Israeli Government to Mandate 30% of Energy be Renewable by 2030

The government has been criticized harshly recently by the State Comptroller for failing to properly advance targets in the field of renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions.

Health Ministry: Children’s COVID-19 Morbidity in Israel Higher than Adults’

In only four or five days the morbidity in Israel will go down to one thousand diagnosed new patients per day.

Finance Minister Disallows Fast Internet for Judea & Samaria to Spite Communications Minister

Meanwhile, if you're reading this on your computer screen in, say, Efrat, in Gush Etzion, it's probably done downloading by now…

President Rivlin Grants First Pardon to Debtor Unable to Pay Fines Because of the...

The pardon request came from a single mother of three children, two of whom are handicapped, who suffered domestic abuse.

Everything You Need to Know about Everything You Can’t Do Under the New Lockdown

One may go out from one's residence up to a distance of 500 meters only. This restriction enables going out into the public sphere (including parks and playgrounds) up to 500 meters.

Exhibition: Israelis Laugh at their Presidents

The works will be on display for the public at the presidential residence starting Monday night. Reservations are required and, naturally, bring your face mask.

Inspectors Clash with Haredi Mayor over Removing Animals from Local Zoo

The mayor stood at the gates of the zoo and announced that until he finished the legal consultation, he would not allow the evacuation of the animals.

Former Minister in Rabin’s Government Shimon Shetreet to Run for President against Amir Peretz

Sheetrit's candidacy would conflict with Netanyahu's alleged plans to reward Minister Amir Peretz for jumping ship with his minuscule Labor party to the Likud coalition government.

Arabs Rejoice, Burn Down Outpost, following Police Expulsion of Jewish Residents on Shabbat Night

About an hour after the start of Shabbat, large IDF and Border Patrol forces arrived at the new settlement, handcuffed the people and began dragged the families and their guests into military vehicles.

Corona Czar’s Closure Plan Up for Cabinet Vote Monday, Launch Day Sept. 1

The State of Israel's complex, all-out war on the coronavirus pandemic is expected to begin in one week.

Knesset Defense Committee Demands High Court Review of Terrorist’s Home Demolition Nullification

MK Sa'ar called the ruling "miserable, wrong and painful," and said “it must not remain intact."

Leading Israeli Entrepreneur Warns Corona Cabinet: New Lockdown Means Mass Layoffs, Economic Collapse

Margalit is the founder of the JVP Fund, a leading venture capital fund in Israel which has invested more than $ 1.4 billion in building 140 companies.

Gantz Pushing to Purchase Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey Over Some IDF Resistance

The Air Force has managed to extend the lives of its choppers time and time again, until the State Comptroller has ruled in 2019 that extending their lives beyond 2025 could endanger human lives.

Bibi Doling Out 6 Billion Shekels Only to Israelis Making Under 640,000 a Year

The PM describes these grants last Thursday as a kickstarter to the ailing Israeli economy.

Israel Fights UN Discrimination with Green Initiative

The plan calls for giving budgetary support to companies that engage in sustainability and other environmentally friendly activities.

Watch: Health Ministry Coronavirus Video Targeting Bedouin Women

As of Sunday, the Bedouin city of Rahat has an infection rate of 3.59 out of 1,000 residents, with 244 verified patients.

Meet Israel’s New Coronavirus Czar: Prof. Gabi Barbash

Barbash served as director of Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv and director general of the Health Ministry.

El Al Desperately Trying to Delay Paying $400 Million to Class Action Travelers

The lawsuit claims that the way El Al treats its customers reflects a hostile attitude whereby the company ignores their complaints and expects them to understand its plight.

Group Demands Israel Remove Memorial to 3 Arabs Who Murdered Jews in 1929 Hebron...

As of Sunday, some two weeks after sending the letter and filing the complaint, the monument still stands, according to Ad Kan.

Israel Nationalizes El Al – 17 Years After Privatization

The deal is conditioned on El Al signing collective bargaining agreements with its employees that reflect efficiency measures required by the Finance Ministry.

Vatican Warns Jews, Americans, Against Liberating Biblical Lands

The dire need for Israeli sovereignty has nothing to do with the two-state solution, but with the safety of an estimated 3,000 Jewish homes which are once again in jeopardy.

Liberman: Netanyahu Conning Everyone, Has No Intention of Applying Sovereignty

"We knew in advance that this man can finagle all of us. He invented a cosmic trick – how to swindle everyone all the time."

Bibi Taunts Gantz in Meeting with US Envoy: Iran Can’t Wait Until We Fix...

Having stabbed his colleague on the left, Netanyahu turned to welcome his guest properly.

Israel Suspends Broadcasting License for Shelanu TV (God TV) Over Christian Proselytizing to Jews

“A channel which seeks to address the Jewish people who dwell in Israel [and present it with] the gospels of Jesus will never be broadcast on HOT."

Israeli Defense Ministry, Aerospace Industries Develop First 3D-Printed UAV

The UAV, dubbed “SkysPrinter,” is a small system designed to take part in combat operations.

Gantz: ‘What We Do Either Way Will Have Consequences’

“We won’t continue to wait for the Palestinians. If they say ‘no’ forever to everything we’ll be forced to move ahead without them.”

Knesset Passes ‘Norwegian Law’ to Help Ministers-Rich Blue&White Party Add MKs

The new law is a double edged sward for Gantz, seeing as close to half of his original slate is currently in the opposition, under MK Yair Lapid's leadership.

Israel’s Education Ministry (Finally) Announces When 2019/20 Ends

Minister Galant also warned that "if the teachers' union persists in its resistance to the plan, steps will be taken to enforce the decision – we will use the tools at our disposal."

Presidential Residence Cleansed following Coronavirus Scare

Cleaning was carried out in all offices at Beit HaNasi, including bathrooms and kitchens.


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