Antisemitism 76 Years After Auschwitz – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

Hear: How some parts of our country are sick, affecting every segment of our population, yet the compassionate society thrives.

The Week in Politics – Hear Caroline Glick About Her New Role – The...

Hear: The well known writer and commentator Caroline Glick as you never heard her - or read about her before; her early years - and why she decided to put aside her pen and paper to enter politics in the New Right Party.

The Trial Of Doctors From Hell – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

This is the chilling story of human depravity and ultimate justice. An account of torture and murder by experiment in the name of scientific research and patriotism.

The escalation in Gaza – Modern anti-Semitism – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

The South of Israel burns and Bibi looks on. If he cannot or will not defeat the enemy, he must make way for someone who can.

A Miscellany Of Events in Hanoi, Washington DC, Jerusalem and London. – The Walter...

Hear: The well known writer and commentator Caroline Glick as you never heard her - or have read about her before; her early years - and why she decided to put aside her pen and paper to enter politics in the New Right Party.

Remember Menachem Begin. You Must Know the Past To Understand Our Future – The...

Hear: How at this time of National Mourning in 2005 we demonstrated and held the largest ever prayer meeting at the Western Wall, to avert Prime Minister Sharon's evil decree to expel 8500 Jews from their homes and farms in Gush Katif and give to the Palestinian Arabs a large part of our land. They got it, and what followed is terrorism to this day.

Strengthening NATO With Israel David’s Sling – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

Following: Their entry into NATO, Finland bought the advanced Defence system’ David’s Sling’ from Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defence Systems Ltd, which was jointly developed with the US. This greatly strengthens NATO.

A Look Into The World Of Our Lone Soldiers – The Walter Bingham File...

Hear: How Lone soldiers, Jewish young men and women from all over   the world come to Israel without parents or family to volunteer their service and join the IDF the Israel Defence Forces, and how Israeli   society cares for them.

N.Y. Mayor De Blasio’s Gift To Anti-Semitism. – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

In this: packed programme Walter talks about his resolution for 2020 and the details of the Likud Primaries.

Assimilation is a Weapon More Dangerous than Guns – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

This programme concentrates on the creeping assimilation of Jews and enquires into the reasons.

Only PM Netanyahu’s Steadfast Determination Will Lead To Victory – The Walter Bingham File...

How :The culture of human relations and respect for our fellow man has deteriorated everywhere.

Appeal To All Right-wing Voters – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

Some historical facts about the fate of the Jewish people at the time of Tosho b’ Av in history

Is Israel a Democracy? And other events of the week – The Walter Bingham...

During: the period of British rule in America in the 1760's and early 1770's the rallying cry was: 'No taxation without representation'   Walter suggests that this slogan should be adopted in Israel

From Shows You May Have Missed – The Tragedy Of Gush Katif – The...

Walter Is taking a break this week to recharge his batteries. So here are some shows you may have missed.

One Of The Solutions To Achieve A Better World Is Interfaith Cooperation – The...

Walter reports on a serious attempt to achieve interfaith cooperation, tolerance and respect for other religions. Sometimes however there are cases when politics can get in the way. Also: As this week's Torah reading is Lech Lecha, Gods command to Abraham to leave his father's house and go to a place he will show him; so you'll hear a true and very moving modern Lech Lecha story. Not to be missed.

The Walter Bingham File – Here Is Incontrovertible Proof Of Israel’s Title To This...

Here: is legal prove once and for all, of Israel's internationally recognised right to this land in general, and the legality of the Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria in particular.

The Lessons Of Arab Attitudes After Khartoum Conference & more – The Walter Bingham...

Professor Shuftan speaks in easy to understand every-day language about this important facet of the Israel- Egyptian dispute and draws interesting conclusions.

The Detestable Israeli Minister – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

All: About the despicable Jewish government minister who called our pioneering Jews ’subhuman’. He used the Nazi term Untermenschen, the rational to send our two Million to the gas chambers. This creature must be dismissed from the Knesset.

Will President Trump have Egg on his Face? – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

The US circus around President Trump's alleged Russian connections. All about the British Royal Family.

Our Political Parties and Complicated Electoral System Explained – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

Prior to our General election, we bring you a series of Broadcasts explaining our political Parties and the complicated election system, with leaders or representative personalities from the Parties. Today you'll hear a general introduction and overview by two very well known and respected political TV and radio commentators.

Argue with Walter: Israel’s Greatest Error That Resulted In Severe Consequences [audio]

Walter talks this week among about the reasons why the Arab point of view has been so successful in persuading a great part of world opinion.

Is Judaism Torah Law Or Tribal History? – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

It's: Ten days to nuclear break-out. Iran is on the brink of producing nuclear weapons. Does anyone care?

Will Putin Risk War with NATO? – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

Also: A feature article on Jews and Tattoos. Hear how the practice of “Body Art” has spread in Israel, despite the Torah prohibition and why both men and women choose to decorate their bodies.


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