Photo Credit: Tazpit News agency
A Gazan rocket hit a chicken coop, killing the chickens inside.

7:44 PM Shaar HaNegev

6:53 PM Eshkol


6:30 PM Shaar Hanegev. Open area.

6:05 PM Nachal Oz

5:55 PM Eshkol

5:37 PM Ein HaShlosha x4. No injuries.

5:33 PM Eshkol

4:21 PM Eshkol

4:20 PM Eshkol

4:16 PM Eshkol

4:11 PM Kissufim

4:08 PM Eshkol

3:39 PM Eshkol Chicken coop hit. Damage. No human injuries. The chickens were killed.

3:26 PM Shaar Hanegev x 2

3:21 PM Sdot Negev, Shaar Negev

2:51 PM Shaar Hanegev

2:40 PM Shaar Negev



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