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December 7, 2016 / 7 Kislev, 5777

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A Founder of Dimona Reactor Calls on Govt. to Shut It Down Over Numerous Faults

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016

Prof. Uzi Even, one of the founders of the nuclear reactor in Dimona, called on the government to shut it down after numerous faults had been discovered in its core and its mantle. Prof. Even told israel Radio on Tuesday that the Dimona reactor has completed its mission and is no longer needed. He added that he had been warning for a long time that the reactor, which has been in operation for 53 years and could be the oldest operating reactor in the world, must follow the example of its contemporary facilities, in keeping with international safety rules.

But Even pointed out that the Dimona reactor is much smaller than the failed reactors in Chernobyl and Fukushima. According to him, even if the Dimona reactor springs a leak, the resulting damage would be minimal.

According to Ha’aretz, citing a research work that was presented in a Tel Aviv conference this month, an ultrasound examination has discovered 1,537 faults in the reactor’s metal core, which are being monitored continuously by scientists. Other topics that were discussed by the same researchers were ways to protect the reactors against earthquakes and missile attacks.

David Israel

Updated: Jewish Teen Stabs 4 Arab in Dimona “I thought they were terrorists”

Friday, October 9th, 2015

This story has been updated and corrected from a previous version.

Four Arab men were stabbed in Dimona on Friday morning, according to a MDA report.

The stabber was a 17-year-old Jewish teenager from Dimona, he was caught outside a Dimona school.

As the stabber approached the school, the guard fired in the air, and police arrested the teen.

The 17-year-old Jewish stabber told police he thought the Arabs were terrorists, and that is why he attacked them.

The injured Arabs are Bedouin employees of the municipality, working as street cleaners. Two of them are in moderate to serious condition

The teenager was previously known to local police.

Jewish Press News Briefs

Israel Did Not Protest Release of 1987 Nuke Report

Saturday, March 28th, 2015

Israel did not protest the release of the 1987 US Department of Defense commissioned document that summarized The US’s knowledge of Israel’s nuclear and other technical programs at the time, according to a Jerusalem Post Report.

“We did inform the Israeli government of our planned release of the documents and they did not object,” Army Col. Steven Warren, director of Pentagon press operations, confirmed to The Jerusalem Post.

The report was released due to a Freedom of Information Act request a few years earlier.

The source claims Israel was informed and did not protest the document’s release, and if Israel had protested, in writing, the report would not have been released.

Israel has not publicly commented on the report.

The timing of the release, at a time of tremendous tension between President Obama and Israel, led to speculation that the timing of the release was intentional.

Jewish Press News Briefs

They Are Not Jews!‏

Monday, January 5th, 2015

Disclaimer: The following disclaimer is addressed solely to those who as a general rule eschew intellect for emotional outbursts.So pay attention, hypocritical liberals and moral relativists, because I will only say this once! It is always annoying to have to justify oneself to emotionally volatile people who throw the term racist out the way most people change their socks. Read the following article carefully before allowing blind rage to overwhelm you. Don’t skim the article or make false assumptions. Read every word and draw your own conclusion. My total opposition to the fictitious “Black- Hebrew” cult which is the focus of the following article has NOTHING to do with their skin color, and everything to do with their brazen attempt to usurp Jewish identity while labeling authentic Jews as frauds, and their persistent aggression and hostility over the years. It has everything to do with Israel’s grotesque failure to throw these racists out years ago, out of fear of what liberal gentiles in America will say, which resulted in the inevitable process of today, where Israel is granting them amnesty and citizenship. And it has everything to do with the contemporary effort of weakling Israelis to sanitize and sugarcoat their collective image, in light of the recent passing of their false prophet, Ben Ammi Ben Israel. There are obviously many authentic black Jews who were born Jewish or who converted according to Halacha. The Black-Hebrews in Israel and America are NOT Jewish, and the willingness of liberal Jews to accept their nonsense is consistent with their hypocrisy when it comes to tolerating black racism. 

Ben Carter, AKA Ben Ammi Ben Israel, the notorious leader of the Black-Hebrew cult in Israel has died, and judging from the reaction of many Israeli liberals, you would think that he was a great civil rights leader rather than a deranged false prophet whose life’s work was an attempt to usurp the legacy of the Jewish people. Israel’s most foolish minds are celebrating him as some sort of national cultural icon. Funny what happens over time. Once upon a time, this fraud and his cult were viewed by most normal people in Israel as an enduring outrage that was only tolerated because weakling politicians were afraid to address the actions of these black-racists, lest the world accuse us of prejudice.

Today, the liberal Jewish blogs and online rags are celebrating Ben Israel and the Black-Hebrews as a community of peaceful, Sabbath day fasting, non-vaccinating, polygamous, vegan masseuses who only want to share their healthy juices with us and impart their wisdom of organic colonics. So there is no mention of the racist supremacist teachings denigrating us as devils that are hidden within the cryptic teachings of their protected community. Gone from the record are the many violent skirmishes of the 1970’s and early 80’s when they successfully used the turbulence of the times to push their insane agenda.

Even before his death, such revisionist writing of history has become the norm. The following embarrassing excerpt is from the official webpage of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

“A phenomenon in a land  full of phenomena is the story of the Hebrew Israelite Community in Dimona, Israel. Labeled over the years as the “Black Hebrews,” community members began arriving in Israel in 1969. Led by Ben Ammi Ben-Israel, they came from the United States via Liberia stating that they are the descendants of the tribe of Judah….”

A more accurate wording would have been:

“A disturbing phenomenon, in a country where government regards insanity as the norm, can be seen in the illegal actions of the Black Hebrew community in Dimona, Israel. These racist interlopers from Chicago espouse a pseudo-historical racist ideology which designates themselves as the true Hebrews and the Jews of Israel as frauds. They have resided in Israel since 1969, when the Liberian government correctly viewed them as a menace and threw them out. Israel became their next destination. During the next forty years, successive governments of Israel have consistently refused to take the logical self-respecting step that Liberia took, and over the years violent confrontations, U.S. political pressure, threats of mass suicide, and other aggressive measures have successfully earned them amnesty and in many cases citizenship. Their love of organic fruit juices, and expressions of exotic dance have earned them a place in a society that is largely unaware of their true racist teachings.”

For a far less glorified account of the Black-Hebrew community than the pandering  of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and a window into the more ominous side of this cult, please refer to Yaakov Katz’s 2005 article “Distrust In Dimona” which was featured in The Jerusalem Post. Pay attention to Katz’s documentation of Ben Ammi’s close association with Louis Farrakhan and the former’s attendance at the latter’s 1995 Million Man March hate fest in Washington. Don’t expect to read such critical exposes in today’s edition of the same paper.

Donny Fuchs

Shabbat Roundup: 2 Soldiers Killed in Infiltration, 1 Bedouin Killed by Rocket

Saturday, July 19th, 2014

Motzei Shabbat: Cleared for publication.

In a terror attack on Shabbat morning (Shabbat), Gaza terrorists emerged from a tunnel in the Be’eri region and attacked an IDF jeep, killing 2 IDF soldiers.

Sgt. Adar Bresno (20) Nahariya HY”D

Major Amotz Greenberg (45) from Hod HaSharon HY”D

The Hamas terrorists were planning to massacre the citizens of a nearby town.

One of the nine terrorist was killed. The rest managed to escape.

The terrorists were wearing IDF uniforms.

The army believes there may be as many as 20 more tunnels like these entering into Israel.

Additionally, in fighting today in Gaza, 2 IDF officers were seriously wounded, 3 officers and 1 soldier were moderately wounded and 5 soldiers were lightly wounded in battles with the terrorists.

A soldier was wounded on Saturday evening by an IDF tank’s active defense system which activated when an RPG which was launched at the tank. Apparently, the soldier was outside the tank and was seriously wounded by shrapnel. The soldier was transported to Soroka hospital in Beer Sheva for treatment.


70 Hamas terrorists have been killed since IDF ground troops entered into Gaza. 34 tunnel entrances have been discovered, 5 of which had already reached under the Gaza border, and into Israel.

Hamas terrorist launched a large number of rockets over Shabbat towards the Tel Aviv area and the rest of Israel.

One of the dozen rockets aimed at the Dimona nuclear reactor killed a Bedouin near Dimona, Aluj Aday (32). Hamas is hoping to hit the reactor and cause a nuclear holocaust in Israel.

That rocket at Dimona also injured two additional members of the man’s family, including a small boy and a baby.


The IDF discovered multiple terror tunnels in Gaza, during searches yesterday and today, as well as homes lined with explosives:

Terror tunnel found in Gaza

Terror tunnel found in Gaza

Terror tunnel found in Gaza

Terror tunnel found in Gaza


Tunnel in Gaza 3

Shalom Bear

Day 3: Iron Dome Smashes Missiles Over Tel Aviv

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Tel Aviv residents began their morning on Thursday with the wail of the Color Red incoming rocket alert siren followed by the boom of the Iron Dome anti-missile system smashing a missilesheading straight for the city.

Large pieces of shrapnel landed in the streets of a neighborhood in southern Tel Aviv. Miraculously, no physical injuries were reported. Falling shrapnel can be extremely dangerous; residents were cautioned to remain in their shelters and safe spaces until given the “all clear” by security officials or Home Front Command — or until 10 minutes of silence has passed.

Barely two hours later, at 11:25 a.m. they were doing it again, with sirens sending hundreds of thousands of residents in Tel Aviv and Yafo (Jaffa) scrambling for cover.

Two missiles were fired at the White City but both landed in open areas in the greater metropolitan area. No physical injuries were reported. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and other top officials were in the city consulting on the security situation at the time and they, too, headed straight for the shelter the second the Color Red siren was activated.

Gaza terrorists also fired M75 missile attacks at the eastern Negev cities of Dimona, Yerucham and Mitzpe Ramon, as Hamas searches desperately for a “quality” strike on a significant target. Dimona presents such a possibility; the city is home to Israel’s nuclear plant. At least one missile landed in an open area on the outskirts of the city; no physical injuries were reported. Hamas fired a barrage of three missiles at Dimona on Wednesday night as well. One of the missiles was shot down by the Iron Dome system, and two others landed in open areas, causing no physical injuries or damage.

In general, it’s been a busy morning as the Iron Dome system and its operators pick and choose which rockets and missiles must be eliminated from the skies.

A short-range rocket was shot down as it headed for the western Negev city of Netivot at around 10 am. Two other rockets landed in open areas, but not entirely without cost: the explosion ignited a fire, which required firefighters to risk their lives in coming out to extinguish the blaze as other rockets were exploding. Gaza terrorists fired a barrage of rockets and missiles towards the Negev that reached as far as 84 kilometers (52 miles) from Israel’s border with the region. Meanwhile, the IDF targeted a Hamas terrorist in northern Gaza has he was firing rockets at Israel. A direct hit was confirmed. Several hours earlier, the IDF also eliminated three Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists in northern Gaza who were manufacturing medium-range missiles. Out of the PIJ’s approximate arsenal of some 5,500 rockets and missiles, more than 100 have an 80+ kilometer(50 mile) range.

Hana Levi Julian

Missiles Fired at Dimona, Ness Tziona, Rehovot

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

Gaza terrorists fired three M75 missiles at the eastern Negev city of Dimona on Wednesday night, but no one was injured.

Two of the missiles landed in open areas, causing no damage. The third was intercepted by the Iron Dome anti-missile defense system, indicating it was headed for a populated area.

The Hamas terrorist organization claimed responsibility for the attack, stating it had attempted to strike at Israel’s nuclear reactor, which is located just outside the city.

The group also launched attacks on the coastal cities of Rehovot, Yavneh and Ness Tziona. As in Dimona, Iron Dome anti-missile batteries intercepted each missile. Residents of the areas were also warned by the Color Red incoming rocket alert system prior to the attacks, which allowed them time to race to shelters in safety.

Hana Levi Julian

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