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How to Lose a War

They seek to be color-blind, and religion-blind. But in being so, they are also terror-blind.

Courts Open Window on the IRS’s Political Litmus Tests

A federal judge just issued the first substantive ruling in a challenge to the IRS’s pose of political neutrality.

My Encounter With Jew-Hatred

No matter how many decades it’s been since the Holocaust, an ocean of hostility persists, capable of rising to tidal levels at any moment.

Stealth Anti-Semitism In Middle School

Jews do not fare well on campuses these days, particularly in the context of the debate over Israel.

Do ADL Surveys Cause Anti-Semitism?

The survey used by the ADL may actually reinforce and spread anti-Semitic attitudes.

On the Way to a Jewish State – Parts 3 & 4

Any Jewish state worthy of its name should encourage aliyah as a national goal of the highest priority.

The Significance of the Name Yerushalayim

There are two elements to the name "Jerusalem," which must be unified for the City to exist.

Gang Raping, ‘I Love al Qaeda’ and Who is Advancing Islam?

In Paris, the Union of Islamic Organizations congress was turned into a platform for Muslim anti-Semitism.

The ‘Palestinian’ Issue – Not a Top Arab Priority

The elimination of Jews was the top priority of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini.

Ottawa City Hall Hosts ‘Palestinian’ Exhibit Honoring Terrorists

Ottawa proudly hosts exhibit in its City Hall which honors Palestinian Arab mass murderers.

Joy Of All The Earth: Meditations on Jerusalem

Beautiful Site, Joy of all the Earth; two of the seventy names provided for Jerusalem.

The Uncomfortable Side of Outreach

Taking risks for outreach is not easy and there have been spiritual pitfalls over the years.

The Palestinians, the Pope and Peace

Arab anger over the Pope's visit to Mt. Herzl reveals their problem is the existence of a Jewish State.

A Call to the Nations of the World and All Religious Leaders

It is now time that G-d’s hidden intention, which has guided all of history to this day, be revealed to all.

Indo-Israeli Ties Set to Soar Even Higher

According to knowledgeable sources, India’s Prime Minister-designate is keen on fostering stronger ties with the Jewish state.

Is A Second Holocaust Possible?

The West must be educated about the cruelty that has become endemic to much of the Muslim world.

Israel And The Reality Of Anti-Semitism

it’s clear that Israel is just the latest, albeit a vicious, excuse for Jew hatred.

The Left’s Hatred Of Israel Has A Rich History

Communists saw no anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union; modern radicals deny Arab anti-Semitism.

Joy Of All The Earth: Meditations on Jerusalem

Beautiful Site, Joy of all the Earth; two of the seventy names provided for Jerusalem.

On the Way to a Jewish State (Part 2)

Declaring sovereignty over the country is a necessary reaction to the revelation of Divine loving-kindness in our era.

Brandeis Unbecoming: Chloé Speaks In Defense of Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Allow Chloé to help you and those you know how to stop punishing truth and rewarding intimidation.

Palestinians Unite to Preserve Corruption

Palestinian Arab Government corruption makes normal economic development virtually impossible.

My Problem With Dogmatic Evolutionists

One plausible explanation for this rigid evolutionary monotheism, though I think an incorrect one, is a fear that the children might come to believe in Creationism.

Anne Frank and Florida’s Latest Teen Rage

The Jew-Nazi drinking game has trivialized, even fictionalized, the Holocaust into a mode of entertainment.

Opening My Eyes on Lag Ba’omer

Instead of a time when a race of sentient robots will roam the Earth, we prefer to focus on the time when humans will live according to their fullest potentials.

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