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February 10, 2016 / 1 Adar I, 5776

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IDF Expects Terror to Continue for ‘Weeks to Come’

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

The IDF expects the current wave of terrorist attacks, including rock-throwing and firebombings, to continue “in the coming weeks.” In a letter obtained by The JewishPress.com and sent by a brigade commander to residents under his command in Judea and Samaria, he wrote:

The challenge we face is not a short-term issue and from what I know, it will continue in the coming weeks with the understanding that there are many factors that influence the security situation.

The IDF, Border Police, police and Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) and civilian security forces continue to work night and day to return to residents a sense of security. The army has significantly beefed up patrols and guard posts on Highway 60, the major artery linking northern Samaria with Gush Etzion, Kiryat Arba-Hebron and the southern Hebron Hills. The brigade commander also wrote:

I promise we will get through this period and, God willing, return security and the feeling of security.

However, government policy is another matter. Residents of Judea and Samaria have lived for years with the same cycle of calm and violence. The calm is maintained when a large number of soldiers patrol the highways. Then, the United States and European Union work on behalf of the Palestinian Authority and demand that Israel “boost the popularity” of Mahmoud Abbas and reduce the presence of soldiers,. The next step is another escalation of violence that gives Abbas another chance to complain that the IDF is interfering with the daily life of Arabs by patrolling the roads and setting up checkpoints.

Arab Baby Named “Knife of Jerusalem”

Monday, October 26th, 2015

A baby girl born to Palestinian Arab parents living in the southern Gaza Strip was named “Knife of Jerusalem,” according to the official Fatah Facebook page, as explained by Palestinian Media Watch.

The birth certificate and a picture of baby Knife of Jerusalem was posted on the Fatah Facebook page on Oct. 23, 2015.

Fatah is the party of acting Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas.

AS PMW also noted, a Gazan family named their baby after the murdering terrorist Muhannad Halabi, who stabbed to death two Israelis in Jerusalem’s Old City on Oct. 3.

BiPartisan US House Comm. Squarely Points at PA as Source of Incitement

Monday, October 26th, 2015

Late last week the House Foreign Affairs Committee unanimously passed H.Res. 293, a bipartisan resolution that strongly condemns the anti-Israel and anti-Semitic incitement emanating from the Palestinian Authority, including from its acting head, Mahmoud Abbas.

The resolution was introduced in the spring by Representatives Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL-27) and Ted Deutch (D-FL-21).

At that time the resolution was directed at the PA incitement against Israelis which “has continued unabated for many years,” including the “glorification of terrorists who have murdered Israeli civilians,” and “the demonization of Jews and Israelis,” and the “denial of Israel’s existence and its demonization as evidenced by the absence of Israel on official maps used in Palestinian Authority institutions,” – this will be discussed further, below – and “false claims that Israel or the Jews are endangering Muslim holy sites, such as the Al-Aqsa mosque/Temple Mount in Jerusalem.”

The Anti-Incitement Resolution was recently amended to reflect the current wave of terrorism unleashed against Israeli citizens by Palestinian Arab terrorists. It singles out for condemnation the statement made last month by acting president of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas, “we welcome every drop of blood spilled in Jerusalem. This is pure blood, clean blood, blood on its way to Allah.”

The House Foreign Affairs Committee, chaired by Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA-39), unanimously voted out the Resolution, sending it to the full House for consideration.

This Committee, Republican and Democrats alike, approved the strong wording which specifically states that the current violence in Israel has been “inflamed” both by statements made by Abbas, as well as “other Palestinian officials, clerics, and official Palestinian Authority media.”

Compare that language to the words uttered by U.S. President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, each of whom have been painstakingly careful “not to place blame” on “one side or the other,” as if it is better to blame both the victim and attacker (or pretend that both are victims or both are attackers), rather than dare condemn the attacker.

The resolution approved by the House Foreign Affairs Committee also put the lie to the malicious claims by the Palestinian Authority and its supporters that Israel is to blame for seeking to change the “status quo” on Har Habayit.

The resolution repeatedly refers to such claims as false. Secretary of State Kerry, on the other hand, has repeatedly suggested that Israel needs to clarify its position about the Temple Mount, as if Israeli authorities invited the PA to make the false claims by some wrongdoing.

The resolution also directs the Department of State to regularly monitor and publish information on all official PA incitement against Jews and Israel.

There were 57 co-sponsors of this resolution, 36 Republicans and 21 Democrats.

In addition to Deutch, the other Democratic co-sponsors are Reps. Alan Grayson (D-FL-09), Steve Israel (D-NY-03), Brendan Boyle (D-PA-13), Albio Sires (D-NJ-08), David Cicilline (D-RI-01), Lois Frankel (D-FL-22), Alcee Hastings (D-FL-20), Grace Meng (D-NY-06), Brad Sherman (D-CA-30), Juan Vargas (D-CA-51), Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL-23), Brian Higgins (D-NY-26), Kathleen Rice (D-NY-04), Nita Lowey (D-NY-17), Karen Bass (D-CA-37), Eliot Engel (D-NY-16), Adam Schiff (D-CA-28), Bob Brady (D-PA-01), Ted Lieu (D-CA-33), Donald Norcross (D-NJ-1).

Not everyone was happy with the resolution calling for an end to anti-Israel incitement by the PA, however.

Americans for Peace Now was agitated by the lopsidedness of the blame. They found it particularly galling that the resolution condemns the PA for failing to include Israel on any of its maps because – get this – official Israeli maps do not include the state of Palestine on their maps.

Lara Friedman scorched the bipartisan anti-incitement resolution for APN:

They cite the issue of PA maps that do not show Israel, but ignore the fact that the Israeli government is guilty of the same offense, and to what appears to be a far greater and more systematic degree.  Indeed, a quick scan of Israeli government ministry websites conducted on 6/5 finds that every single site examined that displays maps of Israel includes maps of this kind:  The Israel Lands Authority; The Weather Service; The Israel Meteorological Service; the Tourism ministry (an “external site” accessed through the Israeli Government portal – see map of Israel with the Green Line erased here, page with links to the “Regions of Israel,” with the Palestinians erased and the West Bank broken down into several of these “regions of Israel,” here); the Ministry of Environmental Protection (which in addition to the Green Line-less map describes the Dead Sea – located mostly in the West Bank – as one of the three bodies of water bordering Israel); and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which compounds the map issue with text explicitly defining “Israel” to erase the Palestinians and any claims they may have – “The total area of the State of Israel is 8,630 sq. miles (22,145 sq.km.), of which 8,367 sq. miles (21,671 sq. km.) is land area. Israel is some 470 km. (290 miles) in length and about 85 miles (135 km.) across at the widest point. The country is bordered by Lebanon to the north, Syria to the northeast, Jordan to the east, Egypt to the southwest and the Mediterranean Sea to the west.”

Imagine that. No fictional state of Palestine on the official Israeli maps. Oh, also the resolution didn’t condemn Netanyahu for blame-shifting the Holocaust from Hitler to the mufti of Jerusalem.

Abbas Awards Order of Merit to Cartoonist for Glorifying Stone-Throwing Terrorists

Sunday, October 25th, 2015

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas has awarded the entity’s Order of Merit for Culture, Sciences an Arts to the cartoonist at the Al-Ayyam daily newspaper who has been glorifying terrorist stone-throwing attacks on Israeli motorists.

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas awards Order of Merit for his career-long work to anti-Israel, anti-Semitic cartoonist Al-Bukhari.

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas awards Order of Merit for his career-long work to anti-Israel, anti-Semitic cartoonist Al-Bukhari.

The Palestinian Media Watch organization (PMW) picked up and translated the news article announcing the award to Baha al-Bukhari. PMW monitors Arab news media around Israel.

Abbas explained that al-Bukhari received the award because his work “fits Palestine and its resolute and full culture,” according to the announcement, which ran in several Arab news outlets.

“The president [Abbas] awarded the Order of Merit for Culture, Sciences and Arts to the creator and artist al-Bukhari in recognition of his creative path in plastic arts and cartoons, and out of recognition of his life full of giving, actions, struggle, and beauty, in a way that fits Palestine and its resolute and full culture,” announced the Al-Hayat Al-Jadida last Thursday.

Nearly two weeks ago (Oct. 13) in the Al-Ayyam, a cartoon showed a whole Arab family prepared with rocks in their hands and ready to attack. The text above the cartoon proclaimed, “The rocks of 2015!” and the text on the text on the man’s arm read, “Allah is with you, Abu Al-Abed” – the name of the cartoon character.

Another cartoon by Al-Bukhari, published in the Al-Ayyam on October 9, encouraged more rock throwing, calling Arabs to “Advance, advance.” The cartoon showed an Arab throwing a rock, with a Palestinian Authority flag in the background.

Al-Bukhari has in the past (March 23, 2014, Al-Ayyam) drawn Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu bathing in blood. The cartoon referred to an incident in which the IDF came to Jenin arrest a Hamas terrorist, but he and others started shooting; subsequently the fugitive terrorist and two others were killed.

The same cartoonist also has presented Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin in much the same way (Al-Ayyam, June 12, 2014) in a cartoon in which he is seen carrying what appear to be buckets of blood. The same cartoon adopted the libelous claim by the Palestinian Authority that the two stripes on the Israeli flag represent the Nile and the Euphrates, or the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, representing an alleged Jewish plan to establish “Greater Israel” ruling over all of “Palestine.”

Al-Bukhari two years ago presented Israel as an octopus wrapping its arms around Al-Aqsa Mosque, criticizing the Arab nations for “sleeping!”

On the same note, he prepared a cartoon that supported the claim by the Palestinian Authority that Israel “Judaizes” Jerusalem while attempting to “erase” all Arab and Muslim traces in the city. The cartoon featured a huge mushroom to represent the Hurva Synagogue, which was rebuilt and restored by Israel a few years ago in the Old City of Jerusalem. The mushroom-as-synagogue was overshadowing the Dome of the Rock, with Arabic text on the mushroom literally meaning “destruction,” but also translated as “Hurva Synagogue.”

Israel Will Revoke Citizenship of Arab ‘Paraglider’ – If He Returns

Sunday, October 25th, 2015

The Israeli citizenship of the Arab who glided from the air into Syria Saturday night will be revoked, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said at the beginning of Sunday’s weekly Cabinet meeting.

The Arab, as reported here, set off a crisis after the IDF discovered that someone had paraglided from the Israeli side of the Golan Heights into Syria.

The IDF began a search for the man, but once it was clear that the paraglider had crossed into Syria to join the enemy, either the Islamic State (ISIS) or the Al Qaeda-linked Al Nusra Front, the search was called off.

Prime Minister Netanyahu told the Cabinet:

We are constantly fighting Daish, Jabhat – Al Nusra and other terrorist organizations.

Yesterday an Israeli civilian crossed our border in the Golan Heights into Syria to join the ranks of the enemy. We will act to nullify his citizenship. That is what is done in any such case.

Whoever joins the ranks of the enemy to fight against Israel, will not be an Israeli citizen.

Hezbollah, Lebanon, Syria and Hamas officially are enemies or illegal in Israel. Does that mean that the citizenship of any Israeli who joins Hamas, or Islamic Jihad, will be revoked?

Don’t bet on it.

And how about Mahmoud Abbas’ “resistance” terrorists working for his Fatah party?

No chance. Israel has not declared Fatah an illegal terrorist organization.

It is headed by Israel’s “peace partner.”

US Slashing PA Budget by 21.6% in ‘Message to Abbas’

Sunday, October 25th, 2015

(JNi.media) The US is cutting aid to the Palestinian Authority in Judea and Samaria and in Gaza by $80 million, which top Democrats in Congress have called a message to Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee voted unanimously Oct. 22 on a resolution condemning Abbas and the Palestinian leadership for “incitement” to violence against Jews in Israeli with false statements accusing Israel of planning to change the status quo on the Temple Mount, and for systematic hate-mongering in Palestinian education and media. The resolution complements a State Department Sept. 25 announcement of cutting economic aid for to the Palestinians by 21.6%, from $370 million to $290 million in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, according to Al-Monitor.

The vote came while Israel was in the midst of battling a rash of stabbing, stone and Molotov cocktail attacks, as well as shooting, on the part of Arabs in Judea as well as Samaria and inside green line Israel. Rep. Eliot Engel, D-N.Y., the top Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee stated: “We need to dial up pressure on Palestinian officials to repudiate this violence.”

The author of the resolution, Middle East Subpanel Chairwoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., called on both the Palestinians and Jordan to help defuse the tensions. “Instead of inciting violence and promoting hatred, [Abbas] needs to call for calm and work with the Israelis to restore the peace,” Ros-Lehtinen said. “The king of Jordan also has an important role to play as the guardian of Jerusalem’s Islamic holy sites.”

Nita Lowey, D-N.Y., and Kay Granger, R-Texas, wrote a letter to Abbas warning him that US aid would be “severely jeopardized” if he continues to refuse direct peace negotiations with Israel.

House Foreign Affairs Chairman Ed Royce, R-Calif., said before the Oct 22 vote that “given that about one-third of the Palestinian Authority’s budget is financed through foreign aid, international donors have leverage. They could follow the lead of the US Congress — and make direct funding of the PA off limits until the incitement stops.”

State Dept. Refers to Mahmoud Abbas as the ‘President of Palestine’

Friday, October 23rd, 2015

At the U.S. State Department daily press briefing held on Thursday, Oct. 22, Deputy State Department Spokesperson referred to Mahmoud Abbas, the man elected 11 years ago to fill a four year term as head of the Palestinian Authority, as “Mahmoud Abbas, president of Palestine.”


Has the State Department just pulled a fast one and proclaimed “Palestine” a state?

Or, as happens so often in these State Department press briefings, did the spokesperson merely repeat a phrase asked by a reporter, not realizing the ground-shaking implications of the statement?

Toner was responding to a female reporter who said, “As I understand it, Secretary Kerry will be meeting with King Abdullah [of Jordan] and with Palestinian President Abbas.”

reporter asking about "Palestinian President Abbas" at State Dept. press briefing Oct. 22, 2015.

reporter asking about “Palestinian President Abbas” at State Dept. press briefing Oct. 22, 2015.

Toner responded to the reporter, but he also appeared on the video of the briefing to be checking his briefing book when he said, “so, yeah, he is going to be – I’m just checking my – yes, he is supposed to meet Saturday with King Abdullah and then, as you said, I believe separately with Mahmoud Abbas, president of Palestine.”

In terms of the proposed substance of those upcoming conversations, Toner said that just as the Secretary met with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu today, Kerry was trying to “come up with concrete ways that, as we’ve said, all sides involved in this can take affirmative steps to reduce tensions.”

If the U.S. State Department is seeking to reduce tension in the region, intentionally or even mistakenly elevating the Palestinian Authority to the status of a state in the course of a press briefing is not the way to go about it.

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