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Latma's Palestinian Minister of Uncontrollable Rage

The Arabs in Israel have called for a day of rage today, to protest the deaths of their terrorists who were killed yesterday after attacking Jews, including a 13-year-old Jewish boy riding a bicycle in Pisgat Ze’ev and because we are supposedly destroying Al-Aqsa.

That’s admittedly a strange concept for normal people to understand – after all, these Arab terrorists declared they wanted to be Shahidim (martyrs), they post on Facebook that they want to die for Allah. Yet their fellow Arabs work themselves into a rage when we send them to Allah after/before/during their attacks.


It was pointed out to me yesterday, that instead of running away when chased and trying to escape, the two Pisgat Ze’ev terrorists decided it was more important to stop and stab the 13-year-old Jewish boy. He said their sense of self-preservation is overridden by their desire to kill and destroy.

MK and Arab Minister of Rage Ahmed Tibi also made an important point at the Knesset yesterday. He said, “We [the Arabs] are landlords here, anyone who doesn’t like it — should leave.”

While the statement is patently false, it shows something very basic about Arab culture that needs to be acknowledged.

Almost a hundred years ago, Sir Claude Jarvis, British Governor of Sinai from 1923, said, “Arabs are not the sons of the desert, but its father.”

What Jarvis meant is that Arab don’t just live in the empty, uncultivated and dangerous desert, they bring their desert culture with them wherever they go and destroy everything around them. Europe has begun learning that lesson.

Years ago, during the first Intifada, a beautiful and rare stalactite cave was uncovered near the Jewish town of Karnei Shomron and the Arab village of Kfar Laqf.

The Arabs from Kfar Laqf needed to prove it was theirs. So they went in one night and destroyed the entire cave.

This isn’t an aberration.

Culturally, Jews believe one proves ownership and sovereignty by building and developing.

Culturally, Arabs believe one proves ownership and domination by destroying and killing.

I know the politically sensitive have trouble accepting there exists cultural differences like that, but we see it with the destruction and violence on the Temple Mount, with ISIS, and everywhere else.

For Jews, there is no greater proof that the Land of Israel is ours, than that we turned this previously barren and empty land green and built an entire country.

But for Ahmed Tibi, there is no greater proof that the Land of Israel belongs to the Arabs, than watching his fellow Arabs freely murdering and trying to destroy this country and the Jewish people.

It’s not for nothing that Jarvis noted that the Arabs are the father of the desert.


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  1. If Israel tries to confine the arabs, then they are making racium.
    Yet, if they are left to be free, they ONLY are either killing, maiming, destroying Israel? Then they think that they are downtrodden?
    Kick them all out, but we di not want the world to say that Israel is wrong, as usual!! I wish there were a better answer. I pray for their people every Shabbat!!

  2. It's simple and utterly problematic. The claim that they have the same G-d is impossible because Mo's god loved death for him and that was the highest honor- Jihad. Yet, Jihad was and is necessary because 'unbelievers' prevent Al's ascension over all others. Since all others prevent that rule, that submission, they the muslims must rage against all others- and never ever question that Qu'ran, and it's ludicrous 'holyiest of holy' status since it is nothing more than a call to submission of all and slaughter of all who do not submit. It's biblical history is absurd, and maniacal and vulgar. It needs to be addressed and that is forbidden. So…They must not think, they must not …. only rage
    and that is all they can do.

  3. Abraham the father of Isaac and Ismael expelled Ismael and his concubine servant mother Hagar from his home when he realize the evil that was in Ismael and Hagar so why should Netanyahu be afraid to do the same as our great grandfather legally did?

  4. It's time to turn the IDF loose, untie it's hands and put down the violence once and for all. It's time for Israel ' s government to stop being politically correct and end the violence. Israel owns Temple Mount, the Israel government needs to act like it. The Temple Mount belongs to All religion's not Muslim but all citizens of Israel. It's time for the police to do justice and protect all of visit this holy place.

  5. This is an outstanding editorial. BUT…let's stop mincing words — it isn't "Arabs." I have way too many Jewish and Christian Arab friends who act nothing like this. It is Islam and the more we tiptoe around saying it, the more they rampage and murder and destroy. The more we try to humanize them, the deeper they sink into barbarity. Followers of Islam take compassion and fairness as a sign of weakness and see it as a greenlight to ratchet up their level of cowardly despicability and craven lust for ruination and ting on everything in sight.

  6. Islam is all about the destruction, and not the uplifting. It is the hallmark of any totalitarian system, to destroy all before it, so that there can be no memory of it to look back to, with longing.

    The fact that they fear your looking back with longing, proves that they understand, deep down inside, the inherent inferiority and resident evil of their totalitarian system. Make no mistake about it — Islam is slavery; it is death.

    So, if they attack you, and are then bled out, squealing, in the streets — So what? They got exactly what it is that they sought — Martyrdom. They have received their just reward, in the here and now…

    Just praise Hashem, and step right over them, and show them the heel; and move on, and forget all about them.

    The branch which does not bear fruit, has been cut off, and has been rightly consumed. Should it be any other way?

  7. They expelled every Jew from the Arab countries. We keep them and give them representation in our Knesset so that they foment terrorism and the annihilation of our people. What will we do next to appease the false guilt we inherited from 2000 years in exile? Or may be our extreme Left needs all this to feed their addiction to a romanticized version of rescuing the victims of this world? Either they support our struggle or try them for treason.

  8. There are 100 times as many Muslims as there are Jews, so using this 100 to 1 ratio, every tie a Muslim attacks a Jew, Jews should quickly retaileate and attack 100 Muslims! If a Mualim Terrorist knives or otherwise hurts a Jew, The Jews should kill 100 Muslims. They should be just as random as when the Terrorists attack a Jew! Kill men, women and children and no matter what the Muslim outrage is, simply tell them, if you stop trying to hurt us, we will stop hurting you! Eventually they will stop!

  9. i asked this question – the one in your headline – to a PLO girl on twitter, and she called me a Bigot and blocked me. I dont get it. Whether or not they succeed in murdering, if they die trying to murder a Jew or infidel or anyone else they hate, they are promised their Shahid-dom and the 70 virgins. So whats all the anger for when they die? Shouldnt they be visiting the martyr's mourning mother and congratulating her (footage I saw from last week). The only answer I have: their anger is a media stunt.

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