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Anti-Democracy protesters in Tel Aviv. July 29, 2023

I saw that face the other day on a routine visit for a medical procedure at Assuta Hospital in Tel Aviv when I tried entering a crowded elevator, but with room for at least 2 more.

An ugly mouthed woman in the back shouted, “You can’t come in”. The tone of her voice said it all. You are a Dati.


Outside, waiting as well, was a tall, husky built man who suddenly closed his arms in defiance and looked at me menacingly as he blocked the elevator door until it closed.

I stood still and waited for another elevator to come but at the same time, all the demonstrations against the government came down to one. The man in front of me hated me because I have a beard and a kipah (albeit a “tzioni”) on my head.

The Tannaim, at the end of Sota, were describing the phenomena of our generation as if they were standing in front of us instead of one “biryon”. Rashi commented, “there will be no shame”. I chuckled.

That’s an understatement, to say the least, evidenced by today’s hatred dancing in the streets as a preview of things to come, as Israel moves forward not only in its program of judicial reform, but in future settlements, support of Torah, and even changes in the present liberal policies. The government is now even taking aim at the billions of shekel being channeled to our enemies through government grants and other mechanisms in order to “keep the peace.”

I charge that those demonstrating against the Netanyahu government, in effect are scared of his coalition, not Netanyahu himself. What if indeed Torah does become the new way of life, and modesty and family purity are the rule? What if indeed the Haredi does enter the army and into the workforce, for the benefit of all of Israel’s population. And what if, just what if, by their “becoming involved” in Israel’s physical enterprise, along the way, they might indeed change the whole attitude of many “chilonim” who now spit at them and put them down in every way, calling them “parasites”?

They see Torah growing in Israel and cannot stand its brightness. Those who refused to let Torah out of the “status quo” box conveniently contrived at the establishment of the State, now see changes taking places throughout the country, as Israel’s youth, its future electoral base, moves closer and closer to the truth of Torah and away from the lies that socialism and democracy offered them until now.

True Torah children are generally good and decent, moral, and hard working, with love of Torah, God and country. For the most part, these children are brought up to a living Torah, indeed the Tree of Life for those who cling to it, not a decadent Hungarian and Polish reincarnation in Eretz Yisrael

For the sake of clarity, those practicing Jews one might find in the “Three Bees” – Bnei Brak, Betar and Bet Shemesh, are not the “Jewish people” that the Left in Israel is afraid of. They pretty much keep to themselves wrapped in their Spodiks and Shtreimels and except for educational monies they extract from the government; they have become a symbol of “shnorrers” who ostensibly do not gainfully contribute to the society as a whole in Israel today.

On the positive side, ironically, the Gemara Nedarim 81a tells us הזהרו בבני עניים שמהן תצא תורה, – be heedful (not to neglect] the children of the poor, for from them shall Torah go forth. And the probability is that from this group shall spring forth the future Sanhedrin for all klall Yisrael. Do not put them down.

But unlike those yeshiva bachurim among the Three Bees, most Torah children seek a broader education along with their Hebrew studies, and are the ones who seek every possible charity and social improvements to participate in. Torah children indeed are the ones who find favor if God’s eyes as well as man. They are our hope. They are our future. Building a strong neshama in a strong body in Tzion.

Israel’s prophetic future belongs to Kedushat Yisrael through Am Yisrael and a Torah guaranteed life of peace and security. Even the nations of the world understand this. And after God’s judgment for their part in oppressing Yisrael over the years will have been completed, those who remain will come to Sukkot every year as in the past and will once again enjoy His bountiful blessings reserved for those who return to Him.

Wake up ! Wake up you antagonists against the only mental reality there is in the world. Torat Moshe! Look around. See the world’s values disintegrating and its wake crime, passion, and despair have taken over. Take hold of the happiness you see in the goodness of Eretz Yisrael and in the happiness of future generations with all the good described for those who wait for Redemption.

Pharoah told his advisers פן ירבה, as he was afraid that perhaps the Jews would multiply and leave the land. To which God answered, כן ירבה, so shall it be. Today’s anti-Torah citizens are living another פן ירבה. They say what will happen if Torah people continue taking over? What will happen to us democratic and liberal society they developed over the last 75 years?

The answer may come down to that the antagonists will probably leave Israel for a more “comfortable” life style”, while the seekers of truth will begin to understand that a life of Torah is a blessing and not a burden.

The Prophet Amos 8:11 says: א הִנֵּה | יָמִים בָּאִים נְאֻם ה’ אלוקים וְהִשְׁלַחְתִּי רָעָב בָּאָרֶץ לֹא-רָעָב לַלֶּחֶם וְלֹא-צָמָא לַמַּיִם כִּי אִם-לִשְׁמֹעַ אֵת דִּבְרֵי ה’: – Behold, the days come, says God, when I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of Torah.

And Torah people ae confident that indeed this is the destiny for all of Israel. Torah (not religion) is the only hope for man and mankind, in Israel and throughout the world. And Torah is not an “ism” with which must politically share the “religious” stage with any other and will continue to grow until the ingathering is complete and Israel moves onto its prophecy.

While some frantic masses in Israel today worry what will happen “if there is a halachic state? I challenge, where will you be when there IS an halachic state of Torah?? Are you going to be an “insider” or an “outsider”? It’s time to understand that Israel was not created for the socialist and hedonists of our generation. It is the vehicle for all mankind to rise to its highest state of being – in Israel and throughout the world.

The Great Gaon Reb Aharon Chaim Zimmerman zt’l, in his introduction to Torah and Reason, Hed Publishers, 1974, wrote:

“Torah and Reason has been written for two different classes, for the insider and for the outsider. The aim of this book in relation to the insider is to secure for his mind, and prove for him the rational system of Torah and Halacha in the most rigorous and reasonable way. It is to indicate clearly the wisdom of Torah and the laws of Halacha as a system that could be expressed in logical equations. No contradiction is to be found in its own system, nor in relation to the natural world that is expressed in scientific method and knowledge The totality of Torah is a complete, perfect system without any gaps. For the Torah man, the truths that are here explained are unassailable and definitive. For the outsider whose understanding is not filled with preconceived ideas, whose mind is not closed by dogmatism, who is openly and freely seeking the truth, this book provides a new system of thinking about Torah and is a genuine test of his search. Let him examine his thinking to see if he could discover a rational picture of the totality of existence other than the Torah and its Law of Perfection.”

Come on in! Become an insider!

The Torah is fine.

It’s “religion” that ‘s killing you.

Like Coca Cola, it’s the “real” thing”.

And you’ll never find out until you try in on for size. Find a reach-out Torah group you can be comfortable with. There are many! You will be amazed how happy you too can be, living a Torah life as you join all klall Yisrael in setting the groundwork for the future Malchut Bet David! It’s happening every day and in front of our eyes. Learn all about it and become part of that glorious future promised all those who follow the ways of the Torah.

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