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Happy 4th of July to all of our American friends.

On today’s show David Ha’ivri is going to try to figure our if the Jewish people have gone off the wall with all of this commotion around allocating space for prayer for special interests or non conventional prayer groups.


David thinks that the whole Western Wall affair is a PR manipulation by some parties who wish to cause chaos in Israel and the diaspora communities. The “Western Wall plaza” is a very small segment of the western wall of the Temple Mount. Most of it is not used for prayer by the orthodox communities. On one who care or get upset in reform prayed at other parts of the same wall. But, those who are promoting this issue want a face to face confrontation between Reform and Orthodox at that particular site. Some one is picking a fight, that someone is not Netanyahu and not the Israeli society.

What do you think about this predicament? Should we be fighting about it or should we turn to HaShem and pray for wise direction?

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