Palestinian Arabs threw stones at police at the Mugrabi gate to the Temple Mount compound on Friday. Police broke into the compound and dispersed the rioters using shock grenades. Later the stone throwing at police forces resumed and they went back into the compound, moved hundreds of worshipers outside, dispersed the stone throwers and arrested 5. A few Arab youths were injured from the stones.



  1. It’s seems an everyday occurence that the savages riot. Can’t the security forces stop the savages; or are they afraid of bad publicity? Guess I won’t be able to visit the site when I’m in Israel.

  2. Israel: stop being politicaolly correct if you do no want to lose Jerusalem as the Franch have lost Paris, Belgium: Brussells, Holland: Amsterdam, Spain: Madrid and all the south of Spain, et all the rest of EU capitals. Why do u think EU is after Israel's ass? Because EU is now ruled by arabs.

  3. Evict the mosques from Jerusalem and send them back from where they came from along with their idol worhsippers. It is an obmination (Obama) that the illegitimate children of Abraham is still in the Jewish State of Israel after Sarah and Abraham banished them.

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