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Only 2.9% of Israeli Haredim Work in Hi-Tech But New Initiative Aims to Push...

34% of the Haredim who are interested in working in the field drop out of the preparatory programs.

Rabbi Kanievsky: It’s Improper to Hire a Gentile

But when Rabbi Tiger asks for his blessing for the businessman, Rabbi Kanievsky gives him his blessing.

10K Seminary Women Block 100s WOW, Reform & Conservative at Rosh Chodesh Adar-B War...

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett met and supported the leaders of the Reform movement in Israel and the Diaspora.

London Police Arrest Man Who Assaulted 2 Haredi Jews Unprovoked

Stop Antisemitism posted both the video of the vicious, unprovoked attack and the man's arrest hours later.

Belz Hassidim to Join Israel’s Education System, Core Curriculum and All

When Israel's population reaches a point where Haredim are near a majority, who will be the country's taxpayers?

Jerusalem Police Beat the Daylights Out of Jerusalem Haredi & Lie Shamelessly

Apart from the fact that there were cops and civilians involved, everything else in the police statement is an embarrassing lie.

Israel Police to recruit 13 Haredi Female Officers to Investigate Complaints of Sexual Harassment

The initiative comes on the heels of two tragic incidents in Beit Shemesh in which teenagers murdered their parents.

Ponevezh Rosh Yeshiva: Must Keep Abuse Cases Away from the Media

Naturally, Rabbi Edelstein's call requires a rabbinic and social system within the Haredi society that is willing and able to treat reports of abuse seriously.

Samaria Regional Council Advises Parents on Explaining Chaim Walder’s Suicide to Children

"Remember – an inclusive and safe response will help children process content in a beneficial way."

IDF to Offer Haredim Professional Tracks to Coincide with Yeshiva Studies

The IDF HR is hoping that taking any of their proposed tracks would appeal to the recruits who wish to attain good jobs after the army.

Survey: 64% of Israelis Who Left Haredi Society Remained Religious

Some 3,000 men and women leave Haredi society every year, and some 35,000 thousand young men and women ages 20-39 have left Haredi society in recent years.

Bennett Cabinet Wants Haredim to Join Labor Market at 21 – But Haredi Parties...

Even when the exemption age will be raised to 22 and 23, Haredi young men will be released from compulsory IDF service at age 21.

Haredi Parties Launch Joint Campaign Against the ‘Reform Coalition’

Chief Rabbi David Lau met with Rabbis Haim Drukman and Yaakov Ariel and tried to persuade them to oppose Kahana's move.

Reform Movement Wins Shas’ Tender to Share Shabbat Experience with Israeli Youth

Turns out the Haredim are not the only religious Israelis who can game the system.

Yeshiva Student Was Attacked by Arab Mob, Police Closed the Case

In the middle of his studies, Y. heard shouts and saw that many students were fleeing in the direction of the families' homes behind the tents, chased by a group of about 20 Arabs.

Israel’s Economic Council Predicts Double the Haredim, Traffic Jams Galore in 2050

Still, the Jerusalem District, which includes Beit Shemesh, is expected to remain the beating heart of the Haredi public, with their number growing from 360,000 to 915,000.

Everything You Need to Know about the Kotel Compromise: What It Means & What...

Unlike American Jews who want their own share in the Kotel when they come to visit, the WOW are not interested in compromises.

Deep Survey Finds Few Haredim Would Leave their Kolel Over Liberman’s ‘Incentives’

An almost absolute majority of the Haredi sector (88%) think that Liberman's motives stem from a hatred of the Haredim.

West Ham Fans Arrested for Hate Crime Against Haredi Passenger

“West Ham United is appalled by the contents of the video circulating on social media and condemns the behavior of the individuals involved."

Ma’agar Mochot Survey Shows 52% Reject Reform Section Compromise at the Kotel

There are some hard numbers about the Reform in Israel, and they're quite low.

Leftist Coalition MK Goes After Supermarket Chain that Favors Haredi Shoppers

And that's why we must have one million American olim in Israel – to teach local politicians that if the market ain't broke you don't fix it.

New Poll: This Time Bennett Retains 6 Seats, Sa’ar Doesn’t Cross the Vote Threshold

Amazingly, the very coalition parties that lead the reforms and capture the headlines today suffer the worst losses in the next elections.

Islamist Party to Divert $32 Million of Its Budget to Poor Haredim in ‘Alliance...

Abbas met Monday night with several Haredi MKs and shared with them that "Gafni's speech touched my heart."

Special Knesset Subcommittee to Propose Haredi Education Law, Core Curriculum and All

In the Haredi sector there has been fierce opposition expressed to core curriculum studies.

The Gerrer Rebbe, 82, Contracted the Corona

On Monday morning, the Rebbe did not go to Slichot in the Great Beit Midrash on Jeremiah Street in Jerusalem.

Report: Liberman’s Anti-Haredi Policy Largely Subverted by Justice Ministry

Anyone participating in Rabbinical or Dayan-halachic judge tests is actually learning a profession—and his children are therefore entitled to a daycare subsidy.

Russian-Tatar Albany Democrat Running for Congress Praises Chassidic Yeshivas

"What I saw in South Williamsburg is a community where people do trust one another."

Israeli TV to Compensate Zionist Yeshiva Rabbi They Vilified

The report, which slandered and shattered the public image of Rabbi Assaf Naumburg irreparably, was produced using unparalleled faking.

Resistance Inside the Coalition to Liberman’s Anti-Haredi Decree

Lieberman replied in a jovial tone: "The Haredim together with Bibi will be taken on the same wheelbarrow to a good landfill."


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