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Caroline Glick wrote the book that challenges the Two State Solution Stranglehold

For years, outsiders have cajoled, prodded, threatened and demanded that Israel do what may well constitute an act of national suicide, but Israel has not even been permitted the opportunity to try it because of the intransigence of the Palestinian Arabs.

Isn’t it about time Israel takes the opportunity to try an alternative which, while also a great risk, is one that brings with it the one chance for Israel to recognize and dignify its own rights and history?



Glick’s option is a one-state plan. It is one in which the so-called Green Line, the 1949 Armistice Line, is dissolved, and the laws of Israel extend throughout Judea and Samaria.  Arabs living in those areas would immediately become permanent residents of Israel, with the option of applying for Israeli citizenship. They would have the right to live wherever they choose, work wherever they choose, and they would have the right to elect their local governments.

The Israeli military government currently operating in the territories would be dissolved, as would the Palestinian Authority and its security forces.

Eligibility for citizenship would be decided by a government ministry, with certain eligibility standards such as membership in terrorist groups or history of incitement as disqualifiers. But even those for whom citizenship will not be extended can remain as permanent residents.

When this reporter queried Glick on whether people who have belonged to terrorist groups should really be allowed to remain in Israel, Glick stares back with a steady gaze.

“Why not? This is where they live.” The unstated part of that sentence is, “we have criminals living in Israel now, we have terrorists who live in Israel now, did you really think we don’t?”

Perhaps to allay the look of doubt on her interlocutor’s face, Glick expounds a bit. “So long as Israel enforces the laws we have, without embarrassment, and without exceptions, we will be able to handle problems as they arise.”


The biggest obstacle pro-Israel Jews will need to overcome in order to rationally consider and evaluate Glick’s alternative is the reflexive fear of Israel “being overrun with Arabs” unless there is a separate state of Palestine. That is the bogeyman ironically presented, either overtly or subtly, by the liberal Jewish mainstream and their leadership.

In second place, but only by a little, is the perception that Israel cannot remain a democratic country if the Palestinian Arabs become Israeli Arabs.

These two shibboleths, demography and democracy, are raised like twin swords of Damocles: sure you’ll get a complete state, but the Arab “womb bomb” and the toxic effect of racism will combine to ensure there will be no Jewish State at all.

Glick is here to tell you, “’tain’t so.” You’ll have to read her book to see how she deals with these, and all the other, potential problems with the paradigm she presents. But that’s good, because you should.

She addresses all the issues you or your friends will raise. And if there are certain issues the book doesn’t satisfactorily answer it nonetheless achieves Glick’s goal: to start the discussion for pro-Israel Americans of an alternative to the conclusively failed non-solution of two states.

“The Israeli Solution” reads like a hard-hitting legal brief: she marshals the relevant facts but presents them clearly, she straightforwardly addresses the counterarguments, then disposes of them decisively.

Yet at the same time, Glick’s book is a great read because she weaves statistics, history and facts – including her own view from her own seat at some very important tables – into a compelling narrative that is powerfully persuasive.

By unabashedly calling for the One State of Israel, Glick has turned the tables on many of Israel’s enemies – and even some of its friends – who believe Israel is doomed to an apocalyptic future unless it embraces the tired, failed, two state option.


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  1. Demography is a massive issue. Like most forecasts, these ones are nearly always wrong over a period of decades, regardless of what her book might say.

    In concept, one state has merits, but will raise demographic (that word again) black swans.

  2. “The Israeli Solution: A One-State Plan for Peace in the Middle East” by Caroline Glick is a risky proposition.

    In her “One-State Plan” solution, Caroline Glick, included, in her view point, the dissolution of the 1949 Armistice Line, allow Arabs to become permanent residents with the “Option of applying for Israeli citizenship” and also “have the right to elect their local governments.”
    She strongly believes that under one, state, “So long as Israel enforces the laws we have, without embarrassment, and without exceptions, we will be able to handle problems as they arise”, resolution and peace will be achieved. Moreover, Caroline Glick states “you are all wrong, and I’m prepared to bet my country, my safety and the safety of my children on One State Solution that I know will be the Jewish, democratic State of Israel.”
    Her argument is dangerous.
    Israel is falling apart because it is already divided.
    Israel is more and more finding it difficult to deal with so many religious beliefs. Among the many points of view there are the Torah, Talmud, Kabbalah, which are the Orthodox, Pharisees, Progressives, and Messianic (and others).
    Adding Arabs and their own religious beliefs can only create more divisions to Israel – calling for the end of Israel as a state as a country. Religion is by far the most dangerous element to contain. For over two thousand years, the Pharisees, exclusively and without any opposition or challenge have led Israel and have imposed the Talmud as their way of life, which includes disobedience to God, and to enable anyone into Israel through and by religious means.
    Israel is gravely suffering from an identity crisis: Israel is married to several gentiles, so, who is Israel, now?
    Caroline Glick has excluded God, which is Israel’s only savior.
    Everyone seems to fit him/herself uniquely qualified to find the best solution for Israel, yet the only one who knows Israel’s future is exclusively being ignored; God.
    Is anyone consulting God?

  3. life is more valuable than the Temple – we cannot violate pikuach nefesh for a Temple – we have to wait for the promised era of peace – not wage wars – it isn't Biblically sound to just willy nilly build a Temple without the restoration of prophecy first with Eliyahu HaNavi

  4. NO, you are mistaken no matter what 'chance' you are ready to take; "They Must Go!" It really is just that simple…we've always had war and rumors of wars…no reason to cave in now. Ignore the POTUS Obama and his cowardly Kerry, choose a path of strength as supported by Torah…and throw the bums out because all they live and dream for is to murder all of us and any who will not stand with them in submission to idolatry.

  5. Glick has expounded this formula for some time and it makes complete sense.If we adopt her program as it is set out in her book, our problems will be a lot easier to handle.
    Come on Glicky, it's time to stand as a candidate for your election to the `Knesset. I remember asking you to do this about three years ago!!

  6. Netanyahu, Palestinians, Iran, Putin and Obama/Kerry on usual cross purposes. II Michele Bachman comments
    Read More About: Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon, Israeli Navy Red Sea, Lt. Col Peter Lerner, Obama/Kerry friends or foes of Israel?
    II Is the Obama administration condoning sanctions and boycotts against Israel?By MICHELE BACHMANN


  7. G.D will punish Jews through those hands of extreme arab, for giving the land of the G.D of Israel away. Haven't any one see this consequences. History dose not necessarily repeat it self, no more giving away lands.

  8. I think Glick is right on. I'm certainly willing to find a different and better solution than the two-state solution. Problem is, The Arabs would never follow a Jewish suggestion, no matter how much sense it makes. Better to let their people rot in Hell than give an Israeli credit for something good.

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