German Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller is in hot water with German politicians for stating that “targeted discrimination campaigns” against Catholic church positions on ordination of women and of homosexual relationships sometimes reminded him of a “pogrom sentiment.”

“Targeted discreditation campaigns against the Catholic Church in North America and also here in Europe have led to clerics in some areas being insulted in public,” he told Die Welt several days ago. “An artificially created fury is growing here which sometimes reminds one of a pogrom sentiment.”


Leaders of the Free Democratic Party and of the Greens, an opposition party, condemned the comments. “Comparisons with the Holocaust are tasteless” when used in the context of current social issues, charged Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger.

Greens co-leader Claudia Roth lambasted Müller’s statements as “utterly unacceptable and dangerously forgetful of history.”



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