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Muslim women

It would be much more convenient for the left-wing fringe if Israel bordered Pakistan and Afghanistan as well, so they could blame Jews for the entire reprehensible ritual.



Jump in 2014 Honor Killings and Palestinian Law Article 340:

Jodi Rudoren NY Times 2012 article on Honor Killings:

CNN coverage of honor killings back in 2009:


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  1. Why the people do not care about others anymore? Where are the Media in the world? They are there if they want to support the Antisemitism /Racism!!!! / But they are quiet by killing innocent women.

  2. It would be interesting to compare on a "proportionate level" the number of young girls/women killed in the USA on an annual basis. Sure, it may not be called HONOR KILLING, but….

  3. Theirs is a barbaric system. They deny education, freedom, and basic rights to over half of their citizens. Where is the honor in any of it? What good can come out of it?

    To speak of "honor killings" is an oxymoron in itself, for the very contemplation of the act dishonors both the perpetrator and the victim.

    The Islamic system is ultimately doomed, as it is based upon taking, and exclusive male gratification, to the detriment of all females plus those others whom they come against. It is a socially and culturally immature system, which of course will never grow into spiritual adulthood.

    Their end is fully predictable.

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