Soul Talk – The Me I Want To Be [audio]

Who you are, and what it means to be a 'soul'?

Torah, God’s Blueprint for the Universe: Really Getting It – Soul Talk [audio]

Shavuot is the holiday when we celebrate the giving of the Torah. The Torah includes many rules and restrictions according to which we are expected to live our lives. Why do we celebrate a life of commands and responsibility?

Soul Talk – Falling in Love, Staying in Love [audio]

It can be easy to fall in love, but staying in love takes work and commitment.

How To Find The Light In Darkness – Soul Talk [audio]

Light and darkness goes beyond a metaphor for good and evil. Inherent in creation, darkness serves a purpose. Understanding the purpose of darkness enables us to gain deeper meaning to the dark times in our lives. How can we enlighten the darkness in the world and in our lives? How can we adjust our perception to use darkness in a purposeful way so that it's elevated and I am elevated through it?

Mastering Life: Choosing Mission Over Misery – Soul Talk [audio]

During our journey of life we will go through varying degrees of painful to tragic circumstances. There are many life situations that we have not chosen, yet, whose effects can be very challenging. How do we find purpose and meaning within the challenge? How do we choose mission over misery?

Soul Talk – Forget About Reward and Punishment: The Path of True Empowerment [audio]

The Torah's concept of Reward and Punishment can be easily misunderstood...

Women of Strength – SPECIAL SHOW [audio]

How does one live life forward in the face of challenge, tragedy or illness? What are the tools and perspectives of women who stay strong in spite of the pain of their circumstances?

Yom Kippur: The Fast Track To Forgiveness – SOUL TALK [audio]

What exactly are we trying to accomplish through our fasting and lengthy prayers on Yom Kippur?

Master The Art of Love: Essential Insights For The 3 Weeks – SOUL TALK...

What does it mean to truly love another? Is it possibly to love someone who is so essentially different than myself?

Soul Talk – Where is the Good God in Our Bad Times? [audio]

If God is one, then what we experience as bad must also come from Him.

The Gift of Change: Freeing Ourselves From The Past and Celebrating A New Future...

As much as I want to change, a part of me is scared to make the attempt!

Words That Heal, Words That Hurt: The Transformational Power of Speech – Soul...

Listen to Soul Talk with Rabbi David Aaron and Leora Mandel and learn about the Transformational Power Of Speech!

Life After Death: Where To From Here – Soul Talk [audio]

Every person who is born at some point...will die. Where do we go from here? How do we understand life after death and how does this understanding enrich the life we are living here and now?

A Purim Special: Life By Divine Design or By The Roll Of A Dice...

Where is G-d in the day to day happenings of my life? To what extent do my choices really make a difference in the outcome of G-d's divine plan? The Purim story happened many years ago, yet its relevance rings strong today. G-d's name is absent from the Megillah, yet His presence is directing all aspects of the story and it's outcomes. Thus G-d is hidden within the natural realms of our life, and yet He is palpably there. What do we need to do to sense G-d's reality in our life?

How To Find Real Love: Celebrating Borders & Balance – Soul Talk [audio]

One of the most important components of inner well being and healthy relationships is having proper boundaries. When a relationship of any kind is thriving, it likely has healthy boundaries. When a relationship is struggling, it's boundaries likely need to be re-assessed. How can one go about setting strong, balanced and healthy boundaries? This is an essential question that needs to be evaluated throughout the life of any relationship.

Getting In Touch With What We Really Really Want! – Soul Talk [audio]

Do you know what's important to you? What are your top priorities? Even if you can give yourself a clear answer, it's not uncommon to give priority to less important aspects of life and more time, energy and emphasis on what I might honestly less important. Why?

Lose Your Faith in Faith and Find G-d – Soul Talk [audio]

Faith or Belief are the traditional translations of the word Emunah. Emunah is such a fundamental concept but what does it really mean?

How To Make God Real & Feel Divine Presence Daily – Soul Talk [audio]

Believing in G-d does not always compute to experiencing G-d as reality in our day to day lives. How can we take G-d as a theoretical construct and form an intimate connection and relationship with our creator? What can we do to make G-d's presence more tangible throughout the day?

Stop Complaining–Start Living: Increasing the Light & The Good In Our Lives – Soul...

"The pure righteous do not complain of the dark, but increase the light; they do not complain of evil, but increase justice; they do not complain of heresy, but increase faith; they do not complain of ignorance, but increase wisdom." ---Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook

Sukkot: Awakening Our Inner Child & Releasing Our Inner Joy – Soul Talk [audio]

Sukkot is the holiday when we are told to celebrate with Joy! Times are tough right now. How can we feel happy, joy or gladness if we are going through a tough time? What tools can the holiday of Sukkot offer us to lift us up so that we can experience true rejoicing during this holiday season and throughout our year?

Celebrating and Overcoming Loneliness – Soul Talk [audio]

You can be in a room with a lot of people and still feel lonely. Why is that?

Tapping The Power & Avoiding The Danger of Jealousy – Soul Talk [audio]

Listen to Soul Talk with Rabbi David Aaron and Leora Mandel to learn how to Tap Into The Power & Avoid The Danger of Jealousy.

Don’t Get Stuck: Choose Joy! – Soul Talk [audio]

Life has it's ups and downs. As much as we'd like to always feel good, every person experiences time periods where feeling down is a reality. When we're feeling down, disappointed and even depressed, how do we make sure not to get stuck in a downward slump? How can we get out and move up into a place of joy?


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