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Jerusalem Mayor Awards Pollard Gold Pin in NY Chance Meeting

24 Elul 5776 – September 27, 2016
Barkat told the Pollards, "Since Jonathan is not allowed to go to Jerusalem, the eternal city of the Jewish people will come to him in New York or anywhere else in the world."

Court Rejects Pollard Appeal of Parole Terms

8 Av 5776 – August 12, 2016
Pollard's attorneys told the court their client was not a flight risk and that whatever secrets he knew of thirty years ago couldn't possibly have any value to anyone.

Pollard Praying for Miracle of Chanukah in Appeal on Parole Conditions

22 Kislev 5776 – December 4, 2015
A federal court on Wednesday will hear arguments that the conditions prevent him from working and force him to violate Jewish law.

The NY Times’ Moment of ‘Rishus’

12 Kislev 5776 – November 23, 2015
The NY Times has pushed a persistent, relentless campaign to keep Pollard in jail for many years now.

Pollard’s First Wife Suing Israel

10 Kislev 5776 – November 22, 2015
Anne Pollard, the "forgotten" Pollard who was jailed along with her husband Jonathan but for a shorter time, is suing the Israeli government for...

Jonathan Pollard’s First Picture as a Free Man

8 Kislev 5776 – November 20, 2015
You are welcome to send Jonathan all that’s in your heart, tell him about your activities and your prayers for him over the years, and it is also possible to attach a photo...

Pollard Freed from Prison But Not from US

Pollard, now 61, also is not allowed to leave the United States for five years.

Obama Won’t Make It Easier for Pollard to Go Home

28 Heshvan 5776 – November 10, 2015
Under the terms of Jonathan Pollard’s release, due this Nov. 20, he must remain in US territory for five years, under supervision, which would preclude any plans of making aliyah.

Jews Return to City of David Complex after 77 Years

13 Elul 5775 – August 27, 2015
Another Jewish property in Silwan valley, where the British expelled Yemenite Jews 77 years ago, once again is in Jewish hands.

US Won’t Let Pollard Out of Country for Five Years

14 Av 5775 – July 29, 2015
The White House said Pollard's serious crimes' preclude his being allowed to travel abroad.

Movie Based on Pollard Case to be Produced by Jackal Group

The film will be based on Martin Blank’s play “The Law Of Return,” about Pollard’s work for the US Navy, and the process of his becoming a spy.

Caroline Glick on Jonathan Pollard

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6_aGnuI9vA?rel=0&w=475&h=356]

Netanyahu Tells Pollard’s Wife ‘We Look Forward to his Release’

13 Av 5775 – July 28, 2015
Netanyahu called Pollard's wife over news of his impending release from prison.

Jonathan Pollard To Be Paroled in November

Former Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard will be freed in November after spending 30 years in a U.S. prison.

Rumsfeld Objects to Pollard’s Release

Rumsfeld tweeted on Monday: “Releasing spy Jonathan Pollard doesn’t make the #IranDeal any less of a disaster for Israel & the free world.”

US, Israel Quell Pollard Release Rumors, Deny Link to Iran Deal

10 Av 5775 – July 25, 2015
Rumors that Jonathan Pollard may be paroled have no connection to the Iran nuclear deal, US and Israeli officials say.

Netanyahu, American Jews Urge White House to Free Pollard

16 Kislev 5775 – December 8, 2014
Israel's prime minister and a major American Jewish umbrella organization call for the release of former agent Jonathan Pollard after his collapse in prison.

Pollard Out of Danger

15 Kislev 5775 – December 6, 2014
He has returned to jail, “home” for the past 30 years.

Jonathan Pollard Unconscious, Taken to Hospital

13 Kislev 5775 – December 5, 2014
Jonathan Pollard was hospitalized on Friday after losing consciousness in his cell.

The Hidden Reason the United States Won’t Release Pollard.

5 Kislev 5775 – November 26, 2014
Pollard hit American where it hurts the most.

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