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Elections? Polls Show Center-Left on the Skids

7 Heshvan 5775 – October 31, 2014
Israel’s anti-Netanyahu media might regret their wishes if early elections are held.

Livni, Lapid Warn Netanyahu Over Construction Approvals

3 Heshvan 5775 – October 27, 2014
Senior govt ministers warn PM Netanyahu he will inflame US tempers by lifting building freeze.

Yair Lapid Apologizes for Sabbath Desecration

12 Tishri 5775 – October 6, 2014
Yair Lapid apologized on Sunday for forcing others to desecrate the Shabbat.

Report: Netanyahu, Lapid Reach 2015 Budget Deal

26 Elul 5774 – September 20, 2014
PM Binyamin Netanyahu and FM Yair Lapid have reportedly come to an agreement over the 2015 state budget for Israel.

Lapid Won’t Let Defense Demands Turn Into ‘Turkish Bazaar’

21 Elul 5774 – September 16, 2014
Finance Minister Yair Lapid refuses to raise taxes and won't let defense budget demands turn into a 'Turkish bazaar.'

Poll: Netanyahu and Bennett Benefit from War at the Expense of Lapid

19 Av 5774 – August 14, 2014
The only non-coalition partner that gained popularity in the latest Knesset Channel poll was Meretz.

Kidnapping Saga: Lapid Dusts Off His Siddur to Pray

23 Sivan 5774 – June 20, 2014
"I believe they will come back but if not, please be united. Be united.” - Racheli Frankel, mother of kidnap victim

Lapid, Livni and Bennett: Anarchy in Netanyahu Government

12 Sivan 5774 – June 10, 2014
Ideological differences within Bibi's coalition members are less harmonious than a Chinese sweet and sour dish.

Coalition Sharks Smell Netanyahu Blood

11 Sivan 5774 – June 9, 2014
The coalition sharks are smelling blood - not from Israel's enemies, but rather from PM Netanyahu.

Lapid Calls for Unilateral Disengagement 

11 Sivan 5774 – June 8, 2014
Yesh Atid head gives no indication that he learned anything from 2005 Gaza pullout, says Israel should "give" Palestinians state

Budget Cuts Leave Israeli Air Force Training Flights Up in the Air

28 Iyyar 5774 – May 28, 2014
Israeli Air Force pilots are grounded starting today, unless flying actual operations or in flight school, due to budget cuts.

Finance Ministry Leaves IDF Empty-Handed

21 Iyyar 5774 – May 21, 2014
The Finance Ministry has closed its fist over funding to Israel's defense establishment for fiscal 2015.

MK Ze’ev Elkin to Chair Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee

12 Iyyar 5774 – May 12, 2014
At last, the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee has a new chairperson: Likud Deputy Foreign Minister Ze’ev Elkin. It's taken six months.

Who is to Blame for the Divisiveness?

5 Iyyar 5774 – May 5, 2014
According to a recent survey in Mishpacha Magazine, most secular Israeli Jews do not hate charedim.

Lapid: Contractors Shouldn’t Be So Greedy

5 Iyyar 5774 – May 4, 2014
Finance Minister Yair Lapid seems intent on avoiding the most obvious solution to Israel's housing crisis: Building in Judea and Samaria.

Coalition Crisis Looming Over Israel-PA Talks?

7 Nisan 5774 – April 7, 2014
PA sources said Sunday night, “The crisis continues," while Israeli ministers are squabbling.

The Great Fix: Lapid and the Haredim Pushing Each Other’s Agenda

30 Adar I 5774 – March 2, 2014
Nothing will change regarding the draft issue, as both Lapid and his Haredi opponents are collaborating on a fraud.

Haredi Rabbi Warns Lapid Is a Target for Assassination

27 Adar I 5774 – February 26, 2014
Incitement is not taken lightly in Israel since the murder of Rabin, and even warning of a murder can be dangerous.

Bennett Slashes Import Duties on Dairy Products

Custom duties on imported butter, yogurt and other dairy products will be drastically slashed in a move by Economy Minister Naftali Bennett to increase...

Haredi MK Porush: Netanyahu Is a Dishrag, We’ll Avenge the Draft Law

21 Adar I 5774 – February 21, 2014
Porush insists Netanyahu had declared that while he's in charge there won't be criminal sanctions.

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