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February 8, 2016 / 29 Shevat, 5776
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Naftali Bennett and John Kerry’s Logic

About the Author: Asher is the JewishPress.com's incredible cartoonist.

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Comment on “Naftali Bennett and John Kerry’s Logic”

5 Responses to “Naftali Bennett and John Kerry’s Logic”

  1. Gil Gilman says:

    Too true to laugh…sorry…rofl

  2. To a Palestinian or an Arab Muslim, SALAAM only means hello and goodbye.

    To an Israeli or a Jew, SHALOM really means PEACE, and there is LOVE, SERENITY, ABUNDANCE and LIFE.

    With the Palestinian Muslims, there is no PEACE, nor love within them, only HATE, BLOOD, VIOLENCE, DEATH.

  3. Robin Rosenblatt says:

    Peace is not possible until there is an Islam culture change!

    Islamic Culture is a War, Hate and Violent Culture.

    Arabs and Palestinians are controlled by it and do not know it!

    It is not about land, rights or settlements, water or being politically left or right. If it were it would have been solved long ago. It has not.
    It is Cultural War that means Islamic Culture must destroy Western Culture or Western Culture must destroy Islamic Culture.

    Muslims have been fighting each other and others for 1400 years or more. There is no reason that it will stop now. If we want peace we must change Islamic Culture.

    The book "Culture and Conflict”, explains it clearly. It shows that current cultural conditions in the Arab Middle East will not support internal development, advancement or peace until there is a major cultural change. “It is critical that we understand our enemy. That is step one in every conflict,” RR. Philip Carl Salzman, INSB # 978-1-59102-587-0.

  4. lololol true but so sad

  5. Edwin Schrodinger says:

    The wording on the cartoon is a bit incorrect. It should read "If Palestinians are in charge, Jews and Palestinians die." The Muslims are typically more successful in killing each other than they are in killing Jews. There has been an estimate made by Dr. Daniel Pipes that since 1948, 11 million Muslims have been killed in violent acts (exclusive of ordinary crime or "ordinary" suicide). About 30 to 40 thousand have been killed in battle or during anti-terrorist actions by Israel. A significant number have been killed by Christians and Hindus in combat. But over 10 million of the deaths are attributable to other Muslims. I don't know his methodology but when I look at what has happened in the last few years in Egypt, Syria and elsewhere in the world, these figure seem proportionate to what is actually happening. The Muslims killed by Muslims has been much greater in number than that of Muslims killed by Jews defending Israel, Americans trying to "liberate" Iraq and Afghanistan (I put "liberate" in quotes because I do not think the Muslims there generally see it that way though I think they have been given a great gift if they will only take it and create a decent society), or by Indians fighting Muslims in Kashmir. Perhaps someone has additional information on such numbers.

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