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January 23, 2017 / 25 Tevet, 5777

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Obama Appoints Anti-Israel Adviser to Holocaust Museum Council

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

President Barack Obama appointed White House deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes to a post on the US Holocaust Memorial Museum’s council, the White House Reported Tuesday. Rhodes was probed by Congress over revelations that he served in his sensitive position as the president’s most trusted advisor despite the fact that he had not qualified for security clearances based on FBI background checks in 2008.

Rhodes, the son of an Episcopalian father from Texas and a Jewish mother, has been attacked by Jewish groups and media outlets over his role in selling the Iran nuclear to the American public. Rhodes admitted to misleading reporters regarding the actual timeline of US negotiations with Iran, saying he used young, inexperienced reporters to create an “echo chamber” in order to sway public opinion (and Democrats on the Hill) in favor of the deal.

Rhodes recently raised many eyebrows when he enlightened reporters about the “tens of thousands” of Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria: “Again, I think the question is going to be when history looks at these types of decisions, when people look back and they say, you saw tens of thousands of settlements being constructed, you saw as was addressed in the resolution, incitement to violence on the Palestinian side.”

And so, in his characteristic manner, President Obama appointed a man with serious integrity issues to be on the board of an institution that deals daily with attacks on it veracity by forces looking to denigrate and deny the memory of the Holocaust.

Rhodes’ appointment to the Holocaust museum’s council could raise eyebrows in the Jewish community, which has clashed with Rhodes and the White House over the administration’s outreach to Iran and push to secure the contested nuclear agreement.

Or, as Obama put it in a statement: “I am proud that such experienced and committed individuals have agreed to serve the American people in these important roles. I know they will serve the American people well.” He was referring, besides Rhodes, to Valerie Jarrett and Susan Rice whom the president pawned off on the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts’ Board of Trustees.

David Israel

Obama Pardons General Who Leaked US-Israel Cyberattack on Iran’s Nukes

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

President Barack Obama on Tuesday granted a full and complete pardon to former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff retired four-star Marine Corps Marine General James E. “Hoss” Cartwright, who on October 17, 2016, pleaded guilty to falsely denying to the FBI that he was the source of classified information about US-Israeli cyberattack on Iran’s nuclear program, which was published in a book by David Sanger.

Obama on Tuesday also granted commutations to 208 other people and pardoned 64, including the commutation of most of the remaining sentence of US soldier Chelsea Manning, who had been convicted of leaking classified information to WikiLeaks.

On June 8, 2007, then Defense Secretary Robert Gates recommended Cartwright to be the next Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, replacing retiring Admiral Edmund Giambastian. Cartwright’s nomination was confirmed by the full Senate on August 3, 2007 and he assumed the position immediately upon confirmation.

Cartwright was awaiting his sentencing in two weeks, after pleading guilty to felony, when he received his pardon.

The senior White House official told the Washington Post that Cartwright’s long history of distinguished service to the nation factored into Obama’s decision. According to the same official, a journalist involved in the case testified that Cartwright did not tell him anything he didn’t already know, and that the general was actually trying to prevent “the publication of information that could be damaging to our national security.”

It appears that Cartwright inadvertently confirmed the reporter’s information, rather than leak it. “Motive matters,” the official told the Post. “It’s clear in this case that based on what the journalist has said . . . that General Cartwright’s motive was different than most of the people who are accused of leaking classified information to a journalist.”

Cartwright issued a statement Tuesday, saying, “With the greatest pride, I have served my country as a member of the military for more than forty years. This action allows me to continue that work as a private citizen. […] I love this country and believe it to be the greatest nation on earth. I have never lost faith in that belief.”


Iran Received ‘Billions’ From Obama Administration in Cash, Gold & Assets

Sunday, January 15th, 2017

The Islamic Republic of Iran has received more than $10 billion in cash, gold bullion and assets from the Obama administration since 2013, according to reports by the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Free Beacon.

The payments were made primarily to keep Iran at the negotiating table, to ensure that American hostages were freed and finally, to secure and keep the July 2015 nuclear deal in place. For most of the time U.S. lawmakers did not know the payments were to be made in cash, and the White House did not return calls from concerned members of Congress.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Bahram Ghasemi was quoted by the Wall Street Journal as saying the amount of $10 billion just “scratches the surface” of the total paid to Tehran over the past several years.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Ghasemi was quoted in Persian language reports independently translated for the news outlet as saying that figure was actually a “stingy” estimate. Cash, gold and other assets were transferred by Washington DC to Iran’s Central Bank, where they were “spent,” he said.

“After the Geneva conference and the resulting agreement, it was decided that $700 million dollars were to be dispensed per month” by the U.S., according to Ghassemi. “In addition to the cash funds which we received, we [also] received our deliveries in gold, bullion, and other things,” he said, Free Beacon quoted.

What’s important to remember in reading these figures is where this money goes when it’s “spent.” Iran uses these and other resources to fund its regional terrorist operations in the Middle East, and to support the military operation in Syria.

That means the Obama administration was indirectly funding the support of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah – and their attacks on Israel.

Hana Levi Julian

UK to Loan Bust of Winston Churchill After Trump Requests Its Return to White House

Saturday, January 14th, 2017

After an exile of nearly eight years, a bust of Sir Winston Churchill created by artist Sir Jacob Epstein will be returned “on loan” to the White House upon the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump.

The bust was originally presented as a gift to former President George W. Bush in July 2001 by then-British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and displayed by President Bush in the Oval Office for the length of both of his terms in office, from 2001 to 2009.

But President Barack Obama handed the famous sculpture back to the United Kingdom in 2009, replacing it instead with one of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Although Mr. Obama said at a press conference that he had a second one in his private residence at the White House, the move was seen by outraged British citizens and lawmakers as a “snub to Britain.”

Since that time the Churchill bust has remained at the British Embassy in Washington DC.

Sir Winston Churchill, a Tory politician, served as the prime minister of the United Kingdom during the Holocaust of World War II — from 1940 to 1945 — and again from 1951 to 1955. He led England through the bombing raids by the German war machine, among other difficult moments in history.

Sir Winston had an American mother, and is the only person ever to have been granted an honorary U.S. passport. He passed away in 1965 at the age of 90 on the anniversary of the death of his father, Lord Randolph Churchill, also a Tory politician.

President-elect Trump is said to be a great admirer of the late British prime minister, and has read British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson’s biography of Churchill. During talks at Trump Tower in New York a week ago, Trump advisers Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon asked the British foreign minister on behalf of the president-elect to return the bust.

A spokesperson for British Prime Minister Theresa May responded in a statement quoted by The Sun, “The prime minister is happy to loan the Churchill bust to the White House and will be delighted to view it on display when she visits this spring.”

Hana Levi Julian

Historically Jewish Country Club May Revoke Complimentary Membership for Obama Over UNSC Resolution

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

The elite Woodmont Country Club in Rockville, Maryland is seriously considering revoking a complimentary membership it had extended to outgoing President Barack Obama. The club is comprised primarily of Jewish members.

The decision is still up in the air, but doubts abound in reaction to Mr. Obama’s orders last month to the U.S. envoy to abstain during the UN Security Council vote which unanimously passed anti-Israel resolution 2334(2016).

The issue is ironic given the origins of the club, founded in 1913 specifically due to the exclusion of Jews from all other country clubs in the area, thanks to the rampant anti-Semitism that ruled society at the time and their undeniable status as Jews.

That’s not to say that anti-Semitism isn’t still rampant in the United States today, albeit in far more insidious, politically correct and quiet forms.

The outgoing president’s membership at the golfing club would normally have cost a regular member an $80,000 initiation fee in addition to $9,673 in annual dues.

The club is located just a few miles from the home into which the Obama family has chosen to move from the White House, and features “two premiere golf courses,” according to its web site.

A source at the club told the New York Post, “Originally, this was supposed to be a back-door thing to get this done and give him the membership – free of charge – and circumvent the rules. But now, with the UN thing, they are not in position or likely to do it.”

The outgoing president would have officially started at the club after leaving the White House on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017.

But threats of lawsuits and/or litigation by club members on both sides of the political aisle – Democrats as well as Republicans – for breaching the bylaws in order to make the complimentary offer, have given the club leadership second thoughts about bending the rules to allow him to join.

“Can you imagine how angry I would be, if I had paid $80,000 to have to look at this guy who has done more to damage Israel than any president in American history?” one Washington Jewish NGO official told the NY Post.

“After the UN vote and attack on Israel, I think it probably hurts the club. If there is a club that excludes Jews, he would probably be more comfortable around those folks.”

Hana Levi Julian

US Senators Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham Join Forces to Defund UN Over Anti-Israel Resolution 2334 [video]

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

Republican Senators Ted Cruz of Texas and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina on Thursday announced they will introduce legislation to cut off funding to the United Nations until UN Security Council Resolution 2334(2016) is repealed.

The two senators were uncompromising in their support for Israel, and in their disgust over the hostile behavior towards America’s ally by the Obama administration, as demonstrated by the abstention that allowed the anti-Israel resolution to pass unanimously last month at the UN Security Council.

“The UN resolution was [Secretary of State John] Kerry and [President Barack] Obama taking a slap at Israel,” tweeted Senator Graham on Thursday. “We’re going to push back.”

The Twittersphere was filled with headlines and tweets about what the plans announced by the two Republican senators.

Their interview with the American MSNBC cable news network came as delegates from 72 countries prepare to travel to Paris for a so-called “peace summit” to come up with more “concrete ideas” on how to force Israel into a final status arrangement with the Palestinian Authority – with or without direct negotiations.

Neither Israel nor the Palestinian Authority has been invited to the conference, although PA leader Mahmoud Abbas has been consulted repeatedly by several of the participants over recent months.

But Republican Senators Cruz and Graham say they have Israel’s back. “Last month what we’ve seen President Barack Obama do to Israel I think has been shameful,” Senator Cruz told MSNBC.

“He has struck out repeatedly at Israel, and done real damage. At the United Nations the resolution that the Obama administration should have abstained from, and there are reports they actively orchestrated, was a profoundly anti-Israel resolution. It declares much of Israel illegal and illegitimate.

“Much of Jerusalem it declares is not legitimately part of Israel. It declares the Jewish quarter is not part of Israel. It says the Temple Mount – the holiest site for the Jewish People in Jerusalem – is not legitimately part of Israel.”

Senator Graham added, “The Western Wall.”

Agreeing, Senator Cruz exclaimed, “And the Western Wall! I mean, we all remember the image of Barack Obama wearing a yarmulka, standing in front of the Western Wall. He’s now signed on to the proposition that it is illegal occupied territory.

“That is shameful,” Cruz emphasized, “and in my view, we need to defend not only our friend and ally, the nation of Israel, but also U.S. interests, and so Lindsey and I today are joining and filing legislation that would end all U.S. taxpayer funding for the UN unless and until they reverse this resolution.

“It’s very simple.

“The only way to get their attention – we can give speeches, we can pass resolutions – and the UN is going to ignore what we have to say. But if you cut off their money, that gets their attention. And I think we’ve got real prospects of seeing this thing move through Congress and actually turning this thing around.”

Given the fact that Mr. Kerry leaves for Paris this weekend and there is barely a week to go before Mr. Obama leaves the White House, one wonders about the reaction in the West Wing to Thursday’s announcement on Capitol Hill.

Hana Levi Julian

Netanyahu: Security Forces Busted 43 Weapons Factories in 2016

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

by Andrew Friedman

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Tuesday that security forces shut down 43 weapons factories around Judea and Samaria during 2016, as opposed to virtually none in 2015. He added that a major focus for security forces at the moment is preventing weapons from reaching the Palestinian Authority street.

Speaking after an inspection tour of IDF forces in Judea and Samaria with Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, the prime minister said the price of weapons on the PA street has been driven up six-fold due to carefully planned operations and coordination between IDF, police and intelligence agents since the November, 2015 attack at the Sarona Market in Tel Aviv.

“Our forces have confiscated equipment, arrested those responsible and closed factories, ” Netanyahu said.

Both Netanyahu and Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, who also participated in the inspection tour, and said that Israel “knows how to exact a heavy price from the other side for incitement. Both men blamed the Palestinian Authority, and especially PA leader Abu Mazen, for promoting violence with wild incitement and glorification of terrorists.

Liberman and Netanyahu also used the occasion to relate to foreign policy issues, saying Israel will not allow itself to be bullied by the international community on matters of domestic policy.

Netanyahu fired a shot at outgoing U.S. President Barack Obama, saying the international stage is currently undergoing “dramatic changes… some of which will be very, very good for Israel.” The defense minister added criticism of an international “peace” conference, set to meet this Friday in Paris against Israel’s wishes and without representation from Jerusalem.

“Instead of talking to us, there are people out there that are trying to pressure us, to incite against us. But anyone who thinks that trying to frighten us or pressure us with international conferences will change the situation here is sorely mistaken,” Liberman said.

TPS / Tazpit News Agency

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