Photo Credit: Flash 90
Iron Dome Missile Defense System protecting parts of southern Israel.

With holidays approaching and the recent launches (or non-launches) from Gaza, the IDF is taking no chances and is starting to redeploy the Iron Domes system again in Israel’s south, according to a Mako report.

At the beginning of the holiday period, talks between Israel and Hamas are set to re-continue in Cairo, and there is valid concern that Hamas will start shooting every time they don’t get what they want.


Despite that, defense official do not believe Hamas will actually begin shooting rockets at Israel over the next week or two.



  1. Europe is relying on Israel as our first line of defense against the extremist Islamic threat and the protection of democracy and freedom. If you fall we fall. Some of us also know that you feel alone and unsupported. Our media distorts what is going on. We are relying on your integrity as a modern enlightened nation that knows too well the evil that man can do. Please be sensitive that you may have had an "harrowing summer", but it is nothing compared to what has happened over the other side of the border. Human shields or no human shields, innocent people have died in their hundreds.

  2. Human shields or not….. It's important that you understand that if civilian casualties were not IDF fault because always before each attack they were warned, of course it can't be compared with Israel but neither to say it was nothing, people in Israel were killed too, houses were destroyed, even a child was killed, so don't say it was nothing, Israel was defending their people, the Israelis know that when a siren sounds they have to run to the shelter, in Gaza civilian were forced to be human shields

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