Breaking The Law Of Distraction & Living A Life Of Attraction – Soul Talk...

There are so many distractions that take us away from being focused on what's truly important in life. Even when we understand the importance of investing time and focus into significant aspects of our lives, why do we let ourselves get side-tracked and distracted? How can we gain focus and seize the opportunities that present themselves? How can we more mindfully invest in ourselves and our relationships and say No to the distractions that take us away from true meaning in life?

Spiritual Strategies: How To Tap Our Higher Selves and Make the Right Choices –...

Listen to Soul Talk with Rabbi David Aaron and Leora Mandel and learn how to Tap Into Our Higher Selves and Make the Right Choices.

Shavuot: A Revelation About REVELATION! – Soul Talk [audio]

Shavuot is the holiday that commemorates the giving of the Torah

Coping With Anxiety & Sadness Through Kindness – Soul Talk [audio]

The Lubavicher Rebbe wrote "When the soul is starved for nourishment, it lets us know with feelings of emptiness, anxiety or yearning."

Letting Go of Our Problems & Getting On With Our Life – Soul Talk...

Do you ever find that you are holding onto emotions, thoughts or relationships that are just not serving you? Why do we do this? How can we learn to let go of anger, resentment, limiting beliefs and emotional pain to make space for the healthier happier version of ourselves?

Soul Talk – Spiritual Principles for Dealing with Difficult People in Our Lives [audio]

It seems as thought everyone has a difficult someone (or sometimes more than one) in their life.

Purim: Celebrating G-d’s Presence In Your Every Day – Soul Talk [audio]

Join Rabbi David Aaron and Leora Mandel to see how delving into the holiday of Purim reveals deeper concepts about the hidden, revealed and G-ds interaction with history and man.

Soul Talk With Rabbi David Aaron – What Is Holiness? [audio]

What does it mean to be a holy person? How do holiness and spirituality differ?

Secrets To Living A Life Of Significance – Soul Talk [audio]

Listen to Soul Talk with Rabbi David Aaron and Leora Mandel and learn important secrets to living a life of significance.

When Doing Good Doesn’t Feel Good: The Art of Making Choices – Soul Talk...

It's nice when we do good and feel good. Yet, sometimes, we do what we know is right and good and don't feel very good while doing it. Our head says "this is the right thing to do" and our heart says " I don't want to do this." What do we do with ourselves when our head and heart conflict?

Where Is G-d When It Hurts? – Soul Talk [audio]

How can I help myself or someone whom I am close to when they are struggling with this all important question: Where Is G-d When It Hurts?

In the midst of all this pain and darkness, what can I do? –...

Listen to Soul Talk with Rabbi David Aaron and Leora Mandel to get a road map that leads you down the illuminated path.

Making Peace With A Loving G-d While We’re Painfully Engaged In A Brutal Battle...

We are experiencing overwhelming national and individual pain. As each of us struggle to digest more bitter news, difficult questions arise not only in our minds, but in our gut. If G-d is so loving, where is He during such dark times?

Why Faith Is Not Enough: The Power of Practice – Soul Talk [audio]

How can we better understand rituals and their importance. How can we connect to ritual...especially those that we cannot logically comprehend? Where do ritual and faith in G-d meet and why can't one stand without the other.

Getting Beyond Ourselves Is The Secret To Our Greatest Self – Soul Talk [audio]

As human beings, we recognize that at times, we have to give up or sacrifice something that we want now for the sake of a larger goal. At times, we are willing to make such sacrifices (example; missing a football game to study for medical boards) and at other times, we may not be willing to give up what would truly lead to our greater happiness and well being (example; that piece of cake that is going to ruin my diet). Why is it at times so hard to give something up that would ultimately lead to our greater happiness and well being? Why is it so hard to make sacrifices now for the sake of a better future?

The Gift of Change: Freeing Ourselves From The Past and Celebrating A New Future...

As much as I want to change, a part of me is scared to make the attempt!

Soul Talk – Why Can’t I Connect with Formal Prayer? [audio]

Prayer is a very important way to connect to G-d and connect to ourselves.

Love & Respect: Secrets To Real Relationships – Soul Talk [audio]

Relationships are such a core part of our life. They are the source of the greatest meaning, and often the greatest challenge. Strugge within familial relationships is a challenge that has been going on for thousands of years. The Torah relates the struggles of key figures in our history and much of the strife that our forefathers had to contend with was familial. Relationships between husband and wife, parent and child and inter-sibling dynamics are full of potential conflict. Yet, how can we learn from their struggles to restore harmony within our selves and the relationships that are most important?

The Empowering Dynamic When Faith Faces Fear – Soul Talk [audio]

Life is unpredictable. Bad things do happen. Human beings have fears. Does having fear and having faith in G-d contradict one another?

The Long Awaited Return of SOUL TALK! – Soul Talk [audio]

Are we a soul in a body? Or a Body with a soul? Rabbi David Aaron returns to the SOUL TALK podcast with Leora Mandel and teaches YOU how to navigate through life!

Making G-d Real in Such Unreal Times – Soul Talk [audio]

Having a relationship with G-d is so important. Yet, since we don't hear G-d, or see G-d, how can we cultivate a real sense of connection to our creator? As it turns out, we can hear and see G-d and even feel G-d, but doing so requires our developing our senses to G-ds frequency. How? Listen to Soul Talk with Rabbi David Aaron and Leora Mandel to learn how to Make G-d Real in Such Unreal Times.

Soul Talk – The Joyous Mastery of Living in the Now [audio]

Living in the 'Now' is the key to living a whole and meaningful life.

Freedom From— Freedom To: Discovering Our Higher Power – Soul Talk [audio]

Join Rabbi David Aaron and Leora Mandel on Soul Talk to understand the difference between Freedom From--Freedom To and how to Discover Your Higher Power.

Freeing Ourselves From Negative Self-Talk & Finding Favor In Our Own Eyes – Soul...

Join Rabbi David Aaron and Leora Mandel to learn the power of what we tell ourselves and how it effects how I and the world sees me.

Living Our Journey With Joy: What we can learn from Abraham! – Soul Talk...

Living life with uncertainty is hard. Going out of our comfort zone is difficult. Yet, it is precisely when we are called to go beyond our sense of self that we can become more and transform not only ourselves, but the entire world. This is the essence of the tests of Abraham and his journey towards becoming the father of he Jewish nation. There is much to learn in our own lives through understanding Abraham's greatness and his journey.

There is no reality outside of G-d – Soul Talk [audio]

G-d is One. G-d is good. Accepting these facts, how does evil exist in the world? This is a question that has both philosophical and practical ramifications. Join Rabbi David Aaron and Leora Mandel to gain a new and true perspective on this fundamental challenge.


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