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Rescuing A Vital Piece of 20th-Century Jewish History

In Selvino they discovered a paradise they could not have imagined.

Stop Throwing Away Money on Self Indulgent Weddings

We must call a halt to throwing so much money away on pure self-indulgence.

The Israel Containment Forces

The message from the recent episode near Eish Kodesh is clear: violence pays.

The Palestinian Authority’s Existential Conflict with Peace

Abbas will have his endless war, whether Israel likes it or not.

Six Modest Proposals on Jewish Education

Much of what I have accomplished has been over the objections of others.

Regional Pact Backed by Riyadh May Render Palestinians Irrelevant

The Palestinians have been gambling with somebody else’s money.

A Palestinian State – Would it Further US Interests?!

Independent Congressional scrutiny of this Palestinian state-driven policy is doubly-essential.

Can You Yell ‘God’ in a Crowded Cemetery?

Our gemora teaches that a man is not judged for things he said or did in his time of stress.

The Giant and the General

A condolence letter from the Lubavitcher Rebbe to Ariel Sharon started the effort to move the latter to serve God.

Rediscovering Hebron’s Jewish Past

A few days ago Hebron joyfully greeted back the archaeologists.

What Were We Thinking?

Our daughters now seek men who are incapable of supporting them and their children.

Avigdor Lieberman’s Nuanced Insight

Lieberman has repeatedly dismissed the Palestinian Authority as not being a peace partner.

A Shameful Post

A grieving widow and her young children were sitting shiva after Menachem Stark’s burial.

A Letter to my Father, Rabbi Sholom Klass, on his 14th Yahrzeit

You have been a role model and an inspiration to us from as far back as I can remember.

More Hatred of Mordecai than Love of Haman

Hezbollah, Hamas, and Al Qaeda are now physically surrounding Israel.

A Mystical Spin on the Polar Vortex

We are seeing the usual cold polar air taking an excursion.

A Terrorist’s Dream Come True

Obama and Kerry aim to destroy Israel one way or another.

Neuroplasticity, Nagel, and Transcending Human Essence

Medical practitioners have been observing neuroplasticity for many years in patients following a stroke.

Rabbi Kahane Warned against Trusting Sharon

He described Sharon as “the latest darling of the donkey-nationalists.”

Must Jews Dislike the Christians who Like Them?

As far as Orthodox Jews are concerned, Evangelical Christians are to be envied.

Handwriting Analysis Has Jewish Roots, Says Therapist

Reintroducing graphology (handwriting analysis) to the clinical mainstream.

Hebron Will Not Miss Sharon

Ariel Sharon. He had many positions, and many titles. I will remember him as a monster.

Jews Killed Nobody

Under Roman law, calls for a messianic monarchy within the Republic would have been a treasonable offense.

Peace is Not a Product, and Another Story…

God transforms the spiritual into the physical, and Jews transform the physical into the spiritual.

Where Is Turkey Going?

The unraveling of relations between Erdoğan and Gülen overshadow the corruption scandal.

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