Photo Credit: Courtesy of Binyamin Regional Council
Palestinian Authority terror victims Naama and Rabbi Eitam Henkin.


(Translation of the Hebrew song lyrics)


Despite the terror attacks and the funerals

Am Israel Chai,

Despite the wars and persecutions

Am Israel Chai,

Despite the tears and the decrees

Am Israel Chai,

And Israel will never die.


With all their might and all their will

They try to erase from the world

A small nation, and this small nation

Like  bone in their throat

Refuses to disappear

And continues to exist.


Oh Lord of the World

You see how we have survived

Generation after generation

Of blood and hatred,

And in spite of all

We have returned

And established our state.


And all that we ask, Lord Almighty,

Is that you explain to humanity

That Am Israel Chai

For Thou hast chosen us

From among all the peoples

To be a light unto the nations

And the light shall never be extinguished

Because Am Israel Chai

And Israel will never die…



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