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Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee

Thousands of people turned out Sunday to demonstrate in support of Israel in front of Capitol Hill in Washington. The rally was organized by former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, a Republican who may run for president in 2016.

Huckabee initiated the event after expressing his disappointment at the White House’s stance during Operation Protective Edge, which Israel launched in July to stop ongoing Hamas rocket attacks against Israeli civilians and eliminate the terror tunnels Hamas had dug under the border into Israeli communities.


According to Huckabee, the Obama administration did not give Israel sufficient backing during the operation, which aroused international criticism.

“I have been to Israel nearly 30 times over the past 41 years and have never seen the nation under such threat,” Huckabee said. “Israel is our closest ally and friend in the Middle East, and they are suffering due to the weak policies of the Obama administration.”

“God has protected this tiny but increasingly powerful nation, and it’s time for the United States to do the same,” he said.

Many members of Congress attended the rally to reaffirm their support for Israel and its war on Hamas. They were joined by representatives of Zionist groups, including Morton Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America.

“Thousands of Americans have come here today to express how important it is to support Israel, after Operation Protective Edge and the kidnapping and murder of the three teens,” Huckabee told the audience.

“A clear call needs to go out from here that hasn’t been heard from the [Obama administration], that Israel has the right and the moral obligation to protect the security of its citizens against radical Islamic terrorism.

“We waste more time telling Israel not to build in the land that was given to Abraham than we do telling the Iranians to stop building bombs intended for the United States.”

Likud MK Danny Danon, who took part in the rally, said Israel had “another Iron Dome in the thousands of Americans who support the State of Israel with all their hearts and stand by its side always.”

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  1. Finally someone recognizes that by supporting Israel and the Jews that it is supporting a front line that is fighting against extremism and that is showing the world of what is to come unless they are put back in their place, which is sharing the world not wanting to conquer it!

  2. Sorry but you are wrong! Huckabee cannot be trusted to do anything right! He is a very band and evil Christian and always calling for terrible things to happen to people who do not believe in his falth! He has also used his position and power to get his children out of very bad (and punishable by prison) situations when if it were you child he would want them to have the death penalty. He really does not like Jews! He supports Israel because his version of the end of days has to have all the Jews in Israel where they will convert or face the fires of hell, and for that reason he is not a good person and cannot be trusted!

  3. How did an ignorant idiot like you ever get into dental school let alone graduate! I wouldn't use you if you were the last dentist alive. You are a total ignorant idiot who has no idea of what is going on and who you speak about. Guess you comment on people you do not know and have no idea of what they stand for! You idiot, Huckabee is a low educated ignorant idiot who does not like Jews. He is also a very un Christian, Christian. If only you had the slightest idea of what you were talking about. I wonder if your patients (if you have any) know just how damned ignorant you are. Perhaps I should take out an add and inform them of just how stupid you are!

  4. Brigitte de Kroon , Just what tribe are you from? The only drivel that is coming out of anyone is from you! Huckabee is really an evil person who "practices" his own form of Christianity and simply does not care about Jews. Perhaps if you ever really listened to what he says and not just sound bites you would understand! As for Irwin Stolzenberg, how could such a supposed "learned" man know so little of the truth and then attempt to berate and belittle someone who does not agree with him, especially someone who actually knows what he is talking about!

  5. Brigitte de Kroon, I know you are old and infirm and are somewhat senile, but before you completely loose it all I suggest you do a little research on the topic before you show just how ignorant of the facts you are. You certainly do not want to be remembered as a low informed ignorant idiot do you!

  6. Edward Lobel Mr Lobel, I can understand your feelings for a Christian Minister, and I cannot argue with you about your feelings, I do think you may be judging him as just another Christian that will say anything to be popular. Maybe so, Heis not my Favorite either….Sir I am a born again Christian and my heart is totally pure in my love for You Jewish people wherever you live, and my love for Israel is just as deep…Mr. Lobel, I wish i could jo back in time and right the many wrongs that has been committed by so called christians, and catholics…we are not all like that..I will bless you sir and wish you much peace, thank you..Jimi Belton

  7. Jimmy Kendrik, I appreciate you comment and agree with you. What you have to understand it that Mike Huckabee is not a good man, nor a good Christian. He does not practice what he preaches and says whatever he thinks will get him votes. I have followed him for many years and every time a Jewish person thinks that because he says he supports Israel, I need to explain that he really does not support Israel and explain why. I have nothing against any real Christian person who follows what the church preaches. However, Mike Huckabee is not one of them!

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