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What will it be like when Moshiach comes? We speak about Moshiach, we daven for Moshiach, hopefully, we even yearn for Moshiach. But, what does that mean?

This was the riveting topic of this year’s Tisha B’Av Live Webinar given by founder of The Shmuz, Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier. It was attended by hundreds of registrants who found it to be “eye-opening”, “powerful” and “life-changing”.


Rabbi Shafier touched on many questions like what will life be like when Moshiach comes? What will our day-to-day activities be like? And more than anything, why is it that we want Moshiach?  With his crystal clear style, he brought understanding and clarity to the answers.

The Shmuz is a Torah lecture that offers a worldview on major life issues ranging from working on our middos to learning to be a better spouse, from understanding the meaning of our davening to what is our purpose is in this world. Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier has been delivering these lectures across America and beyond for a decade.

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Rabbi Shafier is the founder of The Shmuz is an engaging, motivating shiur that deals with real life issues. All of the Shmuzin are available free of charge at or on the Shmuz App for iphone or Android.