When Fire & Water Collide – The Science of Kabbalah [audio]

Rabbi Amicha Cohen joins Rav Yitzchak and William to continue the discussion on Achdut (Unity) and what can be done to work on ourselves to change our world. Sources from the Zohar on the elements that went into the creation of man and how fire and water interact give us insight into bringing unity to ourselves and others.

Good vs. Evil or Life vs. Death? – The Science of Kabbalah [audio]

In this week's show Rav Yitzchak and William discuss the real battle we go through in life, and how we react to Divine Providence and Hester Panim (The hiding of the face of the Creator)

What are You Looking At? – The Science of Kabbalah [audio]

At the end of the Torah portion Shelach Lecha we read about the commandment of tzitzit. The fringes that are placed on the corner of the garment in order to be reminded of all the commandments of the Torah. What can the tzitzit teach us about how we view the chaos of this world? Listen in to this interesting take on changing our perspective and learning what our higher purpose and aim should be.

Light and the Elements of Creation – The Science of Kabbalah [audio]

Have you ever wondered about how and when the universe came into being? Rav Yitzchak and William discuss the element of light and how this relates to the beginning of our universe as discussed in Genesis, the first book of the Hebrew Bible.

How Halakha (Jewish Law) Brings Illumination – The Science of Kabbalah [audio]

This week Rav Yitzchak is joined by his wife Leah. He continues the discussion started with William last week about rights versus responsibilities. However, in this week's show through the teaching of Rebbe Nachman, Kabbalah, and other sources we see the connection that halakha has to Shabbat and its ability to bring illumination into all of aspects of our lives.

How did the Beginning Begin – Part 2 – The Science of Kabbalah [audio]

This week Rabbi Yitzchak and William pick up where they left off. The discussion goes into more detail about why the letter "Bet" the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet is used at the beginning of the Torah. In addition, we are given the perspective of the Sages and Kabbalists about the distinctions between this physical reality and the spiritual essence that lies behind it or under it.

When Generations Collide – The Science of Kabbalah [audio]

Rabbi Yitzchak is joined by his wife Leah to discuss the story of Noah and his generation. In Hebrew, his generation is called Dor HaMabul, the generation of the flood. However, at the end of the Torah portion which describes the destruction through a flood, we read about another generation. This time, the Dor Haflaga, the generation of division. The discussion tries to connect current events with these biblical stories and make sense of the connections between the spiritual and physical.

Running from Honor – The Science of Kabbalah [audio]

There is a very famous Torah teaching from Rebbe Nachman of Breslov in his Magnum Opus called Likutei Moharan that is always studied during the month of Elul.

The Brilliance of Chanukah to Light the Nations – The Science of Kabbalah [audio]

As we focus on the lights of Chanukah we are reminded of the special obligation and responsibility we have to disseminate the light of the Torah to the nations.

How did the Beginning Begin? – The Science of Kabbalah [audio]

Now that the High Holidays are over we are starting the Torah reading cycle anew with the first book of the bible. The big question tackled this week by Rav Yitzchak and William this week is why did the Torah start with the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet, rather than the first? Tune in for this very interesting show.

Finding Unity in an Upside Down World – The Science of Kabbalah [audio]

We are joined this week by Rabbi Avraham Sutton. Our topic revolves around the divisiveness that has taken hold of the world and our inability to find commonality even while disagreeing with others. We use as an illustration, which Rabbi Sutton clarifies, the picture of the inverted tree as brought down by the Maharal of Prague. This is an eye opening lesson on who we are an what we are connected to.

The Aftermath: How to Keep the Fire Burning – The Science of Kabbalah [audio]

Many people feel like they reach a very high level on Jewish holidays, only to feel like they have fallen just after. Having just celebrated Shavuot, Rav Yitzchak and William discuss how we can keep the fires of faith burning all year long.

Choose Your Weapon: Prayer, Appeasement, or Battle – The Science of Kabbalah [audio]

On this week's show Rabbi Yitzchak and William discuss the weekly Torah portion, Vayishlach. It tells the story of Yaakov (Jacob) and the messengers he sent to his brother Eisav (Esau). However, there is a powerful message to be learned about how we are to live in our current exile and the power of the spiritual weapon we possess.

The Process of Redemption in Turbulent Times – The Science of Kabbalah [audio]

Rabbi Yitzchak and William discuss concepts discussed by the sages of Judaism about the process of redemption and the footprints or footsteps of Messiah. In this turbulent world it is easy to lose focus. To simply be distracted by the numerous voices and the barking of dogs. However, everything has to play out in a certain way. The question is whether or not there is something we can do about it? Listen in to learn more.

Who is Your Expert During a Pandemic? – The Science of Kabbalah [audio]

With the advent of vaccines for the Corona Virus comes with it more division and contention about who and what we should be listening to. Almost all who follow Torah Judaism would never dispute Rabbinic authority, however, it seems that new voices are arising questioning the very same Rabbis who are calling upon the public to take the vaccine. This is not a pro or anti-vaccine discussion, but one about our Jewish sources related to health, healing, experts, and Rabbinic authority.

Don’t Get Swallowed Up: Learn from Korach – The Science of Kabbalah [audio]

A sink hole opens up at Shaare Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem in the same week that we are getting ready to read the Torah portion of Korach.

Rains of Blessing or Flood of Darkness – The Science of Kabbalah [audio]

Rav Yitzchak and William break their silence and discuss the two things our Mom's said to never discuss. That's right! Religion and Politics. According to many, including a very prominent Israeli Rabbi, the current situation in the U.S. can bring blessing or curses. By the end of the show you will know if we stand on the right, the side of Chesed and giving, or the left which is the side of judgment and taking.

What’s Love Got To Do With It? – The Science of Kabbalah [audio]

Now that we have left the days of mourning behind us and come into the days of comfort, tonight we will celebrate the minor holiday of Tu B'Av. The 15th of Av has a connection to biblical times as well as a connection to a modern world. In some ways it is viewed as the Israeli version of Valentine's Day. What do the Jewish sources teach us about this little known holiday and what we can learn about love and elevation?

A Response to the Unimaginable: Lessons from Meron – The Science of Kabbalah [audio]

Rav Yitzchak is joined by his friend Rabbi Amichai Cohen who was in attendance at the Lag B'Omer celebration on Mt. Meron when tragedy struck. Hear his first hand impressions as well as a discussion on the spiritual lessons we learn when dealing with situations above and beyond our control.

Coronavirus, Conspiracy Theories, and Contraditions – The Science of Kabbalah [audio]

In the age of Coronavirus there seems to be an abundance of conspiracy theories arising. Rabbi Yitzchak discuss how this correlates to what we learn in Torah. The discussion then shifts to a perceived contradiction or paradox that exists, which is related to the free will of man versus the foreknowledge of G-d. Our hosts try to find a center point between extremes to try and resolve these contradictions.

What do Slavery and Messiah have in Common? – The Science of Kabbalah [audio]

On this week's show Rabbi Yitzchak and William discuss the weekly Torah portion titled Mishpatim. Mishpatim relates to ordinances or judgments commanded by Hashem to the Jewish people. Most people find these civil ordinances to seem anti-climactic in light of last week's revelation at Mount Sinai. However, on closer inspection these laws can reveal great spiritual truths and show how the first ordinances related to slavery can teach us about the role of Messiah in our future redemption.

Is Judaism Colorblind? – The Science of Kabbalah [audio]

This week we are joined by Mordechai ben Avraham whose journey took him from the entertainment business of Los Angeles, to the Yeshivot of Jerusalem. Growing up an African American whose parents embraced Islam in his childhood is a far cry from his current path as an Orthodox Jew living in Jerusalem. Hear the amazing story of transformation and learn more about his upcoming book, "The Mind of the Black Jew."

Can we Learn about Torah from the Three Stooges? – Science of Kabbalah [audio]

Rav Yitzchak and William discuss the crazy math used by the Three Stooges and Abbot and Costello, and how certain groups try to use this type of logic to reinterpret the Hebrew scriptures to say something it does not. In this show you will learn from Torah sources and Kabbalah how the math adds up, and how Avraham (Abraham) experienced the Creator and interacted with his messengers (angels).

What Price Freedom? – The Science of Kabbalah [audio]

With Pesach just a day away and a worldwide Pandemic looming over us, is there a price to be paid for our freedom? In this season of redemption, Rabbi Yitzchak and William discuss some distinctions between the good eye and the evil eye as it relates to our outlook and perspective. We also discuss the actions of the righteous like Yotam in 2 Kings 15 and the courage of the Hebrews in following the commandments given them in taking a lamb, a symbol of one of the Egyptian's deities.

Watch Out for That Puddle, You Just Might Drown – The Science of Kabbalah...

Why is there a juxtaposition between the Red Heifer and the death of Miriam? How does Moshe striking the rock connect with the water of Torah? Hear about this as we discuss these interesting concepts from last week's Torah portion of Chukat.

Is Meditation the Answer for a Successful Future? – The Science of Kabbalah [audio]

In this week's show we have our final interview with Rav Doniel Katz of the Elevation Project. The discussion focuses on meditation, and specifically the rich tradition for mindfulness and meditation in Torah and Judaism. Why has it been ignored, and what can we do to rectify this? This is a show worth sharing with your friends, as we seek to take back another tradition that has been lost to us, or taken over by a secular world.

Redemption: What Is It? Who Is It For? How Can We Help to Bring...

This week we are joined by Shifra Chana Hendrie of Gate of Unity who is founder of and host of the Global Geula Summit taking place later this week. Here about how we are both individually and corporately able and responsible to partner with the Creator in seeing redemption come to all of mankind.

What’s All the Fuss about Trees and Fruits? – The Science of Kabbalah [audio]

This week Rabbi Yitzchak and William discuss Tu B'Shvat, the species of fruits and grains spoken of in relation to the Torah and their spiritual implications for our everyday lives.

There is Nothing New in the Past – The Science of Kabbalah [audio]

There are triggers in life that always allow us to become nostaligic and to dwell on the past. A major theme in the climatic verse from Lamentations that we read on Tish B'Av relates to both old and new.

Art, Science, and Kabbalah – Part 2 – The Science of Kabbalah [audio]

This week we continue our discussion on Kabbalah, the Tree of Life, and how Wisdom (Chochmah) and the other sefirot connect to the Arts and Sciences in our modern world.


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