Photo Credit: Asher Schwartz
Rocket crossing!

Gaza terrorists launched a rocket attack on southern Israel at around 11:30 pm Wednesday night.

Most Lag B’Omer celebrations were just beginning to wind down at bonfires around the country.


“Initial inquiries suggest the rocket hit an open area in the Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Council district,” an IDF spokesperson said.

Security personnel were searching the area to determine the exact impact site.

No injuries were reported.


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  1. Joni Schoroth, I hope your comment is left standing by moderators, as an example of the festering, age-old hatred of Jews by people, like you, who are willfully ignorant of facts, both historic and current.

    I quote you: "Sure I doubt this.. how about some live video coverage or pics to prove the Rockets. ????? Total bs just an excuse to bomb Palestine . Zionist scum you are the terrorists."

    "Zionist scum" is the new catchphrase for "Jewish scum," a phrase we've heard for millenia. As for the rockets, there are thousands of documented launchings from Gaza, most of which, with G-d's blessing, miss their intended targets entirely, and many others of which are shot out of the sky. If you disbelieve in the rockets, then I suppose you also believe the Earth is flat and the Moon landings were staged. Ignorance can be cured, Joni, but not if you choose to continue walking around with eyes closed.

    When you lump all of us together under the term "Zionist scum," does that enable you to ignore the Arab rocket launchings againt Jews, the Arab stabbings and shootings of Jewish civilians, the Arab firebombings of Jewish schoolbuses, the Arabs crashing cars into Jews in the streets of our cities? Is all of that okay with you? Do you choose to devalue Jewish blood because you see us as scum? You're not the first person in history to do so.

    Incidentally, there is no Palestine — but rather a bunch of Arabs living on Jewish land. If these Arabs were smart, they'd choose to live in peace with us. Arabs in Israel are much better off than their brethren in Syria and elsewhere.

    If you're unhappy wih Jews living peacefuly on our land, then you'd better have a long chat with G-d, but I doubt that after 3,700 years you'll convince Him to abandon his eternal covenant with His people. Jews belong in Israel, and we aren't going anywhere, no matter how may Arab rockets are launched, and no matter how many small-minded people call us Zionist scum. The land is ours. Get used to it.

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