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PM Netanyahu's Remarks at Weekly Cabinet Meeting, July 23, 2017


  • Here we go again! No words. When is the next election?
  • Bibi. Shelf-life. Over. Period.
  • Israel adopts ghetto mentality.
  • The point is that we are supposed to be a democracy, the only one in the middle east, right, so how can it be that there are metal detectors only for non-muslims?
  • I know 2 year-olds with more guts!
  • I remember the “bibi tov layehudim” campaign. They are all tov when they talk. They are all sell-outs whenever they are offered an opportunity for change. This is the really status quo.
  • We need to move out of our status quo choices and look somewhere outside of the career politicians.
  • I’m OK with removing detectors, as long as we remove Al Aqsa after the next attack.
  • OK – so Bibi caved. No real surprise
  • Sorry, appeasing the idiocy, intolerance, and violence of the Muslims is a mistake.
  • We don’t live in Kansas, we live in the jungle of the Arab/Muslim world, with its own rules. To them “symbols” mean a lot, therefore to deal with our Muslim enemies properly, we also have to place emphasis on the symbolic.
  • Looking for a new party. Likud is clearly just Labour in wolves’ clothing.
  • I got da The “Bibi Blues”
  • This is just terrible – I can’t believe Israel capitulated – it will never be safe in Israel now!
  • This is ridiculous
  • Disgusting government
  • We live in Chelm



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