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Heather is on location this week at the OU Israel Center headquarters in Jerusalem! Get an inside look at their many programs, services and opportunities for English speakers of all ages to learn, connect, and be inspired. Program Director Sam Shor describes the center’s unique programs which better the lives of many.

And check out how Educational Director Phil Chernofsky grew the famous weekly Torah Tidbits pamphlet from a single sheet of paper to the present-day 70+ page publication that reaches enthusiastic readers all over Israel and online. Phil also tells Heather about the feedback and push-back he receives from his “Torah Tidbits Audio” listeners about his cause célèbre, that Jews today should dwell in the Land of Israel or at least yearn to do so.


Contact Info: Rabbi Sam Shor: Phil Chernofsky: Torah Tidbits website: OU Israel Center website:

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