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January 21, 2017 / 23 Tevet, 5777

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Dutch Researcher Doubts Anne Frank Was Turned In

Sunday, December 18th, 2016

Researcher Dr. Gertjan Broek of the Anne Frank House issued a report on Friday suggesting it wasn’t betrayal that led to the Frank family’s hiding place being raided in August 1944, but that their hiding place was found by accident. Dr. Broek used known sources as well as newly discovered information, including Anne Frank’s diary entries from March 1944 not previously used as a primary source, to develop his new perspective on the event.

From July 6, 1942 until August 4, 1944, during the German occupation of the Netherlands, the rear annex of the canal-side building at 263 Prinsengracht in Amsterdam served as a hiding place for a group of Jews. One of them was Anne Frank. Her father Otto had moved his company to that location at the end of 1940. A handful of his employees helped the people taking refuge there for just over two years, until they were discovered and arrested along with two of their helpers. Of the inhabitants of the Secret Annex, only Otto Frank survived the war.

The scene has been portrayed on stage and in films, writes Broek, “booted Germans determinedly taking the long flight of stairs up to the Secret Annex. A while later, the people in hiding and two helpers carted away in a vehicle. And the telephone call, another well-known part of the story: shortly before the raid an anonymous caller supposedly revealing the whereabouts of the inhabitants of the Secret Annex to the Sicherheitsdienst or SD (German Security Service).”

But how accurate is this portrayal? Broek asks. “Did the investigators who entered the building actually know there were Jews hiding on the premises?”

Official records say that between half past ten and eleven o’clock in the morning a few investigators appeared in front of the building at 263 Prinsengracht and took the stairs to the second-floor offices. There they found a group of employees busy with their daily activities. Those were the four people directly involved with helping the hidden Jews: Jo Kleiman, Bep Voskuijl, Miep Gies, and the company’s acting director Victor Kugler.

The investigators questioned Kugler, then searched the building with him. The others stayed behind in the office. Bep Voskuijl left the premises without being noticed. Miep Gies’ husband Jan arrived as usual around noon and just walked into the office, which means the building and the office were not being guarded. Bep told Jan about what was going on upstairs and he left immediately. Jan then told Kleiman’s brother who worked nearby and together they walked to the bridge opposite the building, where a vehicle was now standing in front of the door. At one o’clock, the hiding Jews, Kleiman, and Kugler were driven away.

Three of the hunters’s names are known: Silberbauer, Grootendorst, and Gringhuis. It has been assumed that hunting down and arresting Jews was their primary activity, but newly discovered sources suggest otherwise.

Of the three, Karl Silberbauer, an Austrian policeman, was directly involved in eight other cases involving jewelry, securities, and cash, and only one other raid of Jews in hiding.

Willem Grootendorst had been with the Amsterdam police for thirty years before going to work for the Sicherheitsdienst from April 1943 until March 1945. He regularly arrested both Jews and non-Jews targeted by the Sicherheitsdienst.

Gezinus Gringhuis had worked for the Amsterdam police since 1918. From August 1942 until April 1944 he was dispatched to the Bureau Jewish Affairs and later the Sicherheitsdienst, focusing on violators of the anti-Jewish regulations, such as those going into hiding. Gringhuis also oversaw the confiscation of furniture from the homes of deported Jews. From May to November 1944, he worked in criminal inquiries for the Special Unit of the Central Investigation Division in The Hague. This means that his presence at the Franks’ hiding place was not part of his duties, and that he was not engaged in hunting down Jews.

In November 1945, Otto Frank wrote letters expressing his certainty that he and his family had been betrayed. Looking through mug shots, he recognized Gringhuis and Grootendorst.

In 1946, Frank and his team expressed suspicions against Willem van Maaren, who had begun working in Frank’s warehouse in March 1943. Van Maaren, who was not taken into confidence, was considered a risk. In fact, Anne, who never met him, commented negatively about him in her diary.

According to the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf of November 22, 1963, Otto Frank said about Van Maaren: “We suspected him all along and reported him to the postwar authority investigating people accused of collaborating with the Nazi occupier.” However, on the very same day, the Utrechtsch Nieuwsblad quoted Frank as saying: “I never took any actions against the warehouse worker. I do not know the man and I have no evidence against him.” Van Maaren was investigated and released for lack of evidence by a Dutch district court judge.

Anne Frank’s biographer Melissa Müller suggested that Lena Hartog, the wife of another warehouse worker, was the betrayer.

Otto Frank’s biographer Carol Ann Lee believed Dutch National Socialist Tonny Ahlers was the betrayer.

In the 2003 publication Who betrayed Anne Frank? authors David Barnouw and Gerrold van der Stroom of the Netherlands Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, established that the theories related to Van Maaren, Hartog, and Ahlers do not stand up to scrutiny.

Dutch journalist Sytze van der Zee pointed to Ans van Dijk, who was executed in 1948 for betraying Jews, as the one who betrayed the Franks.

“The Anne Frank House’s current investigation into the above mentioned suspects has not provided convincing evidence to support any of these theories,” Dr. Broek reports. Indeed, despite decades of research, betrayal as the cause for the Franks’ capture never resulted in conclusive proof. Broek suggests that more was going on in the building than just Jews being hidden there, and the authorities raided 263 Prinsengracht for other reasons.


Amsterdam Police Foil Jihadist Attack on Synagogue While Dutch Lawmakers Hope to Reduce Security Costs

Sunday, December 4th, 2016

The Jewish community of Netherlands is raising raised alarm bells in response to efforts by two right-wing Dutch lawmakers, Louis Bontes and Joram van Klaveren who are trying to reduce the strong security measures for Jews that have been in place to this point.

The two lawmakers last week criticized the Dutch Justice Ministry for measures that were taken over the previous year to protect the Jewish community from terrorist attacks, including a permanent police presence at some synagogues.

A Moroccan jihadist and his accomplices who planned to attack an Amsterdam synagogue was recently arrested by Dutch police, according to a report published in the Telegraaf Daily, thanks to surveillance carried out by the police counterterrorism unit. Much of the information about the jihadists and their plot that was used in the newspaper report was culled from a leaked police report obtained by the newspaper.

There has been permanent police protection in place at some of Amsterdam’s synagogues. However, the two lawmakers are leading a movement to replace those measures with less expensive — and less effective — video surveillance instead.

The Jewish community vehemently opposes this plan, citing the elevated risk involved.

The terrorism ring uncovered last year was allegedly connected to the Arrayan Sunni mosque, also in Amsterdam, according to the police document obtained by the newspaper.

The attack was allegedly planned by the self-named “Abdelhakim” and at least two suspected accomplices, identified in a police document as “Izzy” and “Ibo,” and was part of a larger terrorist plot that was to take place on New Year’s Eve, 2015-2016, the Telegraaf reported.

Abdelhakim, a man in his 40s was described as being of Moroccan descent with a goatee and receding hairline, driving a white Audi, and was known to be knowledgeable in the writings of Islam, according to the document.

The TCI counterterrorism division in the Dutch Police force reportedly kept the suspect and his accomplices under surveillance as the plan unfolded to strike the synagogue in the southern part of the Dutch capital last January.

Hana Levi Julian

Israeli Postal Service Delivers Letters to God at the Wall Ahead of Rosh Hashanah

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

Israel Post Director General Danny Goldstein on Monday met with Western Wall and Holy Sites Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, to deliver to him a consignment of letters addressed to God. The holy mail was delivered ahead of the upcoming Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur holidays, and will be placed in the cracks and crevices of the ancient stones of what used to be a supporting wall for the Temple. The letters were posted from Israel as well as from Russia, China, France, Nigeria, Spain, the Netherlands, the US, and the UK.

Letters to God

Letters to God

Hundreds of letters are mailed to Israel annually addressed to “God,” “Jesus,” “Our Dear Father in Heaven” and “the Western Wall.” These letters, most of which lack a return address, are sent to the Israel Post Lost and Found Dept., which then sends them, every few months, to be placed among the stones of the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Back in 2006, a company called Letter to God Ltd. announced a service of placing letters to God, written on the customer’s home computer, in the cracks and crevices of the Western Wall. We are not sure what happened to them, but their website, letter2god.com, is available for the right price. Another example of free enterprise losing out to the nanny state.


Russia, Abbas, Pushing for Moscow Summit with Netanyahu

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

The Palestinian Authority on Tuesday pointed out the importance of Russia’s role in organizing the Palestinian-Israeli negotiating process, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement following the meeting of President Putin’s special envoy to the Middle East and Africa, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, with high-ranking PA and PLO officials.

“During a confidential exchange of opinions on the entire set of Palestinian problems, special attention was paid to the development of the situation in the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip in light of Palestinian municipal elections set for early October,” the ministry’s statement said.

“The task to restore as soon as possible Palestinian national unity based on the PLO political platform aimed at the establishment of a Palestinian independent state coexisting in peace and security with Israel was also considered,” the statement continued. “The Palestinian leadership representatives underscored Russia’s prominence in organizing a reliable Palestinian-Israeli negotiating process, including the possible organizing of a meeting in Moscow between the leaders of Palestine and Israel,” the statement said.

After the Ramallah meeting, Bogdanov spoke on the phone with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, who is visiting Poland. “Abbas confirmed his unchanged readiness for continuation of active Russian-Palestinian political contacts in the interests of a solid and just peace in the Middle East,” the Russian statement said.

However, according to Abbas, who spoke to reporters following a Tuesday meeting with Polish leader Andrzej Duda, the Israelis have suggested postponing the initial talks in Moscow which had been scheduled, he claimed, for September 9.

“President Putin offered to meet in Moscow on September 9,” Abbas said. “I agreed. I was to fly to Moscow from here (Warsaw) to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu. Unfortunately, in talks held in Jerusalem yesterday between representatives of President Putin and Prime Minister Netanyahu, the Israeli representative proposed to postpone this meeting.”

“So, the meeting will not take place,” Abbas complained, telling reporters, “I am prepared to travel to Moscow or any other country for the next meeting, since dialogue is the only way to peace for the Palestinian people and the only opportunity for our independent country to live side by side with Israel.”

Speaking at a joint press conference with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Prime Minister Netanyahu said, “I am prepared to meet with Abbas at any time for direct talks without preconditions. I have said this hundreds of times and I am reiterating it now. I do not care about the place, be it in Holland, Moscow or anywhere else – this is not a problem, and it certainly could be in Moscow. I have said this to President Putin. I said this on Sunday to his envoy Bogdanov.”

“The main question is, of course,” Netanyahu said, “whether Abbas is prepared to meet without preconditions. We hear contradictory reports about this. Just yesterday, Palestinian spokespersons made it clear that they are ready to meet but they have conditions – releasing prisoners, they want to know if the talks will have results, etc. If Abbas is ready to meet for direct talks without preconditions, I am ready at any time. I have been calling on him to do this for almost seven years already and if he agrees to do this – there will be a meeting.”

For the record, though, Putin’s spokesperson said that while Moscow supports the Israeli-PA peace process, so far there have been no specific agreements between the two leaders on meeting in Moscow.


Netanyahu Heads to The Hague for Diplomatic Mission

Monday, September 5th, 2016

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is heading to the Netherlands for a diplomatic visit on Tuesday for meetings with top officials on “deepening the bilateral relations” between Israel and Holland.

Netanyahu with meet in The Hague with Prime Minister Mark Rutte as well as with the Dutch King Willem Alexander at the Noordeinde Palace — the first meeting between the prime minister and the monarch since his succession to the throne on April 30, 2013.

The prime minister will also visit the Dutch States General (parliament) and meet with Senate President Ankie Broekers-Knol and House of Representatives Speaker Khadija Arib.

Netanyahu is also scheduled to meet with members of the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee, and expected to discuss with them Israel-Netherlands relations.

According to a statement from the prime minister’s office, Netanyahu will present Israel’s policy in the regional context and vis-à-vis Europe.

Hana Levi Julian

Supreme Court Denies Appeal to Halt Rabbi Mark’s Killer’s House Demolition

Sunday, August 21st, 2016

The Israeli Supreme Court on Sunday denied an appeal against the demolition of the Dura village house belonging to one of the terrorists who carried out the drive by shooting that killed Rabbi Miki Mark and injured his wife and children.

The appeal was submitted by The wife of Mohammad Majid Amaira, 38, from Dura, a member of the Palestinian security forces. Amaira was detained for questioning three days after the murder and confessed he was the driver during the attack, while Mohammed Jabarah al-Fakih, 29, also from Dura, fired at the Mark family car.

Amaira’s wife, his daughters and HaMoked, an Israeli NGO assisting PA Arabs in their troubles with the Shabak, filed the appeal jointly.

According to NGO Monitor, Hamoked’s annual budget as of 2014 was $2,617,980, provided by Norway, the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), Human Rights and International Law Secretariat (jointly fundded by Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark and the Netherlands), UNDP (one of whose officials has just been indicted for being a Hamas agent), Finland, CCFD (France), Misereor (Germany), Trocaire (Ireland), Oxfam-Novib (Netherlands), and AECID (Spain).

Rightwing movement Im Tirtzu praised the Supreme Court’s decision to authorize the home demolition, and condemned the “torrent of judicial appeals” submitted by HaMoked on behalf of terrorists.

Im Tirtzu CEO, Matan Peleg, said in an email statement: “Im Tirtzu welcomes the Supreme Court’s decision to authorize the home demolition of the terrorist who murdered Rabbi Miki Mark. This decision sends a clear message to European governments, which fund radical Israeli NGOs to submit appeals to Israel’s Supreme Court aimed at damaging the IDF’s deterrence capabilities.”

Peleg added: “Im Tirtzu will continue leading the fight against this phenomenon. The Israeli public has a right to know who’s defending terrorists.”

David Israel

US Warning Israel Not to Demolish Mythical Arab Village

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

The US Administration has warned Israel against demolishing the Arab village of Susiya in south Mt. Hebron, according to a story in Ha’aretz this week. Both Israeli and American senior officials have warned that should Israel go ahead and demolish the village, US response would be harsh.

Susiya is a legitimate archaeological site in the southern Judean Mountains that bears the archaeological remains of a 5th century CE enormous synagogue, one of the largest and most magnificent ever discovered, which was turned into a mosque by the Arab invaders in the 8th century.

The name has bee usurped by Bedouins who have stayed in area caves during grazing season. It is also the name of a religious Jewish community established in 1983 under the jurisdiction of Mt. Hebron Regional Council. In 1986, the area of Susiya claimed by the Bedouin shepherds was declared an archeological site by Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), and the IDF expelled the Bedouins, who then moved a few hundred yards southeast of the original location.

The Zionist Regavim movement, whose goal is to reclaim areas of the land of Israel from Arab occupiers, has been conducting a bitter court battle to declare Bedouin Susiya illegal and to remove its structures, which are, for the most part, tents and lean-tos. It should be noted that since 1994 the Arabs have been establishing illegal settlements in the entire area between Jerusalem and Susiya, which Israeli governments have failed to challenge for more than two decades. Susiya is only the tip of the sand dune (somehow using the iceberg metaphor in August, just doesn’t work).

As Jewish Press Online reporter Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu wrote back in 2013 (The Saga of Ancient ‘Palestinian Susiya’ – The Town That Never Was), “None of the land was ever registered as owned by anyone. During the Ottoman Empire, and under the British Mandate, the rulers of Hebron would sit in their living rooms and parcel out lands arbitrarily. That was the extent of ‘ownership.’

“When Jews came to Beit Yatir, the Arabs followed. Three families from Yatta, a city adjacent to Hebron, fled because of family crimes, such as rape, and set up camp on a hill adjacent to Yatir, Their village quickly became known as the ‘Thieves’ Village,’ for obvious reasons. They claim, of course, that they have been living there from time immemorial.”

And now, apparently, the future of the Middle East depends on those few dozen shepherds getting to graze their flocks on rightfully owned Jewish land, and so, following intense propaganda from the Palestinian Authority, the US, the UK and the EU, as well as several international NGOs have been threatening that should Susiya be wiped off the map, they, Israel’s friends in the world, would find it difficult to continue defending it in international forums.

Israeli senior officials have told Israel’s many friends that at this point it has no intention to demolish the Susiya “homes” (a term that is being used generously), and that Israel would act based on the expected ruling of the Supreme Court. While Regavim has been pushing the case against the Bedouin enclave, a group called Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR) has appealed the pending evacuation and demolishing of Susiya in the high court.

RHR is a foreign agent representing anti-Zionist entities in Europe and the US. Its annual budget of $1.6 million (most recently reported in 2014) is funded by AECID (Spain), European Commission, Misereor (Germany), Trocaire (Ireland), Norwegian Church (Norway), Kerk in Actie (Netherlands), Church of Sweden, Foundation for Middle East Peace (US), New Israel Fund, Social Justice Fund, and Moriah Fund (source: NGO Monistor).

David Israel

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