Rav and Rabbanit Bina’s message for Purim plus a translation of Rav Bina’s poem to Rabbanit Bina.

Glancing over my shoulder, you stand here beside me
I was still young and naïve, when you believed in me
I knew nothing about the world, you opened my eyes to see
You bravely stood beside me, never wavering through the hardships
When I could not fight, you were my strength and my protector
My light in dark times, my family, warmth, my home to return to
You never turned from me, you gave everything with love
You have made this world, a much better place
Full of creativity, grace, wisdom, and more
Through all your great work, you never wanted honor
As we continue along this journey called life
I find myself more and more thankful to G-d for you
I have no words to end, I have so much to say
With your permission, I will quote Rebbe Akiva
that says what I need to say, and thank you for all that I have with you
“What’s mine and what’s yours – is rightfully hers”


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