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January 30, 2015 / 10 Shevat, 5775
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Court Roasts MK Zoabi for Claiming Non-Violence and Justifying Kidnapping

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

A five-justice Supreme Court panel verbally attacked Arab Knesset Member Hanin Zoabi during a hearing on her appeal to overturn the Knesset’s banning her for six months for speech that included identifying with the kidnap-murderers of three yeshiva students last June.

The justices’ questioning was unusually political, and the harsh criticism of the rabble-rousing MK suggested that it will uphold the Knesset Ethics Committee’s decision when the court hands down a ruling on her appeal.

One after another, the justices scored Zoabi for her claims that she backs non-violence while identifying with the Hamas kidnap-murders of the yeshiva students in a radio interview last June, before it was known that the boys had been murdered.

She told the interviewer that the kidnappers were not terrorists and simply are your average Joes, or Mohammeds, who “see no other way to change reality.”

Wouldn’t she be great on a Reality Show?

Some of her other exploitation of free speech have been to back a “siege on the State of Israel instead of negotiating with it.”

By the way, Zoabi lives in Nazareth, in the Galilee and has not professed that she would prefer to live in the Palestinian Authority and try her “free speech” approach to criticize Mahmoud Abbas.

More likely, she is waiting for the Palestinian Authority to take over all of Israel.

And what does Madame Zoabi have to say about today’s judicial lesson that free speech does not cover direct incitement?

She was very surprised at the justices’ line of questioning and is optimistic they will rule in her favor and against the Knesset Ethics Committee.

If the court were to rule against her, she said, “racists and bigots will wipe out any chance of peace co-existence.”

Speaking to the press, Zoabi said she was surprised by the political nature of the discussion, but hoped that the court finds in her favor. “Otherwise, the racists and bigots will eradicate any chance of peaceful coexistence in this country,” she said.

She was not holding a mirror in front of her face when she made the statement.

Knesset Committee Approves Bill to Dissolve Knesset

Monday, December 8th, 2014

The Knesset came one step closer Monday afternoon to putting an end to 21 months of agony thanks to the Knesset House Committee’s approval the bill to dissolve the current legislature and schedule news elections for the Ideas of March + 2, otherwise known as March 17.

Knesset Members are expected to unanimously approve the bill on second and third readings later today in a rare show of unanimity but proof that Israeli politicians actually are able to agree on something.

And what happened to the supposed Netanyahu secret plan to avoid elections and form a new coalition with the Haredi parties?

The “report” was propaganda pandered by Israel’s anti-Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu establishment media and members of the opposing parties trying to get in their last licks to paint Netanyahu as courting Haredim, which would be a political black mark.

If these kinds of spins continue, this will be a very dizzying election campaign.


Knesset Set to Vote Itself Out of Office Today

Monday, December 8th, 2014

Knesset Members are scheduled to sign the death notice for the current government and hold second and third readings on the bill for political euthanasia and give Israelis another chance to vote for another fractious government in March.

Rumors, mainly from the center-left media and their favorite parties, are that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will pull a Glatt Kosher but stinky rabbit out of the bag and form a new government coalition this week with Yisrael Beitenu, headed by Avigdor Lieberman, and the Haredi parties.

The odds of that happening are about 100-0, but it is great propaganda to discredit Netanyahu.


Knesset Jeremy Poll of Polls – Weekly Average #1

Sunday, December 7th, 2014

Knesset Jeremy’s Weekly Average – The Israeli Poll of Polls

Knesset Jeremy Weekly Average #1 (week of Nov 30-Dec 6 2014) of 12 polls from 9 polling companies (3 Maagar Mochot, 2 Dialog, 1 Panels, 1 Smith, 1 Midgam, 1 Teleseker, 1 New Wave, 1 Geocartography, 1 Sarid):

Current Knesset seats in [brackets]

1st 23.6 [18] Likud

2nd 16.6 [12] Bayit Yehudi

3rd 13.4 [15] Labor

4th 11.0 [13] Yisrael Beitenu

5th 09.9 [–] New Kachlon Party

6th 09.8 [19] Yesh Atid

7th 07.8 [07] Yahadut Hatorah/UTJ

8th 07.6 [11] Shas

9th 06.8 [06] Meretz

10th 3.4 [06] Movement

11th ?.? [04] Hadash

12th ?.? [04] Ra’am-Ta’al

13th ?.? [03] Balad

14th .01 [02] Kadima


76.4 [61] Right-Religious (Possible BB coalition)

43.6 [59] Center-Left-Arab (Anti-BB coalition)


Party Breakdown

1st: Likud: High – 30 (Dec 3 Geocarteography), Low – 21 (Dec 5 Panels & Maagar Mochot)

2nd: Bayit Yehudi: High – 18 (Dec 5 Panels & Maagar Mochot), Low – 15 (Dec 5 Maagar Mochot)

3rd: Labor: High – 17 (Dec 3 Sarid), Low – 12 (3 different polls)

4th: Yisrael Beitenu: High – 14 (Dec 3 Geocarteography), Low – 9 (Dec 5 Panels & Maagar Mochot)

5th: Kachlon: High – 13 (Dec 5 New Wave), Low – 5 (Dec 3 Sarid)

6th: Yesh Atid: High – 11 (5 polls), Low-  7 (Dec 3 Geocarteography)

7th: UTJ: High – 8 (9 polls), Low – 7 (3 polls)

8th: Shas: High – 9 (3 polls), Low – 6 (Nov 30 Dialog)

9th: Meretz: High – 8 (Dec 5 Panels & Maagar Mochot), Low – 5 (Dec 3 Teleseker)

Right-Religious (Possible BB coalition): High – 84 (Dec 3 Geocarteography), Low – 70 (Dec 3 Sarid)

Center-Left-Arab (Anti-BB coalition): High – 50 (Dec 3 Sarid), Low – 36 (Dec 3 Geocarteography)

Livni and Herzog Negotiating Together to Defeat Netanyahu

Sunday, December 7th, 2014

Tzipi Livni (Hatnua) and Yitzchak Herzog (Labor) are reportedly talking about merging and running on a joint list.

The head of the party would be the one that is likely to win them the most votes to unseat Netanyahu.

Both Herzog and Livni repeatedly claim they are qualified to become Israel’s next Prime Minister.

Lapid is also reportedly making overtures with the both of them to form a left-wing bloc to run against Netanyahu.

Feiglin Would Bring 18 Mandates to the Likud

Sunday, December 7th, 2014

An internal Likud poll, run by Maager Mochot of 501 Jewish voters, tested out various Likud leadership alternatives, to see who might bring the most votes to the Likud party in the upcoming elections — other than Benjamin Netanyahu, according to a Haaretz report.

The poll found that if Moshe Feiglin were the head of the party, the Likud would win 18 seats, exactly what it has now. If Danny Danon were to run, the party would get 17 seats.

Current polls show the Likud under Netanyahu getting at least 22-24.

If Feiglin were in charge of the Likud, the poll showed that he would draw votes away from Bayit Yehudi (National-Religious), Yahudut HaTorah (Ultra-Orthodox) and Yisrael Beiteinu (Secular Right-wing), while traditional Likud voters would instead vote for other parties.

The poll’s results seems to imply that if Feiglin were to break away from the Likud and form his own party, it could be a formidable one (though it would come at the expense of other good parties).

Feiglin has made it clear he wouldn’t do that.

Meir Sheetrit Tries to Sneak In Baby Biometric Bill

Sunday, December 7th, 2014

MK Meir Sheetrit (currently in Tzipi Livni’s Hatnua party) has been trying to foist various biometric bills onto the citizens of Israel, with the information to be stored in a national database.

In 2009, Meir Sheetrit (sometimes spelled Meir Shitreet) managed to pass a bill in the Knesset to get the national database set up and run by the Ministry of the Interior.

But it was in 2005, before it was even allowed by law, that then Minister of Transportation Sheetrit set up and implemented a government image biometric database.

According to the Israel Democracy Institute, legislation allowing for this database (which is in use with your driver license) still hasn’t been passed in the Knesset.

Last year, trials began with Sheetrit’s “smart Teudat Zehut” program – an opt-in program trying to convince Israelis to trust the government with their biometric data.

Despite the supposed infallibility of the system, already at the beginning of the trial, two brothers managed to acquire the same identity in the system. The mistake was noticed by the father.

While there are Israelis participating in the program, the majority of Israelis are choosing to not opt-in when renewing their passports or Teudat Zehuts (IDs).

In 2014, officers in the Mossad, Shabak and IDF, warned that the database is not sufficiently secure from hackers – and that it was a very inviting target.

But even if it was secure from hackers, your personal biometric information is not secure from your own government, and your information could possibly be legally shared with the police and other “relevant authorities” and used to track you.

But even that biometric database law isn’t enough for our resident Big Brother MK.

In 2014, Sheetrit began trying to establish a genetic database of all babies born in Israel.

Blood samples would be taken from newborns, purportedly for early detection of diseases (so the government could know what’s wrong with you), and your baby’s DNA data would then be stored in a national database, this time managed by the Ministry of Health.

The government would store your baby’s genetic data for at least 5 years – with the government having the option to extend the storage if they want to (and who exactly would want to delete such important and legally-difficult-to-obtain-again information?).

Sheetrit’s proposal passed its first reading in the Science and Technology Committee in July 2014.

Last week, on the last day of the Knesset, before the Knesset voted to dissolve itself, Sheetrit tried to push this bill in, according to the Knesset Channel.

This proposed law is even sneakier than his last one.

Participation by your baby in the newborn genetic database is automatic.

Your baby’s DNA will be scanned and stored, unless you opt-out — in writing, in advance, but apparently only after the baby is born, around the time when the doctors are examining your baby.

Because — opting out of a “Big Brother” database, when you’re being told the sample is being taken for health reasons, and you may be signing other consent forms, is exactly what every newborn’s emotionally-overwhelmed parents are thinking about at that exact moment.

It’s not clear why Meir Sheetrit has been pushing so hard to implement citizen tracking programs, but what is clear is that Sheetrit could have stepped right out of 1984.

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