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April 25, 2015 / 6 Iyar, 5775
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Former French Foreign Minister Not Taking Back PM Jewish Wife Slur [video]

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

Posted on Jewish Business News

Former French foreign minister Roland Dumas, 92, would not budge from the comment he made over the weekend, when he criticized Prime Minister Manuel Valls, saying he “has personal alliances that mean he has prejudices.”

“Everyone knows he is married to someone really good but who has an influence on him,” Dumas told BFM-TV, referring to Valls’ Jewish wife, violinist Anne Gravoin.

When the interviewer asked Dumas directly: “Is he under Jewish influence?” the late Socialist President François Mitterrand’s foreign minister responded, “Probably, I would think so.”

On Monday, in a FRANCE 24 interview, after Dumas had been rebuked by France’s ruling Socialists, he replied: “I will not apologize!”

For its part, the Socialist Party declared that Dumas’ statements were “unworthy of a Socialist decorated by the Republic.”

It’s true, one really must choose a better decorator…

Incidentally, Dumas is known for his controversial comments, including his conspiracy theories regarding September 11, 2001, when the CIA blew up downtown Manhattan.

One of the last things the aging Dumas has done professionally was to receive a 12-month suspended prison sentence misappropriating funds when he served as executor of the will of the widow of Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti.

Jewish Cemetery Desecrated in France

Sunday, February 15th, 2015

Hundred of Jewish tombstones have been desecrated in a cemetery in Brumath, near Strasbourg, according to French government officials.

Swastikas and antisemitic slogans were painted on the headstones.

France Arrests Teen Who Used E-Mail to Threaten Israeli Envoy

Sunday, February 15th, 2015

Police in Paris have arrested a 19-year-old Muslim who sent e-mail threats on the life of Israeli consul to Marseilles, Barnea Hasaid and French Jewish Member of Parliament Meir Habib.

The threat included video clips of Islamic State (ISIS) beheadings.

The ISIS published a new “A Message to France” video on Saturday that threatened new attacks on France as well as Belgium.

The terrorist army claims it has members in European countries who are preparing to launch new attacks in Paris and Brussels.

Hooded Men Fired Kalashnikovs at Marseilles Cops in Police Car

Monday, February 9th, 2015

Police still have no idea what caused hooded gunmen to launch an attack on French police in Marseille on Monday as Prime Minister Manuel Valls was arriving for a two-day visit to the Mediterranean port city.

Pierre-Parie Bourniquel, regional director of public security, was quoted by France 24 as saying the gunmen opened fire with Kalashnikov assault rifles at officers in a police vehicle, but said there were no immediate reports of injuries.

It is still not yet clear whether the attack was related to drug gangs or terrorism.

Valls had arrived for a visit to congratulate city officials on statistics showing an impressive drop in the city’s crime rate over the past year.

Residents in the northern suburb of La Castellane, home to some 7,000 people, were ordered to remain indoors for their own safety. Security personnel evacuated a school as elite GIPN special ops forces moved into a sealed-off estate, according to a police source.

The area is a melting pot of poverty, prostitution, drug trafficking and violence, according to Samia Ghali, a senator from Marseille, the second-largest city in France. “It’s a dangerous cocktail and we saw evidence of that today,” Ghali told BFM TV. Likewise, Marseille Deputy Mayor Caroline Pozmentier commented, “This battle against drug trafficking is a long-term battle.”

But it doesn’t make sense that men wearing hoods would suddenly open fire with Kalashnikov assault rifles at officers sitting in a police vehicle in to bust up a drug sting. Most drug traffickers try to avoid attracting the attention of law enforcement personnel.

There is still no reliable information on whether there were any casualties, and none of the perpetrators have been identified; nor have authorities told media whether any of the attackers have been apprehended.

Many of the members of France’s five million-strong Muslim population live in suburbs such as that which came under siege on Monday.

In the neighborhood of La Castellane, turnout was very low when millions of others turned out to honor the memory of those who died in the terror attack on the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo satirical weekly last month. The magazine came under attack by a terror cell from Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) for publishing satiric cartoon images of Islam’s founder, the prophet Muhammad.

Last week a terrorist stabbed two French soldiers standing guard outside a Jewish community center building in the southern city of Nice. A third soldier was not injured. The attacker and a second man were subsequently arrested.

The country has been on high alert since a three-day siege in Paris carried out in a joint operation by terror cells from Al Qaeda in the Islamic Peninsula and Daesh, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria terror group.

A total of 17 people died in those attacks, which included the massacre of 12 journalists and others at the Charlie Hebdo French satiric magazine. More than a dozen others were held hostage for hours and four Jews were murdered as they completed their last-minute shopping before the Sabbath at the Hyper Cacher kosher grocery. A policewoman was murdered when she stopped to investigate a motor vehicle accident involving one of the terror cells; they killed her to prevent the discovery of the weapons cache in the car.

France has since resolved to hire some 2,600 additional counter terror operations troops, and provide police with enhanced weaponry in order to deal with the threat. Some 10,000 French soldiers have been deployed to secure iconic sites, landmarks and Jewish institutions around the country as well.

Western Leaders Head to Ukraine to Try for Peace with Russia

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

US Secretary of State John Kerry, French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel all intend to try and make peace between Ukraine and Russia this week.

Kerry is already in Ukraine to show America’s support for the Kiev government.

Hollande told international media Thursday in Paris that he and Merkel would head first to Kiev and then to Moscow on Friday to present Russian President Vladimir Putin with a proposal “based on the territorial integrity of Ukraine.”

NATO, meanwhile, is unveiling details of a plan to bolster its military presence in eastern Europe in response to the Ukraine crisis, according to the BBC. NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg told the news service it will be the biggest reinforcement of its collective defense since the end of the Cold War, centering on a “spearhead” force of up to 5,000 troops with lead units able to deploy within two days. A network of command centers is being established in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria, Stoltenberg said, in response to “the aggressive actions we have seen from Russia, violating international law and annexing Crimea.”

The French president described the months-long conflict with pro-Russia rebels that wreaked havoc in Ukraine as a full-fledged war. “Ukraine is at war. Heavy weapons are being used and civilians are being killed daily,” Hollande said.

Kerry told the BBC in Kiev that the U.S. wants to see a diplomatic solution to the conflict, but will not close its eyes to Russian aggression.

“We want a diplomatic resolution but we cannot close our eyes to tanks that are crossing the border from Russia and coming into Ukraine,” Kerry said at a joint news conference with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

More than 5,000 people have died in the fighting between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian rebel troops, some of which include Russian “volunteers,” since April 2014. The eastern Ukraine cities of Donetsk and Lugansk are both under rebel control.

Woman in ISIS ‘Blow up France’ Video May Be Linked to Attack on Jews [video]

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

A woman holding a rifle in a new ISIS video may be Hayat Boumeddiene, who is wanted by French authorities for possible involvement in the murderous attack on a Paris kosher deli where four people were killed by her husband, Amedy Coulibaly.

The new video is called “Blow Up France 2″ and shows a woman with a camouflage uniform and holding a weapon.

“French authorities are investigating the possibility this woman could be Hayat Boumeddiene,” a source told CNN.

The new video encourages more terrorist attack in France as part of the “fight for Islam” against French soldiers and police officers.


Hayat Boumeddiene, whose husband killed four Jews in Paris, may the new star in an ISIS video.

Hayat Boumeddiene, whose husband killed four Jews in Paris, may the new star in an ISIS video.

Breaking: French Soldiers Attacked While Guarding Nice Jewish Center

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

French soldiers were stabbed Tuesday while protecting a Jewish community center in the nation’s southern city of Nice. Two of the three military guards sustained wounds to the face and arm, according to international media.

The condition of the two soldiers is not known.

The attack occurred in the center of the city, outside the ‘Consistoire Insraelite de Nice’ Jewish center, French police union spokesperson Sarah Baron said.  Radio Shalom, a Jewish radio station, is also located in the building as well as another Jewish organization.

One of the attackers was captured and taken into custody, but two other terrorists are believed to have escaped.

The armed attacker carried an identity card that named him as Moussa Coulibaly, age 30, Baron said. Security sources added that Coulibaly, allegedly a Muslim, has a record of arrests for assault and theft.

Some 10,000 French troops are deployed throughout the country at present in order to protect landmarks, iconic institutions and Jewish sites from possible attacks by radical Islamic terrorists.

The move came in the wake of a three-day series of terror attacks by homegrown operatives from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) who had trained abroad but returned to France to kill. (Although the name “Coulibaly” is common in France, it is worth noting that one of the ISIS operatives killed during last month’s week of terror was Amedy Coulibaly.)

The joint terror attacks were aimed at the staff of the Charlie Hebdo French satiric weekly magazine and a list of Jewish targets — all in the Paris area — including the Hyper Cacher kosher grocery. One of the listed targets, a Jewish elementary school, was miraculously bypassed when the terror cell was interrupted on the way to the attack by a traffic accident. When a policewoman approached the terrorists’ vehicle to investigate the accident, the attackers shot and killed her to avoid detection of the myriad ammunition and arms that were piled in the car.  As the sun set that Friday eve and the Jewish Sabbath began, a total of 17 people had died in the attacks and more were being treated for wounds, physical and psychological.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls announced two weeks after the attacks that the government would increase the country’s counter terrorist forces by 2,600 and equip its police forces with “stronger weapons.” He also said authorities would begin tracking nearly 3,000 French citizens with jihadist ties.

Earlier today seven men and a woman also were arrested in connection with an alleged plan to travel abroad to join the ISIS terror organization in Syria and Iraq.

Last week French President Francois Hollande told Jewish citizens in a speech to commemorate the liberation of the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz that, “France is your homeland; your place is here.”  He vowed to defend French Jews and combat the “unbearable” rising anti-Semitism in France, saying said the country would protect “all its children and tolerate no insult, no outrage, no desecration.”

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