Justice Minister to High Court: Judicial Appointments Committee Is Strictly My Purview

Levin listed three reasons why he cannot be compelled to assemble the committee.

NY Times’ Tom Friedman: Don’t Let Bibi Make Peace with the Saudis

Every time Tom Friedman writes a column, an angel gets his tricycle.

Palestinian Authority Replacing Joshua’s Altar with New Neighborhood

"According to the plans, most of the area of the site is going to be razed and turned to gravel."

Al Jazeera Celebrates Former IDF General’s Attack on Israeli ‘Apartheid’

"Apparently, in the dusk hours of their days, their minds get a little confused.”

Israeli High Court Issues Temporary Injunction Against Coalition’s Incapacitation Basic Law

This will be the first time the Supreme Court is interfering with a Basic Law, which they've described as having constitutional authority.

Haredi Newspaper Cartoon Rejects Netanyahu’s Reforms

The editorial cartoon should be a source of concern to the supporters of judicial reform on the right.

Civic Studies Teachers Offer to Explain Democracy to IAF Pilots

We, veteran civic studies teachers, volunteer to teach an introductory course on the fundamental principles of Democracy.

Bill Splitting the AG’s Roles Submitted, Gideon Sa’ar Will Have to Delete It from...

Poor MK Gideon Sa’ar has had to delete parts of his agenda every time the coalition used them in its judicial reform.

Report: The Closer We Get to 9 B’Av the Worse Police Treat Ascenders to Temple Mount

Can anyone contact the government minister in charge of the police? I Believe his name is Itamar something.

More than 1,000 Haredi Combat Reservists Condemn the Refusal to Serve, Volunteer to Plug...

"We never imagined using the merit we received to try and use it to involve the security of the state in political issues from any side."

Bibi Says Biden Invited him to the White House – But Biden said No...

The only meeting Bibi was offered is with Israel's Arab neighbors.

AG Tells Court There’s No Grounds to Sack Netanyahu

On March 23 the Knesset rewrote the law to emphasize that only the government and the Knesset are empowered to declare a serving PM incapacitated.

Ambassador Nides Goes Off the Rails Attacking Netanyahu’s Government

Ambassador Nides has been giving a bad name to colonialism since his appointment in 2021.

Netanyahu Plans Boosting the Palestinian Authority to the Tune of Billions

Also: PA VIPs will once again be able to roam undisturbed inside green line Israel.

Haredi Leaders Reevaluate Academic Studies as Belz Again Weighs Core Curriculum

“There is more than one way to be a Haredi who is deeply committed to religious excellence.”

Gafni Attacks Netanyahu: He Can’t Drop the Override Clause on his Own

Gafni made it clear that after he had spoken with Netanyahu, the override clause was not removed from the agenda.

Left v. Right Fight Rages On Despite Jenin Operation

On Monday, it appeared the word “traditionally” was no longer in style.

Tel Aviv Light Rail Inaugurated in July

The line was encumbered by numerous malfunctions, most notably its signaling and emergency braking.

Pushback: Mainstream Israelis Distancing Themselves from the Anarchists

They’ll yell, and they’ll burn stuff, but the majority of Israelis have realized already that their democracy is not in danger.

US Visa Waiver Plan Starting Mid-July, ‘Palestinian-Americans’ to Roam Free in Israel

One of the conditions for exempting Israeli citizens from a visa to the US was for Israel to offer free passage to Palestinian Americans.

Biden Reverses Trump’s Policy on Cooperation with Academic Institutions beyond ‘Green Line’

President Donald Trump removed the traditional ban on US government cooperation with academic institutions beyond the “green line.”

Netanyahu, Ben Gvir, Clash over Rush to Settle Liberated Territories

" The right-wing government must realize its vision: settlement in the Judea and Samaria territories."

Take That, Yair Lapid: Netanyahu Meets Oracle CEO on Expanding Investments in Israel

Here's another thing Lapid won’t enjoy: Catz is a died-in-the-wool Republican.

US ‘Deeply Troubled’ by Israel’s Plan for New Homes in Judea and Samaria

“The United States is deeply troubled by the Israeli government’s reported decision to advance the planning for over 4,000 settlement units in the West Bank."

US Promises Saudi-Israeli Peace which Netanyahu Is Eager for and Iran Tries to Sabotage

To be exact, bin Farhan did not mention a Palestinian State or the two-state solution.

Smotrich: Intel to Invest $25 billion in New Israeli Plant

The agreement is exceptional, especially in the current hi-tech economic environment in which many countries are competing to attract chip makers.

Minister Eliyahu: Bank Governor Yaron Should Be Tossed Down the Stairs

God bless you, Amichai Eliyahu, you have the same directness and fearlessness of the greatest Sephardi rabbis.

White House Investing Much Effort in Humiliating Netanyahu, Herzog Happy to Help

They’ll keep inviting Herzog, and Yair Lapid, and Benny Gantz – to humiliate Netanyahu ever further until he cries, uncle.

Diaspora Affairs Minister Called J Street ‘a Hostile Organization’

Of course, if Chikli insists he was only stretching his mouth into a smile, why the talk about a Photoshop edit?

Officials in Netanyahu’s Circle: If Yariv Levin Wants to Quit, Let him Go Ahead

Another bone of contention between Levin and others in the coalition is the justice minister's delay of investigating the Pegasus affair.


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