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January 17, 2017 / 19 Tevet, 5777

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Arab Terrorists Smash Windshield as Israeli Drives Through Jerusalem’s Wadi Joz Neighborhood

Friday, December 30th, 2016

On the sixth night of Chanukah, another miracle took place in the holy city of Jerusalem.

An Israeli driver and passengers narrowly escaped death while being targeted by rock-throwing Arab terrorists who succeeded in smashing the car windshield and damaging the side panels as it traveled through the Wadi Joz area of Jerusalem on Thursday night.

The neighborhood is located in the eastern section of Jerusalem, at the head of the Kidron Valley, north of the Old City.

None of the passengers were physically injured.

Earlier in the evening, another Israeli driver was attacked near the Issawiya neighborhood in Jerusalem as well.

Hana Levi Julian

Update: Policeman Wounded in Old City Terror Attack

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

A policeman was wounded in a stabbing attack between the Old City of Jerusalem’s Lion’s Gate, just before 1 PM on Wednesday.

The Arab terrorist came from the direction of Sha’ar Shechem towards the Hospice junction (near the Lion’s Gate).

The terrorist pulled out a screwdriver and stabbed a policeman in the head who was guarding the area. The other policemen quickly neutralized the terrorist.

The police announced that one policeman was lightly wounded.

Update (2:50 PM): Hadassah hospital reports the policeman is in light condition and undergoing additional tests.

MDA also treated a 14-year-old Arab boy, who local residents say was also wounded by the terrorist.

Update (2:50 PM): Hadassah hospital reports the boy is in moderate condition and conscious.

Both the police and the boy were taken to the hospital.

The terrorist has been shot and neutralized, but not killed.

According to ZAKA, the terrorist is seriously wounded, is still alive and was taken to the hospital.

Update (2:50 PM): Hadassah hospital reports the terrorist has died from his wounds.

The terrorist is a 21-year-old from Hebron.

Police and emergency teams near the Lion's Gate following a terror attack. - Dec 14, 2016

Police and emergency teams near the Lion’s Gate following a terror attack. – Dec 14, 2016. Photo credit: United Hatzalah

Jewish Press News Briefs

Netanyahu Nixes MKs Return to Temple Mount

Monday, November 21st, 2016

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says it’s not yet time to allow Israeli lawmakers back on the Temple Mount.

Speaking at Monday’s meeting of the Likud faction, Netanyahu said, “The decision [not to allow MKs to ascend to the Temple Mount] will not change soon.

For nearly a year, Israeli lawmakers were banned from the site by an edict issued by the prime minister, in order to minimize tensions with Arab agitators. But the Jerusalem District Police commander recommended last month that Knesset members and Israeli ministers again be allowed to ascend to the Temple Mount.

At the time, Netanyahu said he would huddle with security officials to “listen to their position” and then make a decision.

During the faction meeting, however, Netanyahu said that police recommendation to relax the ban on lawmakers from the site “was not a recommendation, ” he said, “but rather, only an assessment of the situation.

“At the moment, you all understand that it is sensitive timing,” he added, noting that any change in the policy at this time would be “problematic.”

Temple Mount activists were outraged, and in response, said they “condemn the illegal and undemocratic conduct” of the prime minister regarding the Temple Mount.

“The continued damage to Jewish rights in general, as well as to the functioning of elected officials must stop immediately,” the activists said in a statement issued to media.

Hana Levi Julian

Appointment of IDF Chief Rabbi Delayed by Court

Monday, November 21st, 2016

The appointment of Colonel Eyal Karim as the next IDF Chief Rabbi has been held up by the High Court of Justice.

The court issued a temporary injunction Monday against the appointment, and asked the rabbi to file a deposition clarifying his positions on the issues of homosexuality, women, and refusal of orders by IDF soldiers.

The move comes in the wake of past comments by the rabbi, and in response to a petition filed by the Meretz party against his appointment.

Chief Justice Miriam Naor said during a hearing on the matter that the Court wants to hear what e rabbi has to say about it, “What his position was then, what it is now, and whether he has changed his mind,” Ynet reported Monday.

In the past, the rabbi has expressed opposition to homosexuality (as does the Torah), military female enlistment in the current situation, and discussed the Torah laws regarding rape during wartime. His remarks, posted on the Kipa religious website, were taken out of context as has happened with many other rabbis who have taught classes on similar issues in the past.

“Col. Karim asks to clarify that his statement was issued as the answer to a theoretical question and not in any way whatsoever a question of practical Jewish law,” said the IDF Spokesperson’s Office in a response to the furor raised by Meretz and women’s groups over the rabbi’s remarks. “Rabbi Karim has never written, said or even thought that and IDF soldier is permitted to sexually assault a woman in war—anyone who interprets his words otherwise is completely mistaken. Rabbi Karim’s moral approach is attested by his years of military service in command, combat, and rabbinical positions in which he displayed complete loyalty to the values and spirit of the IDF, in particular the dignity of the person.”

Rabbi Karim, 59, is an alumnus of Bnei Akiva Nachalim and Yeshivat Ateret Cohanim. He has served as a combat paratrooper and as a commander of the elite reconnaissance unit prior to serving as head of the Rabbinate Department in the Military Rabbinate.

Hana Levi Julian

Italy’s PM Matteo Renzi: UNESCO Resolution on Jerusalem ‘Like Saying Sun Creates Darkness’

Monday, October 24th, 2016

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi vows that from now on his nation will vote against anti-Israel resolutions like the one passed by the United Nations Education, Science and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), obliterating Judaism’s historic link with Jerusalem.

Italy abstained in the vote, as did 25 other nations, while 24 member states voted in favor of the resolution. Only six countries had the courage to oppose the resolution advanced by the Palestinian Authority, which labels the Temple Mount and the Western Wall solely by their Muslim names and refers to them only as Islamic holy sites. The resolution contains one single line referring to the Old City of Jerusalem and its walls as being holy to Islam, Christianity and the Jewish people – in that order and worded in that way.

On Friday, Renzi told an Italian radio station during a visit to Brussels, “It is not possible to continue with these resolutions at the UN and UNESCO that aim to attack Israel.

“It is shocking and I have ordered that we stop taking this position (abstaining) even if it means breaking ranks from the position taken by the rest of Europe.

“I have asked diplomats handling these issues to cease doing so. If anyone wants to say something about Israel, let them say it, but they shouldn’t use UNESCO…

“To say that the Jews have no links to Jerusalem is like saying the sun creates darkness,” Renzi said.

The Italian prime minister also vowed to summon Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni when he returns home, to determine why Italy abstained, instead of voting to oppose the resolution.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked Renzi on Saturday for opposing the resolution. In a statement, Netanyahu’s office said the two premiers spoke on Saturday and that the Israeli prime minister told Renzi that “even the theater of the absurd has limits.”

Israel’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Emmanuel Nachshon meanwhile warmly congratulated the Italian government and prime minister for his statement. “We hope Italy guides the way for other European countries, and countries all over the world,” Nachshon said.

Parliamentarians from 17 nations visiting Israel last week also condemned the resolution in a statement, calling it “disconnected from reality.” The lawmakers said they would work towards international recognition of Jerusalem as the “undivided, eternal capital of the State of Israel.” Among the nations represented were Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, South Africa, Uruguay, Chile and Costa Rica.

Hana Levi Julian

Terror Stabbing Averted in Old City of Jerusalem

Sunday, October 16th, 2016

Jerusalem police arrested an Arab terrorist on the Sabbath before he could carry out a lethal stabbing attack on unwary victims in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Knife confiscated from Arab terrorist.

Knife confiscated from Arab terrorist.

The knife was discovered after police stopped and searched the suspect, and found the weapon under his clothes. He admitted during questioning that he had intended to carry out a terror attack.

Police have raised security throughout the capital for the duration of the Jewish holidays. Jerusalem is packed with tourists from Israel as well as visitors from around the world. Security teams are deployed in different areas, according to Israel Police spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld.

During Yom Kippur, thousands of people visited the ancient remnant of the retaining wall of the Second Holy Temple of Jerusalem, the Western Wall. Police were also busy with less pleasant activities as well: “During the fast police dealt with riots by Arabs in Silwan, Issawiya, and Jabel Mukabar,” Rosenfeld said in a tweet.

Hana Levi Julian

Israeli Jewish Leaders Furious at UNESCO Rejection of Jewish Ties to Jerusalem

Thursday, October 13th, 2016

Jewish Israeli leaders and lawmakers from both sides of the political spectrum, and from the top on down, were furious Thursday at the passage of the resolution by UNESCO — the cultural arm of the United Nations — rejecting any Jewish ties to the Temple Mount.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) passed the resolution 24-6, with 26 abstentions, (2 were absent) naming the Temple Mount only by its Arabic name, and makes reference solely to Al Aqsa Mosque and Haram Al-Sharif, and calling the Western Wall Plaza the Al Buraq Plaza. Its Hebrew name, the Kotel, is mentioned in quotation marks.

The move completely negates the hundreds of archaeological artifacts found in the Old City of Jerusalem in the area of the Western Wall, and among the rubble that was discarded by the Islamic Waqf during its unauthorized construction on the Temple Mount. Many are discoveries that have unequivocally substantiated the Biblical accounts written in the Books of the Old Testament.

No Disagreement Among People of Israel Opposition leader and Labor Party chairman Isaac Herzog accused the UN agency in a Facebook post of rewriting history, distorting the facts and “completely inventing a fantasy” in claiming the Western Wall and the Temple Mount have no connection to the Jewish People.

He called the resolution a “terrible lie” that only “serves to increase hatred.” And to those who might be tempted to divide and conquer, he warned, on this matter, “there is no disagreement among the people of Israel.”

‘Shameful, Embarrassing’ Fellow Laborite Eitan Cabel labeled the resolution “anti-Zionist, shameful and embarrassing,” in a blast similar to that of President Reuven Rivlin, who also called it an “embarrassment.”

Speaking from his Jerusalem residence, Rivlin told media, “No forum or body in the world can come and deny the connection between the Jewish people, the Land of Israel and Jerusalem, and any such body that does so is simply embarrassing itself.

“We can understand criticism, but you cannot change history.”

Jewish Home Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel urged the government to seize the moment to increase Jewish activity on the Temple Mount.

“Especially now, it’s on us as a government to act in defiance of these decisions and to strengthen the Temple Mount and the Jewish presence on the site holiest to the Jewish people,” he said.

Hana Levi Julian

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