Twitter Unlocks Accounts with Stars of David, Won’t Say Why They Were Blocked in...

Now Twitter has claimed that the policy was directed only at "yellow stars." But in reality regular Star of David images were banned.

After Israeli Push, Telegram Blocks Iranian Hackers

Telegram blocked the Black Shadow groups, which hacked personal information from Israeli sites hosted on CyberServe servers.

Watch: Traffic at Ben Gurion International Kept to a Minimum

Brian Schrauger recorded this pastoral scene at Ben Gurion International on a coronavirus Monday

West Ham Fans Arrested for Hate Crime Against Haredi Passenger

“West Ham United is appalled by the contents of the video circulating on social media and condemns the behavior of the individuals involved."

Media Malign Marjorie Taylor Greene after her Win in Georgia’s 14th

Trump said on Twitter. “Marjorie is strong on everything and never gives up - a real WINNER!”

Think Tank Depicts Uniform and Hostile Progressive Response to Jewish, Israeli Concerns Since 2021...

The paper urges clearly articulating and defining the challenge, then mobilizing a critical mass of organizations and initiatives to address it.

Biden Kneels before Haredi Mother of 12 on Rivlin’s Staff

So, to sum up: twelve children and making two heads of state bow before her.

Israel Reveals Thousands of Anti-Israel Posts came from Bots, Troll Networks Aiming to Influence...

An investigation conducted by Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs (MSA) discovered that at least 21% of posts related to an International Criminal Courts (ICC) investigation against Israel came from fake Twitter accounts - and had 180% greater engagement rates than posts from real users.

PA Arabs Raging over Death of Leading Abbas Critic in Security Forces’ Custody

"A force from the security services arrested him at dawn today, and during the arrest his health deteriorated."

Facebook’s Umbrella Company is Now ‘Meta’

The company’s Facebook Reality Labs – which includes augmented-reality and virtual reality products and services – will become a separate reporting unit.

MK Demands Penalties for Arab Soccer Fans Who Screamed ‘With Spirit and Blood We’ll...

The Arab team's home stadium was built with public funds from the State of Israel and the Qatar National Olympic Committee.

A Teary Merrick Garland Tells Senate How his Family Fled Russian anti-Semitism

Garland will be the third Jewish Attorney General in American history.

Twitter CEO Admits Blunt Blocking of NY Post Biden Story Was ‘Unacceptable’

No other news organization has so far verified the Post’s article.

Facebook Names Ex-Member of Muslim Brotherhood-Linked Party to New Board

We cannot be removed by Facebook,” they penned in a “New York Times” opinion piece. “Facebook’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, has also personally committed to this arrangement.”

Twitter Blocks Accounts of Rightwing Israelis

Baruch Marzel and Benzi Gopstein discovered they were blocked.

New Study Reveals Coded Language Used to Fuel Anti-Semitism Online

So successful is this new language based on numbers, acronyms, and hidden images, that it has driven the formation of alternative social media sites.

What’s Up Doc: Jill Biden Shellacked over Dissertation

"If Melania Trump had an Ed.D. and insisted upon being referred to as 'Dr. Trump,' the same peoples feigning outrage would laugh her out of the room."

Why Facebook Cut Trump’s ‘Nazi’ Ad and Why Obscure Referencing Is So Dangerous in...

The red triangle has long since become popular, hip if you will, fashion choice of the left.

Twitter, Google Decline to be in State Department Event Countering Antisemitism

Facebook and TikTok, however, each sent a senior representative in the same week that Facebook also banned Holocaust denial on its platform.

After Zoom Deplatforms Terrorist Leila Khaled Event, Facebook and YouTube Follow Suit

In response, San Francisco State University Professor Rabab Abdulhadi posted on social media: “We are not accepting Zoom’s caving in to Zionist and racist pressures. SFSU has an obligation to protect our classes.”

Report: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to Step Down

The price of Twitter shares rose by 3.8 percent before 10 am in response to the news.

Ben & Jerry’s Israel: We Refused to Obey their Boycott, So They Won’t Renew...

"We do not accept the demand of Unilever and Ben & Jerry's Global."

Facebook Removes Viral Fake Post of IDF Soldier with Knee on Bloodied Suspect’s Neck

The fake post was first exposed by popular Israeli-Arab social activist Yoseph Haddad.

Elbit Video Reveals Stunning Achievements in Laser Technology

Last August, Israel's defense ministry revealed its technological breakthrough enabling the development of platforms to intercept a variety of threats.

Iran Enraged by UN Criticism of Its Murdering Thirsty Rioters

Human rights groups around the world have accused Iran of using unlawful and excessive force against the Khuzestan protesters and cited a higher death toll than was reported by Iranian media.

Trump Twitter-Blocks Plan to Remove Confederate Generals’ Names from 10 Military Bases

This was the second public conflict between Secretary Esper and the president, after last week Esper publicly broke with Trump in a press briefing.

Hey, Mark Zuckerberg, There’s No Denying Max Arpels Lezer

Every week, a recorded message from the final generation of Holocaust survivors to Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg is posted on Facebook, Instagram (owned by Facebook) and Twitter.


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