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Presidents And Their Racist ‘Jokes’

The public is entitled to know if a president (or another elected official) has used racist language

Redefining Potential: The Wisdom of the Special-Needs Community

Perhaps those who struggle with disabilities possess a heightened ability to perceive a real miracle

Giving A Voice To The Voiceless

The DOJ hasn't indicted, extradited, prosecuted any Pal. terrorists who killed or maimed an American

Zero For 64: The U.S. Record On Prosecuting Palestinian Killers

Palestinian terrorists have murdered 64 Americans in Israel since '93 Oslo accords-0 US prosecutions

Even Better than Email

The parshas concerning building the Holy Tabernacle teaches many lessons about prioritizing our kids

The Battle Over Women’s Roles In Modern Orthodoxy

Women becoming knowledgeable in Talmud has fueled Open Orthodoxy's push for female ordination.

The Insanity of Jewish Philanthropy Funding Hamas

Only the insane think that Jews should help Hamas kill Jews and they do walk among us.

Netanyahu Should Step Down

Bibi's made no attempt to debunk the “Palestinian narrative”; now the world believes the propaganda

Anti-Semitism Stops HERE!

Among the fights for rights for blacks, women, even trees, I haven't seen one against anti-Semitism

Bernie Sanders Consults J-Street, Zogby, on Foreign Affairs

This is who Bernie Sanders goes to for "a broad perspective of the Middle East."

French Appeasement: Déjà Vu

France, while supporting him, was aware of Khomeini’s terror-driven worldview and hatred of the West

Why is Meir Ettinger in Prison?

Why "defend" Israel against the beliefs of Ettinger and not the beliefs and actions of Arab leaders?

Who is Guilty of Stupidity?

Left-wing Meretz party member described actions of the Arab MKs as “provocation, malice & stupidity”

No More Illusions: Come home

European Jews who fail to see the writing on the wall are simply living in denial. Come to Israel!

Hillary’s Advisers from Hell

The advice Hillary Clinton received from her advisers regarding Israel is overwhelmingly anti-Israel

‘We’re Almost There’: Living With Patience, Perseverance, and Purpose

The Geula comes "kima, kima" (little by little) or as my grandfather the Rav said "Yiddel by Yiddel"

The Eternal Jewish Flame

The greatest threat to the eternity of the Jewish flame is not from external sources but from within

BDS Doctors Violate The Hippocratic Oath

The possible expulsion of Israeli Medical Association from the WMA may prevent future medical cures

A Soldier’s Mother: The Angels that Watch Over Us

A generation of Hadars, angels, watch over us and our land. May God watch over them and protect them

Israel & America: Changing At The United Nations?

Leftist NGOs and their supporters have harangued Israel incessantly through this "stabbing intifada"

Mr. Ban Ki Moon – You’re No Messenger

Yishai Fleisher writes: Two-State has flat-lined, and only fuddy-duddys like yourself, Mr. Ban Ki Moon, continue to obsess over reviving it.

David Blatt is Fascism! Cleveland Cavaliers is Fascism! Israel is Fascism!

"David Blatt fascistically represents the Jewish-Israeli longing for respect from the world." HUH?!

Waiting for Capote

Why it is that so many artists and writers, especially in Israel, espouse left-wing causes?

White Man’s Burden… Lloyd

"Western-progressivism" isn't "Old-time" racism, it's what was dubbed in 2012 "Humanitarian racism"

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