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February 14, 2016 / 5 Adar I, 5776

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Netanyahu to U.S.: Green Light for ‘Settlers’ in Return for ‘Good Will’ [video]

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

Netanyahu has check-mated Obama.

The Prime Minister and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry met on Tuesday, two weeks after Israel reportedly told the Secretary of State that more “good will measures” for Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority must parallel good will to Israel by giving the green light for building homes in settlement blocs.

The Obama administration obviously was far from happy with the Israeli demand, according to this morning’s report by Haaretz, which directly quoted a government spokesman as saying:

The Americans want Israel to implement a package of meaningful measures in the West Bank. The prime minister made it clear that we want American recognition of the settlement blocs and of the fact that we can build there.

The office of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has not denied the report, and it makes perfect sense. Abbas has figuratively shot himself in the head by not dampening incitement to kill Jews. He also not only has not condemned murders of Israel, his regime also has continued to praise the “martyrs.”

Netanyahu, the master of timing, has exploited the impossible situation in which Abbas has placed himself by promoting lies that are too ridiculous even for President Barack Obama and most of the international community to buy.

The Palestinian Authority recently has accused Israelis of “executing” terrorists who they claims were innocent people, has charged that soldiers and “settlers” plant knives next to terrorists who were shot dead, and has tried to create a change in the definition of the “Temple Mount status quo” to mean no Jews are allowed even to visit, let alone pray.

The inevitable change in the image of Abbas, along with this past week’s blood-letting by Palestinian Authority terrorists, left Kerry in the unusual position of not demanding “both sides” stop the violence when he met Prime Minister Netanyahu Tuesday.

The Prime Minister’s remarks released for publication were:

Good morning, John. I’d like to welcome you again to Jerusalem. You are a friend in our common effort to restore stability, security and peace. There can be no peace when we have an onslaught of terror – not here or not anywhere else in the world, which is experiencing this same assault by militant Islamists and the forces of terror. Israel is fighting these forces every hour.

Kerry was incredibly bland, limiting his comments to his concern about the attacks, although he did not specifically use the terms “Arabs,” whether from Jerusalem or from the Palestinian Authority. The usual “balance” was absent. Kerry did not even hint that Israel has to show “proportional response” and did not utter a sound about Israeli settlements being an obstacle to peace.

He didn’t even use the word “occupation.”

Kerry stated, for public consumption, at least:

I come at a time that, as the Prime Minister has just said, is very troubled. Clearly, no people anywhere should live with daily violence, with attacks in the streets, with knives or scissors or cars. And it is very clear to us that the terrorism, these acts of terrorism which have been taking place, deserve the condemnation that they are receiving and today I expressed my complete condemnation for any act of terror that takes innocent lives and disrupts the day-to-day life of a nation.

Israel has every right in the world to defend itself. It has an obligation to defend itself…. So I’m here today to talk with the Prime Minister about the ways that we can work together, all of us – the international community – to push back against terrorism, to push back against senseless violence and to find a way forward, to restore calm and to begin to provide the opportunities that most reasonable people in every part of the world are seeking for themselves and for their families.

He added that the Islamic State (ISIS) state also is one the agenda of his discussion with Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Mothers Cry Out Amidst Daily Sirens, Stabbings, Rammings South of Jerusalem

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

Sometimes a mother has to take control.

When your kids are coming home on the bus from school every day accompanied by the blaring of emergency vehicle sirens, when stabbings, rammings and shootings have become a regular occurrence in the one quarter mile stretch of highway directly outside your community, when a majority of the children are suffering from some version of post-traumatic stress syndrome, and your neighbors have become numb to the grotesque situation, a mother has to act.

And that is why a mild-mannered, piano lesson-giving mother of five from the suburb of Alon Shvut, in the Gush Etzion neighborhood of southern Jerusalem, acted.

Rivka Epstein Hattin decided it was time for the mothers to unite.

Hattin began calling, emailing and texting friends and neighbors, many of whom have been struggling to find an answer which will stop the terrorism making their children’s lives miserable.

The response, Hattin said, from the IDF and the politicians has been to put more soldiers on the roads. But those soldiers can’t stop a determined terrorist from ramming or stabbing or shooting an innocent person, they can only limit the extent of the damage. It is an after-the-fact band-aid, not a preventive measure.

So the women decided to hold a rally in the Gush Etzion Junction, the central point of a harrowing number of terrorist attacks over the past year and a half. The rally was set for 4:00 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 23.

They decided to hold a rally of mothers (and supporters), to show that it is unacceptable for anyone to become numb to the deaths and attempted murders. They were calling out to the security forces, the army, the politicians, crying out: “you are not keeping our children safe and alive!”

Hattin told the JewishPress.com the day before the rally that last November, Dalia Lemkus, a 26 year-old woman from Tekoa, was stabbed to death by a terrorist just outside Hattin’s window. A few months earlier and just across the street, the three Israeli teenage boys were kidnapped and then murdered.

There is a free flow of traffic on Route 367 which passes Alon Shvut. That route then pours into the junction with the major highway 60. It is just around that junction, in front of Alon Shvut, where traffic frequently backs up and no one can move. There’s a gas station, a huge supermarket, and a restaurant just before the  circle, all of which contribute to the traffic. It is a perfect place for an attack, if the attackers don’t mind being injured or killed. The pedestrians and the motorists become sitting ducks.

And, Hattin repeated many times, this rally, this gathering of mothers is about stopping terrorists. Everyone is vulnerable to the violence. In last week’s shooting attack which claimed the life of Yaakov Don HY”D, a resident of Alon Shvut and Ezra Schwartz HY”D, an 18 year old American student, an innocent Palestinian Arab, Shadi Arafa, was also shot and killed.

“We have Arab workers in Alon Shvut, Arab workers and patrons in the restaurant and in the Rami Levi (supermarket), they also need to be protected,” Hattin said.

“We need better security checks. We want a checkpoint here on this road, where so many of the attacks have taken place,” she continued, “the car with the terrorist who shot the people last week had Israeli plates, but he had a gun in the car – people are carrying huge knives with which to murder our children and neighbors,” Hattin explained.

“We do not want an Apartheid state, we want safety for everyone, safety from terrorism and from violence,” the rally’s organizer told the JewishPress.com.

“We are mothers coming together, we want solutions, we want Arabs and Jews to be able to co-exist, but right now our kids are being murdered and that has to stop,” Hattin said. “Apathy cannot be tolerated,” was a big part of the message they wanted to send.

Netanyahu: Terrorist Families to Lose Israeli Work Permits, But That’s Not All….

Monday, November 23rd, 2015

Families of Arab terrorists will lose their permits to work in pre-1967 Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday during a visit to Gush Etzion.

An Arab clan or family “know that it has in its midst someone who is extreme or someone liable to attack,” Netanyahu explained, “and a family like that does not have the right to work in Israel.”

A number of Bedouin families in southern Israel have quietly contacted security personnel over the past weeks about relatives who were planning to carry out terror activities, according to sources who spoke with JewishPress.com. “There have been a number of parents, and in several cases, brothers or fathers or both, who have taken the initiative to call authorities and prevent attacks,” the sources said.

While it is certainly true that blocking the ability to work in Israel might hurt some Arab families, those with any deep or passionate ideological ties to terror are not likely to be disturbed by this turn of affairs. The Palestinian Authority government, and a number of foreign Arab governments guarantee generous monthly salaries to the families of any Arab who is injured, imprisoned or who dies as a “shahid” or “martyr” on the altar of attempting to murder an Israeli or Jew. Those payments, in fact, may be even higher than any monthly salary earned by the prospective “shahid” who might otherwise be seeking employment either in Israel or the PA.

In addition to revoking work permits and blocking others, the prime minister said that bypass roads may be built to circumvent the high-risk areas presented by the current wave of terror, such as the Gush Etzion junction.

Netanyahu went to pay his respects at the site, where numerous terror attacks have taken place in recent weeks. The latest one resulted in Sunday’s stabbing death of 21-year-old Hadar Buchris, z’l, who was laid to rest Monday in Jerusalem.

The prime minister was accompanied to the site by Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, Deputy IDF Chief of Staff Maj.-Gen. Yair Golan and other top officials. During the visit he met with Gush Etzion regional council head Davidi Pearl, Efral local council head Oded Ravivi and Kiryat Arba local council head Malachi Levinger.

Netanyahu told the officials other measures are in store for further tightening security as well: alongside the other actions, every vehicle driving with Palestinian Authority plates on the main roads will be inspected.

He also said the government is preparing to “deal with” the incitement being disseminated on social media, using ‘various means.’ However, Netanyahu did not elaborate, nor did he offer any explanation.

The prime minister told angry Gush Etzion residents that security forces in the region have been increased, and enter Arab towns and villages to make numerous arrests.

“There is no limit on the activities of the IDF and the security services,” Netanyahu said. “On the contrary, there is full [government] support, and that is important.”

He added that during the second intifada, there were hundreds of deaths each year with armed attackers and suicide bombers. “We don’t have that now, and we are doing everything we can to ensure it won’t happen.”

During the 2002 Operation Defensive Shield that was carried out to trim back the terrorist activity in Judea and Samaria, he reminded the residents there were ‘terrorist command centers, and thousands of armed men’ in the territories. Because of Defensive Shield, Israel now operates freely in Judea and Samaria “to act against plots, attackers or weapons factories,” he said.

Stabbing Victim Hadar Buchris, z’l, Remains in Beloved Jerusalem

Monday, November 23rd, 2015

The body of young Hadar Buchris, z’l was laid to rest at 3 pm Monday, Nov. 23 in the holy city of Jerusalem. Her parents requested the public to attend if possible.

Buchris, age 21, was murdered by a Palestinian Authority Arab who stabbed her Sunday in a brutal terrorist attack at the Gush Etzion bus stop on Highway 60 in Judea.

Although she lived in Safed (Tzefat), the family decided that their daughter’s body would be buried at the Har HaMenuchot cemetery in the capital. “She really loved Jerusalem, and was very connected to the city, so in the holy city she shall be laid to rest,” her family explained to the Hebrew-language 0404 website.

The young woman’s family said it was “asking the people of Israel to please join them in accompanying their daughter on her final journey” as they lay her to rest.

May her memory be for a blessing. Yehi zichra baruch.

Update: 3 Dead, 6 Wounded in Gush Etzion Shooting and Ramming Attacks [video]

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

Three people were murdered and seven wounded in a shooting and ramming attack on Thursday in Gush Etzion.

The IDF reported that an initial inquiry reveals that the terrorists opened fire from a passing vehicle at a shuttle van at the intersection of Alon Shvut, and then carried on towards the Gush Etzion junction — where they collided with a private car. Security forces who arrived at the scene shot one terrorist dead.

MDA forces in Gush Etzion junction reported that after resuscitation attempts medics and paramedics determined the death of an 18-year-old American yeshiva student on the scene.

In addition, the forces provided medical care and evacuated to the Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center a 50-year-old man in very serious condition with a gunshot wound in his upper body. The man was unconscious.

The 50-year-old man, a teacher from Gush Etzion, died from his wounds. The man was identified as Yaacov Don from Alon Shvut.

The third murdered victim in the terror attack was an Arab pedestrian.

Six additional Israelis were lightly injured and evacuated to receive treatment at Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem.

One of the terrorists was killed, a second terrorist was captured with an Uzi sub-machine gun.

‘Human Rights’ Groups Cry over IDF Arrest of Terrorist in Hospital [video]

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

Israeli security forces arrested a Hamas terrorist in a Hebron hospital early Thursday and killed his cousin who attacked them during the undercover operation.

The terrorist, 22-year-old Azzam Shaldallah, stabbed Yisrael ben Aharon in the eastern Gush Etzion community of Metzad on October 25.

Ben Aharon had stopped his car after it was hit by rocks. Shaldallah then stabbed him, but Aharon fought the terrorist and managed to shoot and wound him.

Israeli soldiers and the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) dressed in civilians clothes and infiltrated the hospital where Shaldallah was being treated and had found refuge.

Palestinian media said the security forces pretended they were bringing in a pregnant woman and then rushed to Shaldallah’s room, pulled out weapons and arrested him. The terrorist’s cousin violently interfered and was shot and killed.

Terrorists recently have evaded arrest by Israeli forces by turning themselves over to Palestinian Authority authorities, who protect them from arrest instead of handing them over to Israel.

Under Construction

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

Workers building a new neighborhood in the Ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Beitar Ilit in Gush Etzion.

Building Beitar Ilit

Building Beitar Ilit

Building Beitar Ilit

Nati Shohat/Flash90

Nati Shohat/Flash90

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