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Why Peter Beinart May be Banned From Israel

Boycotts are a new front in the war against Israel, which Israel, thus far, has failed in fighting

Martians Stone Jew to Death

According to the NY Times, independent, self-hurling rocks were responsible for Levlovich "dying"

Boycotts & Blacklists: China, Norway, and Matisyahu

Artistic censorship in the West reveals a disturbing future for the freedom of artistic expression.

New Israel Fund Leader Is A Communist Who Declared Zionism Is Over

Burg justifies Pal terror, called Holocaust “a national strategy,” is Anti-Zionist, is an NIF leader

Standing Up

Israel's prejudicial Temple Mount policy is a disgrace; The Mount should be open to all faiths.

Immigration and Judaism

Jews who reject Torah should not invoke "Jewish morality" regarding the immigration controversy.

High Holiday Season Or Open Season On Jews?

OneFamily provides life-saving/life-changing physical & fiscal support to victims of terrorism & war

The Difference Of A Day

Suddenly on RH, more conscious of God’s presence, a greater sense of awe and majesty emerge in shul

Investigate Chris Gunness, UNRWA’s Spokesperson

Gunness has not only escaped investigation, he continues violating the neutrality of UNRWA's mandate

Art, Man, and God

Though the proximate target of the boycott effort is Israel, artistic freedom is the ultimate victim

Appeal to New Israel Fund: Stop Boycotting Israel and Stand with the IDF

This campaign isn't "personal" as NIF claims, it's protecting civil rights of IDF soldiers &Israelis

Marking Time: A Blink of an Eye and the Moments of Our Lives

We must account not only for the passing of time but for the way in which we move in time.

Why 340 Rabbis Erred

These rabbis and leaders don't understand that hope unaccompanied by realism is doomed to fail.

Obama the Miracle Worker

340 rabbis support the Iran deal meaning 5,000+ US rabbis refused to sign a document supporting Iran

A Message to America‏

Pols voting FOR Iran Deal, vote in favor of Israel's death & bear responsibility for ensuing deaths

LA Jewish Journal is FUND-amentally Wrong on New Israel Fund

Many in the media impart bias in place of truth; convey personal prejudice over objective facts.

Capture of Joseph’s Tomb Terrorists Exposes Truth About Palestinian Authority

The purpose of an attack on Joseph’s Tomb is to murder Jews at prayer and destroy a Jewish holy site

Tiqiyya vs. the Judeo-Christian Ethic

Unlike Judaism & Christianity which honors "truth," Islam pursues "Taqiyya," strategic lying

Harrisburg Helps Hydrate The IDF

Yashar Lachayal's mission is to learn what IDF soldiers' need and get it to them when they need it.

Anti-Zionism’s Falling Mask

Corbyn leading the Britain's Labour Party polls, describes Hamas & Hizbullah as England's “friends.”

Sometimes a Knife Attack is More Than That

The convicted murderer was released from Israeli prison with more than two dozen other sociopaths

Expose: Jewish Communal Fund Seeks To Cover-Up Their 7-Figure Funding Of Israel Boycott

JCF is a donor/supporter of The New Israel Fund which supports BDS & wants IDF soldiers prosecuted

The Final Product of the “Peace Industry”

The 'Peace Industry’ promotes its adherents; weak leaders, both military & political, is the result

Israeli Left Shifts Right, Leaving J Street Behind

The conundrum for US Labor Zionists: Lobbying for Iran deal while Israel's Left lobby's against it.

Torah: ‘Religion’ Or Relationship?

What does the Torah want from our small nation described as “they who struggle with God & with men”?

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