Soul Talk – Falling in Love, Staying in Love [audio]

It can be easy to fall in love, but staying in love takes work and commitment.

From Being Me To Being Free: Secrets to Personal Growth and Empowerment – SOUL...

Listen to Soul Talk with Rabbi David Aaron and Leora Mandel to learn how to go From Being Me To Being Free: Secrets to Personal Growth and Empowerment

What Is Spirituality? …and is it necessary to live an elevated life? – Soul...

What is Spirituality? Is Spirituality a necessary component of an elevated life? Where is the place of the spiritual within the physical world?

Spiritual Strategies: How To Tap Our Higher Selves and Make the Right Choices –...

Listen to Soul Talk with Rabbi David Aaron and Leora Mandel and learn how to Tap Into Our Higher Selves and Make the Right Choices.

The Gift of Change: Freeing Ourselves From The Past and Celebrating A New Future...

As much as I want to change, a part of me is scared to make the attempt!

Loving G-d Even When You Don’t Feel Like It – Soul Talk [audio]

We are told "And you should love the Lord your G-d with all of your heart...." There are times in life when we feel tremendously blessed with our lives and 'loving G-d' can be easy. There are times when we are in pain and struggling with challenges and 'loving G-d' can be difficult. What does it mean to 'Love G-d' and how can I love G-d during difficult times in my life?

Getting Beyond Ourselves Is The Secret To Our Greatest Self – Soul Talk [audio]

As human beings, we recognize that at times, we have to give up or sacrifice something that we want now for the sake of a larger goal. At times, we are willing to make such sacrifices (example; missing a football game to study for medical boards) and at other times, we may not be willing to give up what would truly lead to our greater happiness and well being (example; that piece of cake that is going to ruin my diet). Why is it at times so hard to give something up that would ultimately lead to our greater happiness and well being? Why is it so hard to make sacrifices now for the sake of a better future?

Celebrating and Overcoming Loneliness – Soul Talk [audio]

You can be in a room with a lot of people and still feel lonely. Why is that?

Shavuot: Winning The Game Of Life – Soul Talk [audio]

Shavuot is the holiday where we celebrate the giving of the Torah. As much as the Torah are instructions for living life, why do we have a holiday celebrating the giving of a bunch of rules? Listen to Soul Talk and learn about the significance of the holiday of Shavuot and's the rules that give life meaning and joy!

Soul Talk – Why Can’t I Connect with Formal Prayer? [audio]

Prayer is a very important way to connect to G-d and connect to ourselves.

Soul Talk – The Joyous Mastery of Living in the Now [audio]

Living in the 'Now' is the key to living a whole and meaningful life.

If Not Now When: Seizing the Moment of Personal Optimization – Soul Talk [audio]

How do I find the balance between taking care of myself and being there for others?

Using Painful Emotions Towards Birthing Your Higher Self – Soul Talk [audio]

Life is full of ups and downs. Good times and times of challenge. Although we all prefer to 'feel good,' we all have times when we have to grapple with painful emotions. This is a part of everyone's human experience. Is there a perspective that can help us to better handle emotional pain? How should we most effectively face our inner self when it's suffering and challenged with real internal pain?

Soul Talk – Eradicating Baseless Hatred [audio]

There are many problems that plague the world and our nation.

Freeing Ourselves From Negative Self-Talk & Finding Favor In Our Own Eyes – Soul...

Join Rabbi David Aaron and Leora Mandel to learn the power of what we tell ourselves and how it effects how I and the world sees me.

How To Make God Real & Feel Divine Presence Daily – Soul Talk [audio]

Believing in G-d does not always compute to experiencing G-d as reality in our day to day lives. How can we take G-d as a theoretical construct and form an intimate connection and relationship with our creator? What can we do to make G-d's presence more tangible throughout the day?

Coping With Anxiety & Sadness Through Kindness – Soul Talk [audio]

The Lubavicher Rebbe wrote "When the soul is starved for nourishment, it lets us know with feelings of emptiness, anxiety or yearning."

Increasing Our Prayer Power: How To Get Our Prayers Answered – Soul Talk [audio]

Prayer is a powerful medium through which to connect to G-d and our higher self. Yet, there are times when we might find it difficult to feel connected to prayer or that our prayers are creating the relationship that we're trying achieve with G-d. How can we infuse our prayer with meaning and turn prayer into a trans-formative experience?

Why Faith Is Not Enough: The Power of Practice – Soul Talk [audio]

How can we better understand rituals and their importance. How can we connect to ritual...especially those that we cannot logically comprehend? Where do ritual and faith in G-d meet and why can't one stand without the other.

Finding Inner Peace With Our Inner Battle – Soul Talk [audio]

There's a saying that sometimes we are our own worst enemy. Why is it that we often sabotage ourselves from becoming who we really want to be and attaining the quality relationships that we really want to have? What we should really be is our own best friend only making choices that help us become better. What stands in our way?

SOUL TALK – Torah: Really Getting It: A Special Show In Honor Of The...

Celebrate and commemorate the giving of the Torah - the RIGHT way!

Soul Talk – The Role of Failure in Living a Meaningful Life [audio]

Failure is something that we usually run away from. No one ever really wants to fail in life.

SOUL TALK – Understanding and Coping With The Current Upsurge of Anti-Semitism [audio]

How do we understand the root of anti-Semitism and what can we do about it?


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