. 

Batya Medad

The Emperor’s Clothes and Stating the Truth

Monday, September 19th, 2016

Everybody knows about the little boy who cried out in the middle of the emperor’s parade: “But he has no clothes on!” But few know what happened afterwards, after you close the book, kiss your kids good-night and close the light. So let me tell you the rest.

First the imperial police arrested the boy, his parents, siblings and pet beagle. The family was exiled from the capital, not before the boy broke under intensive interrogation, admitting that he had cried out. When asked why he did so he simply replied: “The emperor had visited my school on my first day of first grade. He said we must always strive to know the truth and tell the truth, no matter how hard that may be.” The interrogator looked askance at the boy and snorted: “It’s not the same! You shouldn’t have said what you said; it
“Why did you say that?” the psychologist inquired.
“Because it was true, he wasn’t wearing any-”
“Hush!” shouted the psychologist.
“But we were taught truth isn’t bashful” the boy pleaded.
“It’s not the same!” yelled the learned analyst. “What you said is injurious!”

The spokesman for the imperial state department immediately held a press conference declaring: “The boy obviously took the emperor’s words out of context. It’s not the same! The boy shouldn’t have said that, it was harmful.”
“But hasn’t the imperial policy always been that the truth will set you free?” asked an intrepid reporter, whose name was written down immediately by an intelligence officer, for future referencing. The officer muttered to himself: “It ain’t gonna set’em free this time, it just ain’t the same.”

Sound familiar? Well, it should, not because there is such an epilogue to Andersen’s wonderful story, but because it happened this last week. The Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu made a two minute video about the outrageous and immoral demand repeatedly made by the Palestinian-Arab leadership, the demand for the “removal” of all Jews from Judea and Samaria and even from Jerusalem. Of course in English they won’t say: “Jews”; they’ll say “Israelis” or “settlers”, but it means the same, and in Arabic they say that clearly. The Prime Minister clearly pointed out that this demand for a Jew-free, ‘Judenrein’ area is called ethnic cleansing and is a crime against morality and humanity.

The reaction? “It’s not the same.”

When terrorism hits the US or Europe and Israelis point out that we have been suffering terrorism for years and yet we persevere in our vibrant way of life – we are told: “It’s not the same. We in Europe and the US suffer from terrorists, you have militants.”

The European Court of Human Rights decided there’s no Greek ‘right of return’ to northern Cyprus, because it would be wrong to force a state to expel men, women, and children from property they now hold, in order to make way for other people. But when Israel expects the same for Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria built communities on abandoned land, not at the expense of others, – the world says: “It’s not the same.”

When it’s “not the same” for Jews through application of a double standard, that’s anti-Semitism.

Netanyahu only stated the obvious. The Jewish people, indigenous to this special, holy land, were scattered during a long, cruel exile, but never lost their vitality, self-esteem, and way of life or the longing to return home. We started coming home over 200 years ago, in a process that rejuvenated our language, our land, our sovereignty, bringing a blessing to all the inhabitants of this land willing to live in peace. This national restoration, in all its justice, morality and truth, opens the door to full expression of the many talents of the Jewish nation, for the benefit of the entire world.

The Jewish state in our ancient-rejuvenated Jewish homeland comprises about 1% of the Middle East, in the midst of over twenty Arabic-Muslim states. The idea of expelling the Jews once again from the heartland of our homeland – ethnically cleansing the land – should be repugnant to every good, moral person throughout the world.

Dovid Ben-Meir

The Truth Behind The Video Hillary Claimed Caused The Benghazi Attack

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

{Originally posted to the authors blogsite, The Lid}

It’s been proven many times over that the YouTube video about the life of Mohammed had absolutely nothing to do with the Benghazi attack that killed four American heroes. It has also been proven that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama knew from the start the story they were telling America about the video was a lie. But the true story of the video that went viral thanks to Clinton and Obama has never been told until now.

That was the jumping off point for my discussion with Kenneth Timmerman on the the Lid Radio show on Wednesday (embedded below). An investigative reporter, war correspondent, and author, Kenneth Timmerman’s reporting has revealed untold narratives about recent major international events including the Benghazi terror attack, Iran’s weapons program, 9/11, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the persecution of Christians in Iraq (just to mention a very few).

Kenneth’s latest book, “Deception: The Making of the YouTube Video Hillary and Obama Blamed for Benghazi,” tells the the story of the big lie–that infamous YouTube video Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama claimed sparked the Benghazi attacks. Told from the perspective of Cindy Lee Garcia the actress who thought she filmed an adventure movie called “The Desert Warrior,” but woke up the day after the Benghazi attack to find that her lines were dubbed over and the movie was turned into what was called an anti-Muslim flick.

Through no fault of her own (and thanks to the propaganda of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama) we see Cindy become one of the most hated people in the U.S., and the Muslim world. While telling Cindy’s story Timmerman also lays out for reader how the Clinton/Obama state department set the video up to become viral (it had about 400 views before they began to blame it for Benghazi) and become the cause of America’s ills in the Muslim world with lies, misdirection, and help from hate-mongers Sidney Blumenthal and his anti-Semitic son Max, both of whom will have roles in a Clinton White House should Hillary win the election.

I promise you will find this interview with Ken Timmerman embedded both informative and entertaining.

By the way you can follow Ken Timmerman at his website, KenTimmerman.com on twitter @KenTimmerman and his Facebook page and make sure to click here “Deception: The Making of the YouTube Video Hillary and Obama Blamed for Benghazi” and buy the book, you will not be sorry.

Jeff Dunetz

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