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Letters To The Editor

Simple QuestionI am a simple man. I possess no academic credentials, nor am I eloquent in my English. I barely survived the Holocaust as...

The Times’s Middle East Religion

In its determined insistence that both the origin and solution to the war between the Arabs and Israel somehow revolve around settlements and 'occupied territory,' The New York Times echoes a line first popularized immediately after the Six Day War by a gaggle of liberal Christian clerics.

Bush Equals Hitler? Loony Left Slanders America And Trivializes The Holocaust

And yet in polite and supposedly sophisticated circles in America today it is acceptable to say George Bush is akin to a Nazi and that America is becoming Nazi-like.

Why Terrorism Works

How did terrorism transform itself into freedom fighting and what are the reasons it has emanated from the Muslim world?

Depriving Children Of Belief: A Form Of Child Abuse?

Needless to say, not much in the way of mathematics, history, or even basic fluency is being learned.

Our Own Worst Enemy

Israel has a checkered record when it comes to official commissions of inquiry.

Letters To The Editor

Columnist's Anti-Bush TiradeThe Jewish Press, which I've been reading since its first issue, is a greatly improved paper - one that we can be proud...

It Is Time!

Each day we read and hear about new atrocities carried out by Arab terrorists and we find that our reactions have become numbed.

Outliving The Road Map: What We Can Personally Do To Help Save Israel

I have been lecturing widely on the risks which the Road Map poses to Israel. Yet, whenever I complete my largely analytic examination of the issues, I am left with a vague feeling of discomfort - a feeling that I have left my audience without enough concrete recommendations for practical action. With this in mind, I now offer the following precise answers to the important question: "But what can I do personally to help save Israel?"

Terrorism Addicts

The vicarious and direct thrill over the Ramallah lynching, the mutilation murders of the boys in Tekoa, the frenzied dancing during the World Trade Center attacks - all would seem to imply that the so-called Palestinians suffer from clinical sadism.

The Peace Process That Never Was

I've written it before and I'll write it again: It's time to unleash the IDF in its full might and glory - particularly the Israeli Air Force, just as we Americans used our amazing air power in Iraq and Afghanistan.

To Live Again

I held on to the familiarity of her eyes, their wisdom untouched by the ravages of the illness. They seemed to know her fate before we were willing to accept it.

Elegy For The Road Map

The bombings of the past few weeks have given me pause. In the midst of the so-called cease-fire, I'd lost the calluses that built up over the Thousand Days, and the once-familiar gory scene slides through my skin like a sharp rock.

Dr. Laura: Fair-Weather Jew

As Arnold Schwarzenegger scrambles to convince voters that he is more than a muscle-man married to a Kennedy, he would do well to emphasize the realism of his Terminator filmsover the surrealism of California politics.

American Jews and School Choice

The arguments in favor of school choice and voucher systems have by now become quite familiar.

Letters To The Editor

Ten Commandments And JewsThe battle over the display of the Ten Commandments should be a Jewish battle. The Founding Fathers knew that the only...

Talking Back To The Times

Sam Ehrenhalt, whose op-ed articles and letters to the editor always enhance The Jewish Press, has shared with the Monitor a thoughtful note he recently dispatched to New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller.

Souls Intertwined

As a Tehilla volunteer I have been going to the airport for many years to assist new immigrants (olim) during their first hours facing real Israeli bureaucracy.

Letters To The Editor

Former Mayor Lauds BushIn President George W. Bush Israel has a friend and supporter who has exhibited more concern for the Jewish state than...

Walking The Streets Of The Lower East Side

I am far from being a sentimental old fool, yet every stroll through this part of Manhattan brings to mind images of Jews, Italians and others packed into tiny apartments in six-story buildings with no elevators.

Israelis Worry About Whom?

TimesWatch.org is a website every serious consumer of news should have on his or her 'favorites' list.

Pacifica Network Radio Intifada

The Pacifica network has been leftist since the Pacifica Foundation was founded in 1946 by World War II conscientious objector Lew Hill.

Letters To The Editor

Foxman's Insult To NixonRe 'Truman Diaries Expose Toothless Watchdog' (Media Monitor, July):The insult to Nixon (by the ADL's Abe Foxman) is much worse than...

Hillary After Dark

Not two hours after the lights went out in the Northeast last Thursday, Sen. Hillary Clintonwas in front of the microphones doing what she does best: carping, criticizing, dividing.

Spurning Tom DeLay: Why Are So Many Jews Unhappy That A Political Leader Loves...

But there is more to the man than opposition to abortion, gerrymandering in Texas and bare-knuckles politics in Washington. He is also a fervent Christian Zionist.

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